Saptang Guggulu: Benefits, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa
Saptang Guggulu is a highly effective Guggulu kalpa (compound prepared using Guggulu and other specific disease modifying herbs) used in combating piles and fistula occurring in anal region. Along with other effective medications, monitored diet, sitz bath and modified lifestyles (like avoiding sitting for prolonged duration, sitting on hard surfaces etc) Saptang Guggulu effectively wards off the diseases occurring in anal region.

This compound is highly specified and specialized in healing the residues after the piles and fistulae have been operated or been intervened by Ayurvedic treatments like Kshara Sutra (threads dipped and smeared with alkalies are pushed into the fistulae or pile masses with the help of sterile needles following aseptic conditions and ligated).

Saptanga Guggulu is used in the post operative conditions of piles, fissure and fistulae. It promotes quick healing and prevents from the operated diseases from hiring infections.

As the above said diseases occur in the anal region, they are likely to be highly contaminated by stools and can catch up with infections. Thus Saptanga Guggulu is the best medicine in follow ups for these diseases.

Meaning –
Saptanga Guggulu is made up of 2 words:
Saptanga means 7 ingredients
Guggulu means Commiphora mukul
Thus Saptanga Guggulu means a compound prepared using 7 ingredients including Guggulu.

Indications and benefits of Saptanga Gulgulu:
Saptanga Guggulu effectively cures the below said conditions:
Nadi Vrana – Sinus
Dushta Vrana – Chronic, complicated wounds and ulcers
Shoola: Colic
Udavarta – Abnormal movements of Vayu causing complicated health disturbances
Bhagandaram – Fistula-in-ano, Fissures
Gulma – Abdominal tumours
Gudaja – Piles / Haemorrhoids

Traditional reference: 
गुग्गुलुत्रिफलाव्योषैः समांशैराज्ययोजितैः।
अक्षप्रमाणां गुटिकां खादेदेकामतन्द्रितः॥
नाडीं दुष्टव्रणं शूलमुदावर्त्तं भगन्दरम्।
गुल्मञ्च गुदजान्हन्यात्पक्षिराट् पन्नगानिव॥ (भा.प्र.म.ख.४१/३०-३१)
Guggulu triphalaa vyoshaihi samaamshaihi raajya ayojitaihi
Aksha pramaanam gutikaam khaadet ekaam atandritaha
Naadeem dushta vranam shoolam udaavartam bhagandaram
Gulmam cha gudajaan hantyaat pakshi raat pannagaan iva (Ref – Bhava prakasha madhyama khanda 41/30-31)
Saptanga Guggulu is a useful Ayurveda herbal remedy which undoubtedly cures difficult and chronic conditions like Sinus, Fistula, Fistula-in-ano, complicated ulcers and Haemorrhoids.

Saptanga Guggulu destroys Sinus and other conditions just like the Eagle kills the Snake

Guggulu – Commiphora mukul
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
Bibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica
Amalaki – Emblica officinalis
Pippali – Piper longum
Maricha – Piper nigrum
Shunti – Zingiber officinale

Note –
Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki are known as Triphala (3 fruits because their fruits are used as medicines)
Pippali, Maricha and Shunti are called as Trikatu (3 pungents because they are all pungent in taste)

How to prepare?
The above said ingredients are taken in equal quantities
They are pounded using a pestle and mortar and filtered through a sieve
The powder is mixed in ghee and tablets are made (each tablet weighs 1 tola – 12 grams)
The tablets are preserved in air tight containers

1 tablet per day or as directed by qualified Ayurveda physician

When to take?
Early in the morning, on empty-stomach

Anupana (vehicle or co-drink) –
Hot water

Speciality of Saptanga Guggulu and probable mode of action:
As said, Saptanga Guggulu holds its specialization in curing the diseases occurring in the anal region especially fistula, haemorrhoids (piles) and fissures. It should be given a thought when these conditions are infected or when there is a likeliness of them to be infected or contaminated like in post-operative conditions. It also quickly heals chronic ulcers, sinus and wounds. It is unparalleled remedy in abdominal conditions like Gulma and udavarta.

Trikatu present in the combination is an excellent digestive and carminative. All the above mentioned diseases are caused due to disturbance or imbalance in agni or metabolic fire (errors of metabolism). To eradicate tehm from the base, first of all the agni should be set right and brought back to rhythm.

Trikatu kindles the weak digestive fire and sets right errors of metabolism. Since indigestion and tastelessness (anorexia) are also associated with errors of metabolism, Trikatu effectively deals with these conditions. When the appetite and digestion get fine, the food taken is effectively digested and its essence nourishes and supports the body.

Being an effective Vatahara (property of alleviating morbid Vayu), Trikatu combats the vitiated Vayu and relieves pain and colic associated with the above said conditions. Vitiated Vayu is known to be the chief culprit in causing painful conditions like Gulma, Udavarta etc.

As seen, most of the diseases in which Saptanga Guggulu is indicated occur in the lower portion of the body (abdomen and anal region, pelvis). These regions belong to Apana Vata. Thus in all these conditions the involvement of Apana vata (sub type of vata which governs the lower portions of the body) is inevitably disturbed.

The vata alleviating property of Trikatu, Guggulu and Triphala in the compound imparts a total and comprehensive effect on the morbid Vata. The laxative property of Triphala helps in pushing the vitiated Vata in a downward direction, hence clearing the lower passages and keeping eh abdomen and pelvis clean and sterile.

Constipation is one common condition which can be found in the backdrop of all the above said conditions. Constipation can cause and aggravate the above said conditions. The need of an effective carminative and a laxative is fulfilled by the potent action of Triphala.

Apart from being a potential laxative, Triphala has Rasayana properties (rejuvenation, anti-ageing, immune modulator) which helps in effective healing and also in preventing relapses. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and also reduces oedema associated with piles and fistula.

Guggulu individually is a magical remedy in many diseases. It is the best in the business of rectifying and stabilizing the metabolic errors. It removes blocks in various channels of the body and facilitates easy transportation of nutrients and essentials.

Being a best blood purifier, Guggulu is highly effective in healing the above said conditions. The mixing of these compounds (Triphala and Trikatu) with Guggulu will fortify the action of the whole compound. Guggulu is also known for its wound cleansing, wound healing and antiseptic actions.Guggulu alleviates the aggravation of all the 3 doshas, predominantly it mitigates morbid Kapha and Vata. Similar action is rendered by Triphala and Trikatu.

Generally almost all the blocks in the body are caused by morbid and stagnated kapha or meda (fat). They block the free movement of Vayu which is the prime driving force for all the actions in the body. Saptanga Guggulu effectively removes these blocks and restores normal functioning.

Generally infections occur and healing slows down in presence of morbid kapha, kleda (moisture or excessive fluidity in and around the tissues). Guggulu individually and Saptanga Guggulu as a compound are highly effective in destroying the morbid kapha, ama (metabolites or tissue toxins) and kleda, thus aborting the suitable environment for development of infections. This action of Saptanga Guggulu helps in proper healing of haemorrhoids, fistulae, sinus and other conditions.

Cautions –
Saptanga Guggulu is generally a safe compound. Still it is not wise to take it without prescription.
The nature and type of dosha morbidity and type of Arsha or bhagandara has to be accessed before the suitable medicines for those conditions are prescribed.

Some other medicine may suit your condition better than the discussed compound. Many times a simple compound will not work and may need to be added with some more disease modifying medicines, and advices related to diet and lifestyle changes. Your doctor will be the best person to take a call after conducting a thorough examination and making a perfect diagnosis.

Pregnant women, lactating women, children and old aged people may avoid taking this formulation or wait for your doctor to prescribe it in case he or she doesn’t find any alternative choice of medication.

Just before finish –
Many diseases occurring in the lower parts of your body like piles, fistula, abnormal and upwards movement of vayu, abdominal tumours etc are due to the disturbance of doshas, mainly vayu. Vayu and other doshas get vitiated due to causes like metabolic errors and constipation (which we have caused them ourselves by not attending to the natural reflexes for want of food and urge for defecation at proper times), erratic food schedules and lifestyle errors (including wrong postures) etc. This means to tell that many diseases are directly related to our erratic foods and lifestyle. Thus prevention is always possible.

When these diseases manifest due to our own faults, we might need medicines and treatments to revert the pathological changes. There are many exemplary formulations which serve in healing the above said disorders; Saptanga Guggulu is one among them.
Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu) –

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