Ekavimshati Guggulu Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Ekavimshati Guggulu is one of the Guggulu Kalpas (set of medications prepared with Guggulu or Commiphora mukul as the main ingredient) explained in the context of Kushta (Skin diseases) Prakarana (prakarana means chapter or context) of Yogaratnakara text of Ayurveda. Since it is mentioned in the Kushta treatment it is an unparalleled medicine in combating the skin diseases. Meaning –
Ekavimshati means 21, Guggulu means Commiphora mukul
Thus Ekavimshati Guggulu is a herbal compound prepared using 21 herbs with Guggulu being used as a chief component.

Indications and Benefits of Ekavimshati Guggulu:
Ekavimshati Guggulu is used to treat the below said conditions:
Kushta – Skin Disorders (all 18 types)
Krimi – Helmenthic diseases / Worm infestations / Infections
Dushta Vrana – Contaminated wounds and ulcers (The medicine cleanses and detoxifies the wounds and ulcers)
Grahani – Sprue / Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Arsha – Haemorrhoids, Piles
Mukharoga – Oral (Mouth) Diseases
Galagraha – Throat diseases / Cervical spondylosis
Gridhrasi – Sciatica
Bhagna – Fractures / Dislocations
Gulma – Abdominal tumours
Koshta Gata Vyadhi’s – Diseases related to abdominal and thoracic organs

Ekavimshati Guggulu is said to ward off the above said diseases just like Lord Vishnu destroys the demons.

Ingredients and method of preparation of Ekavimshati Guggulu –
चित्रक त्रिफला व्योषम् अजाजी कारवी वचाः।
सैन्धव अतिविषा कुष्ठं चव्य एला याव शूकजम्॥
विडङ्गानि अजमोदा च मुस्तानि अमरदारु च।
यावन्ति एतानि सर्वाणि तावन् मात्राः तु गुग्गुलुः॥
संकुट्य सर्पिषा स अर्धं गुटिकां कारयेत् भिषक्।
प्रातः भोजन काले वा भक्षयेत् तु यथा बलम्॥
हन्ति अष्टादश कुष्ठानि कृमि दुष्ठ व्रणान् अपि।
ग्रहणी अर्शो विकारान् च मुख आमय गलग्रहान्॥
गृध्रसीम् अथ भग्नं च गुल्मं च अपि नियच्छति।
व्याधीन् कोष्ट गतां च अन्यान् जनयेद् विष्णुः इव असुरान्॥(यो.र.कुष्ठ.चि)
Chitraka triphalaa vyosham ajaaji kaaravee vachaaha
Saindhava ativishaa kushtam chavyam elaa yaava shookajam
Vidangaani ajamodaa cha mustaani amaradaaru cha
Yaavanti etaani sarvaani taavan maatraaha tu gugguluhu
Samkutya sarpishaa sa ardham gutikaam kaarayet bhishak
Praataha bhojana kale vaa bhakshayet tu yathaa balam
Hanta ashtaadasha kushtaani krimi dushtha vranaan api
Grahanee arsho vikaaraan cha mukha aamaya galagrahaan
Grudhraseem atha bhagnam cha gulmam cha api niyachchati
Vyaadheen koshtam gataam cha anyaan vishnuhu iva asuraan (Ref – Yogaratnakara, kushta chikitsa)
Below mentioned are the ingredients of Ekavimshati Guggulu –
Chitraka – Plumbago zeylanica
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
Bibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica
Amalaki – Phyllanthus Emblica / Emblica officinalis (Indian gooseberry)
Pippali – Piper longum (Long Pepper)
Maricha – Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper)
Shunti – Zingiber officinale (Ginger)
Jeeraka – Cuminum cyminum (Cumin seeds)
Vacha – Acorus calamus
Saindhava Lavana – Rock Salt
Ativisha – Aconitum heterophyllum
Kushta – Saussurea lappa
Chavya – Piper retrofactum
Ela – Elettaria cardamomum
Yavakshara – Alkali extracted from Hordeum vulgare (Barley)
Vidanga – Embelis ribes
Ajamoda – Apium graveolens / Carum roxburghianum
Musta – Cyperus rotundus
Devadaru – Cedrus deodara
Yavani – Trachyspermum ammi (Bishops weed, Omum)
Pura / Guggulu – Commiphora Mukul

Haritaki, Bibhitaki and Amalaki together are called Triphala.
Pippali, Maricha and Shunti together are called Trikatu or Vyosha.

How to prepare?
The above said medicaments should be taken (apart from Guggulu) and pounded into soft powders individually. Each is measured and taken in equal quantity (powder).

Now Guggulu is taken in a quantity equal to the sum of powders of all the herbs and powdered into soft powder. It is once again measured after powdering and so that its quantity is equal to the sum total of all the other powders.

Now the powders of other medicines are mixed with Guggulu and pounded into a homogenous compound. Further Ghee is added to this powder and tablets are made. Tablets thus formed should be stored in air tight containers. Tablets should be taken either in the morning or along with food.

1-2 tablets early in the morning or along with food, according to the strength of the patient or / and disease or as directed by the Physician

Anupana – Vehicle:
The tablets can be taken with warm water or with food

Speciality of Ekavimshati Guggulu and probable mode of action –
It is very difficult to establish a hypothesis on probable mode of action of the medicine especially when it carries many ingredients like in Ekavimshati Guggulu and also when the compound is indicated in wide array of diseases.

In these contexts the compound will be acting in totality. It is the prabhava or overall effect of the ingredients which will be effectively aborting the disease process.

When we analyze the ingredients closely, the compound as a whole has a Kapha-Vata alleviating property. Obviously the medicine as a whole will be enhancing the metabolic process at the gut and cellular level.

Most of the above mentioned diseases are caused due to vitiated kapha and vata. Being cold in nature, both Vata and Kapha tend to block the functions of Pitta and the included fire (agni).

The depleted agni is the main source of many diseases in the body. Agnimandhya or depletion of digestion activities will lead to systemic and cellular ama (improperly formed circulating nutrients which due to their sticky nature tend to block and clog the channels of the body hence blocking the free flow of nutrients and essential substances to the cells and organs).

This ama in due course of time gets converted into amavisha (stubborn endotoxins). Amavisha gives rise to many systemic illnesses which are difficult to treat.

All such conditions require medicines which attend the pathology from the base i.e. the compound should have effective medicines which act as Deepana (appetizers, enhance the fire or digestion power) and Pachana (ama destroying, digestants). Almost all the medicines of the compound have deepana and pachana property. Many of these medicines also destroy amavisha.

Guggulu, Ativisha, Vacha, Trikatu, Yavani, Chavya, Chitraka, Vidanga, Ajamoda and Musta are potent anti-helmenthics. They destroy the micro-organisms and help in healing infections.

They are the best medicines having wound healing property. Thus they are highly effective in skin diseases, chronic and contaminated wounds and ulcers, worm infestations, infective gut conditions.

By stabilizing the agni (rectifying metabolic errors) the compound effectively heals diseases like Grahani, Arsha, Mukha and Gala rogas and Gulma.

Being potent Kapha-vata alleviating compound Ekavimshati Guggulu effectively wards off the diseases like Gulma and Gridhrasi.

Vata is the chief culprit in causation of painful conditions like Gridhrasi, Gulma etc. The compound imparts a potent analgesic effect and heals pain and colic.

In chronic diseases as listed above, regular detoxification of the body and flushing of excreta and metabolic wastes is needed. This is achieved by potent laxative property of Triphala, assisted by Vacha, Chavya, Vidanga and Devadaru.

Triphala, Vidanga, Guggulu, are potent Rasayanas (immune modulators) and help in preventing relapses.
Thus Ekavimshati Guggulu can be skilfully used to tackle many systemic disorders.

Just before finishing –
Many of the above said diseases are caused due to agni dushti (metabolic errors) and formation of ama (intermediate products of digestion or immature circulating nutrients formed in the stomach) and amavisha (metabolic toxins). This is caused on the backdrop of erratic food habits and undisciplined lifestyle. By being cautious about our diet and lifestyle we can avoid being victims of many of these diseases.

Ayurveda has best remedies like Ekavimshati Guggulu which target many systemic diseases at a time. Therefore they are multidimensional and broad spectrum medicines.

If you are a victim of any of these diseases you can find an Ayurvedic doctor in your neighbourhood who would diagnose your condition in an Ayurvedic way and decide if this compound is useful in your case.

You may also need some good recommendations related to diet and lifestyle modifications. Ayurvedic medicines are the natural ways to heal your chronic diseases. But remember ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is always a golden rule to enjoy a comprehensive body-mind health.

Know your good foods, know your good lifestyle practices, be good to yourself and avoid these systemic diseases…!
Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu) – drraghuramys@gmail.com

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