Vidangadi Guggulu: Benefits, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Vidangadi Guggulu is one of the Guggulu Kalpas (set of medications prepared with Guggulu or Commiphora mukul as the main ingredient) explained in the Vranaropana Shodana Vidhi (Chapter dealing with Healing of Ulcers and Wounds) Prakarana (Context, chapter) of Yogaratnakara text of Ayurveda. Since it is mentioned in the Vranaropana Shodana Vidhi it is an unparalleled medicine which can be effectively used for Vrana ropana (wound and ulcer healing) and Vrana shodana (cleansing and purifying wounds, making wounds and ulcers sterile).

Vidangadi guggulu is the best in healing dushta vrana (chronic, contaminated and complicated ulcers and wounds) and Kushta (chronic skin diseases).

Meaning –
Vidangadi means medicines including Vidanga or Embelia ribes
Guggulu means Commiphora mukul
Thus Vidangadi Guggulu denotes the name of the compound based on the chief ingredients namely Vidanga and Guggulu.

Indications and benefits of Vidangadi Guggulu –
Vidangadi Guggulu is used to treat the below said conditions:
Dushta Vrana – Contaminated / Complicated / Chronic / Infected wounds and ulcers (The medicine cleanses and detoxifies the wounds and ulcers)
Apachi – Cervical Lymphadenitis
Kushta – Skin Disorders
Prameha – Diabetes Mellitus, Urinary Disorders
Nadi Vrana – Sinus

Vidangadi Guggulu – Ingredients and method of preparation –
विडङ्ग त्रिफला व्योष चूर्णं गुग्गुलुना समम्।
सर्पिषा वटकान् कुर्यात् खादेत् वा हित भोजनः॥
दुष्टव्रण अपची मेह कुष्ठ नाडी विशोधनान्। (यो.र.व्रणशोधन रोपण विधिः)
Vidanga triphalaa vyosha choornam guggulunaa samam
Sarpishaa vatakaan kuryaat khaadet vaa hita bhojanaha
Dushtavrana apache meha kushta naadee vishodhanaan (Ref – Yogaratnaakara Vranashodhana ropana vidhihi)
Below mentioned are the ingredients of Vidangadi Guggulu –
Vidanga – Embelia ribes
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
Bibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica
Amalaki – Phyllanthus Emblica / Emblica officinalis
Pura / Pippali – Piper longum – (Long Pepper)
Maricha – Piper nigrum (Black pepper)
Shunti – Zingiber officinale (Ginger)
Guggulu – Commiphora Mukul

Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki together are called Triphala (3 fruits, because the fruits of these herbs are used in the medicine)
Pippali Maricha and Shunti together are called Trikatu or Vyosha (3 pungents)

Method of Preparation:
The above said medicaments (other than Guggulu) should be taken in equal proportions and pounded to obtain their smooth powder.

Guggulu should be taken in a quantity equal to the sum total of the powders of the above said medicines. All the powders should be mixed thoroughly to get a homogenous mixture. The mixture is mixed in ghee and tablets should be prepared from them.

1-2 tablets twice or thrice daily, after food with hot water or as directed by the Physician

Speciality and probable mode of action of Vidangadi Guggulu –
Vidangadi Guggulu is a simple formulation made up of Vidanga, Triphala, Trikatu and Guggulu

Seeing the indications, it is advised to be taken in contaminated chronic wounds, skin diseases and sinuses. It is also indicated in urinary disorders, diabetes and cervical lymphadenopathy (enlargements of the glands of the neck).

Vidanga, the chief ingredient in the composition is a best anti-helminthic. It is used for effectively curing worm infestations and infections. It can be said that Vidanga is Ayurvedic antiseptic and antibiotic. Thus it serves the purpose of healing wounds, infected skin diseases and infected sinuses.

Likewise, Triphala and Guggulu are also known for their wound healing properties and are also the best antiseptics and antibiotics in these conditions. The combination of these ingredients makes the compound a best wound healing agent which also wards off the infections.

Cervical lymphadenitis, chronic urinary disorders and diabetes are caused due to vitiated Kapha. Along with kapha the other doshas are also secondarily vitiated.

The tissues of the body and the water components are vitiated and contaminated. The combination in the formulation effectively takes part in negotiating the imbalances occurring in kapha, removes fluid stagnation which predisposes for infections and removes the morbidity. Guggulu and triphala are highly effective in relieving glandular swelling.

Trikatu is an excellent digestive and carminative. All the above mentioned diseases are caused due to disturbance or imbalance in agni or metabolic fire (errors of metabolism). Trikatu kindles the weak digestive fire and sets right errors of metabolism.

When the appetite and digestion get fine, the food taken is effectively digested and its essence nourishes and supports the body. Proper supply of nutrients will enhance healing. Apart from this, there will be no tissue depletion due to malnutrition. If tissue depletion occurs, Vata gets aggravated and makes these diseases difficult to handle.

The vata alleviating property of Trikatu, Guggulu and Triphala in the compound imparts a total and comprehensive effect on the morbid Vata.

The laxative property of Triphala helps in pushing the vitiated Vata in a downward direction, hence clearing the passages and channels of the body for nutrients and essentials to move freely.

Triphala also flushes out the tissue toxins, the semi-processed food essence (ama) which is a root source for all diseases and tissue damage and waste products (stools) of metabolism which are all the hindrances in the recovery of these diseases.

In fact these factors also participate in causation or triggering the above said diseases. Thus the components of Vidangadi Guggulu help in aborting the disease process.

Apart from being a potential laxative, Triphala has Rasayana properties (rejuvenation, anti-ageing, immune modulator) which helps in effective healing and also in preventing relapses. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and also reduces oedema and fluid accumulation associated with the above said diseases.

Guggulu is the best in the business of rectifying and stabilizing the metabolic errors. It removes blocks in various channels of the body and facilitates easy transportation of nutrients and essentials. Being a best blood purifier, Guggulu is highly effective in healing the above said conditions.

The mixing of these compounds (Triphala and Trikatu) with Guggulu will fortify the action of the whole compound. Guggulu is also known for its wound cleansing, wound healing and antiseptic actions. Guggulu alleviates the aggravation of all the 3 doshas, predominantly it mitigates morbid Kapha and Vata. Similar action is rendered by Triphala and Trikatu.

Generally infections occur and healing slows down in presence of morbid kapha, kleda (moisture or excessive fluidity in and around the tissues).

Guggulu individually and Vidangadi Guggulu as a compound are highly effective in destroying the morbid kapha, ama (metabolites or tissue toxins) and kleda, thus aborting the suitable environment for development of infections. This action of Vidangadi Guggulu helps in proper healing of chronic wounds, ulcers, infection and sinuses.

Guggulu, Triphala, Vidanga are all Rasayanas (rejuvenation medicines, disease modifying medicines, immune modulators). Thus the medicine not only helps in healing the above said diseases but also in preventing their recurrences by boosting the immune responses of the body.

Limitations of Vidangadi Guggulu –
Vidangadi Guggulu might not be a sole remedy for the above said conditions in everyone, because the treatment and medication differs from person to person depending on their Prakriti (birth constitution) and Vikriti (nature of morbidity). All medicines are not for everyone.

Other disease modifying medicines might be required to enhance the effect of this compound. Likewise treatments to flush out the toxins like Virechana (therapeutic purgation) and Vamana (therapeutic emesis), local treatments for wounds, ulcers and sinuses like Kashaya dhara (stream pouring of decoctions prepared with medicines having wound healing and antiseptic properties), vrana dhuma (fumigation of wounds with herbal medicines), Kshara Sutra (insertion of alkali smeared threads into the sinus tracts to promote healing), pramehaghna aushadha ahara vihara (medicines, food and lifestyle practices specified for urinary diseases and diabetes) in prameha, Kushtaghna medicines (medicines specified for treating skin diseases) in kushta etc shall be included. Proper diet and lifestyle modifications also should be added to the prescription to promote comprehensive healing.

Just before finishing –
Vidangadi Guggulu is one of the best medicines in tackling the skin disorders, infected and contaminated wounds and ulcers, urinary diseases, diabetes and cervical gland enlargement. The medicine can be given a thought when infection is involved in these diseases.

These diseases are often caused due to incompatible foods, infections, allergies and erratic lifestyle. Being aware of these factors will help us in preventing many diseases.

But when these diseases get manifested we should not neglect them. We should bring it to the notice of the doctor as quickly as possible so that we can get timely remedy before the disease gets stubborn.

In such cases effective medicines like Vidangadi Guggulu etc will come handy in effective healing of the diseases. All you need to do is to find an Ayurvedic doctor in your neighbourhood and get your conditions diagnosed at the earliest.

Get yourself healed and cured comprehensively in Ayurvedic ways, the natural ways in which you would revisit the best of your health.
Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu) –

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