Eranda Haritaki Uses, Ingredients, Method Of Making

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.
Eranda taila means castor oil. It is processed with haritaki, in this formulation. Both castor oil and Hareetaki are appreciated as good laxatives. Their unique combination is excellent in treating almost all Apanavata disorders like Sciatica, Constipation, Back ache, Distension of abdomen, Regurgitation, Lower abdomen pain etc. 

Castor oil helps to propel down the accumulated flatus and faeces. Meanwhile it gives unctuousness to the faecal matter and hence in cases like dry stool or pain associated during defecation etc are also easily pacified by this. The minuteness (sookshmata) is the important quality of castor oil and this helps for deep invading and taking out the wide spread vitiated vata dosha from various channels. Ultimately it softens the minute and broader pathways (srotas) and hence the accumulation or blockage of the morbidity is relieved.

The other ingredient Hareetaki is proclaimed for its carminative and anti flaatulant effect. Being good rejuvinator and anti spasmodic also, it plays good role in relieving the colic pain, stiffnerss of the back joints etc.Thus the combination makes this recipe unique in treating varieties of diseases of back, hip, uro genitalia, large intestine and bladder importantly.

This combination is well known in North India in the name –Erandabhrishta hareetaki. It is called Eranda taila hareetaki in South India. Bhavaprakasha and Vangasena texts refer this recipe with the indication of sciatica and hernia.

The textual part of the text is given below-

References of Erand Haritaki
Brihat Nighantu ratnakara –Shleepada chikitsa and Bhavaprakasha

Eranda taila – Castor oil – Ricinus communis
Oil-200 ml
Unctous, minuteness, laxative, energizer, strengthener, anti flatulant

Hareetaki – Terminalia chebula – Fruit rind-200 gram
Laxative, Rejuvinative, anti flatulent, astringent tonic 

Method of preparation:
Matured Hareetaki fruits are taken in an iron pan and by adding equal amount of castor oil it is fried in mild intensity of haet,till complete absorption of oil.
Then it is taken out of the fire and pounded well.
Instead, Coarse hareetaki powder can also be cooked/fried with oil and can be used.

Dose: 5-8 gram.

Vehicle and Indication:
This is advised well to administer along with cow’s urine in cases like constipation, hernia, distension of abdomen, sciatica, filarial/elephantiasis etc.

In case of habitual constipation this is recommended along with warm water during night, bed time. In case of fatigue followed with constipation or irregular bowel habits sugar water can be used as vehicle.

My practice with this formulation:
People who are not accustomed to castor oil can use ghee for frying; certainly it may not contribute equivalent effect. But surely it improves good digestive fire, enhances the glow and improves general well being.

Formulation even though appreciated in hernia I could not trace out significant benefit in this regard. But symptomatic relief will be there with respect to pain and muscular stiffness.
Instead of cow’s urine,  Gomutra arka or just hot water can be used as vehicle.
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