Amalaki Juice With Banana Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Method Of Making

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.
Banana is a nutritious fruit which is known to Indians since the time of yore. It is a very good laxative, anti ageing and bulk enhancer. Gooseberry/Amla (Amalaki) is also an anti ageing, restorative, anti oxidant, tissue replenishing and  proven immuno- modulator fruit. 

Unique classical preparation –Amalaki swarasa pakwa Kadaliphala is a preparation which contributes combined effect of both these drugs in significant manner and hence works well in restoring the vital capacity of the body.

This formulation is appreciated well in several ayurvedic texts especially in gynaecological disorders. The recipe is potent in providing several nutritional requirements to the body, especially calcium ,iron, potassium, sodium and several essential multi vitamins.



Reference: Brihat nighantu ratnakara,Vangasena – Striroga chikitsa, Yogaratnakara – Somaroga chikitsa

Pakwa Kadaliphala (Banana) – Musa paradisiaca
– Matured fruit – 200 gram – Laxative, nutritive, bulk enhancer, energizer

Amalaki swarasa – Amla – Emblica officinalis – Fruits – 400 ml – Rejuvinating, restorative, anti oxidant, nutritional supplement

Madhu (honey) – 100 ml – Carminatice, adaptogenic, energizer, expectorant

Sharkara (Organic jaggery) – 200 gram – Energizer,nutritive,replenishing 

Form of the medicine: Semi solid, herbal jam preparation similar to lehya (linctus)

Method of preparation: Fresh juice is obtained from the Amla (Amalaki) and kept ready. To this sugar is added and heated in mild fire ion constant stirring till it attains thicker consistency of syrup.

Well ripened banana is taken and made into slices and cooked with the above syrup till it turns brown.
Then it is allowed for self cooling. On self cooling honey is added and mixed well for 2 – 3 days.
This is used for internal administration.

Dose: 10 – 20 gram twice or thrice a day.

Vehicle and indication:
This does not need any vehicle. After the medication, milk can be taken or else rice gruel may be recommended.
It is useful in Somaroga (leucorrhoea/excess of vaginal discharge), lethargy, fatigue followed with back ache, menopausal syndrome, old aged deficiency disorders etc.

Contra indication: It is better to avoid in Diabetes patients.

My experience with this formulation:
Usually I ask the patients to fry the banana with ghee first and then cooked further by adding to the syrup. This gives more benefits with respect to therapeutic action. In degenerative arthritis, osteo porosis, calcium deficiency associated features etc are effectively cured by this recipe. Regular usage helps to gain the weight, promote the bulk of the stool, to overcome the gastric disturbances etc.
This is a very nutritive food recipe too to the growing children.
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