Palsinuron Capsules – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients, Side Effects

Palsinuron Capsules is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine, manufactured by SG Phyto Pharma Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur. It is used in treatment of Paralysis, Neuralgia etc.

Palsinuron Capsules uses: As per the claims of manufacturer, it is indicated in Ayurvedic treatment of Neuro-muscular disorders of CNS, Hemiplegia, Nerve Injury, Neuralgia, Paraplegia, Facial Palsy.

Doctors also suggest this for the treatment of
Neuralgia and facial pain followed by tooth extraction
Trigeminal neuralgia,
Diabetic neuropathy
Post herpetic neuralgia (burning sensation after herpes infection)

Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata.

Palsinuron Capsules Dosage:1 – 2 capsules three times a day, or as advised by physician.
Sublingual administration with honey brings about quicker results.

How long to take? It can be taken for upto 1 month, based on doctor’s advice.

Presentation : 4 strips of 30 capsules / 500 capsules in a container.

Palsinuron Capsules Ingredients :
Each capsule contains
Mahavata Vidhwams Ras – a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine with herbal and mineral ingredients – 60 mg
Sameer Pannag Ras – a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine with herbal and metallic ingredient s- 60 mg
Ekangveer Ras – a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine with herbal and metal ingredients – 60 mg
Sootshekhar Ras – a traditional Ayurvedic Medicine with herbal and metal ingredients – 60 mg
Khurasani Ova – Hyoscyamus niger  – 60 mg
Lajjalu – Touch me not plant – Mimosa pudica – lajari – 60 mg

Side effect: 
This product contains heavy metal ingredients in minute quantities. Hence it should be taken only under strict medical supervision.
Special precaution is needed while prescribing this medicine to children, pregnant and lactating mothers.
Accidental over-dosage may cause toxic symptoms.
keep out of reach and sight of children.
Store in a cool dry place.

Contact manufacturer:
Retort Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd., 21/2,Mc Nichols Road, Chetpet, Chennai-600 031, India
Phone:+91 44-28362924,+91 44-28365453. E-mail:

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  1. Vijayalakshmi MS says:

    Hello Dr Hebbar,

    I have been prescribed Palsinuron along with Rasraj Ras for a period of 5 days for my nerve pain. Please let me know if it is ok to use this for short term.

    – MSV

  2. hello dr
    I m prescribed with palsinuron for 15 days is it ok my age is 22

  3. Hi Dr.

    My mother has been diagnosed with minor cerebral atrophy. She is now taking palsinuron capsules along with other medicines. Is ok to use palsinuron for a prolonged period? She is using it for almost 3 months now.

    – Aj

  4. I have been affected with sciatica nerves so as doc hav suggested to take this tablet…so it has n effect on nerves impingement???

  5. Hi sir, I have been prescribed to take 3 capsules of palsinuron two times a day. and taking it with Rasnasaptak kadha, and Dasmularist. and some other medicines are also given by doctor. Is it ok to take palsinuron for one month+ ?

  6. Prabhudev says:

    Hi Doctor,

    Its been prescribed to my 2.9 Yrs old son , and he is taking for last 3 months .Is it ok for him ?

  7. I have been prescribed Palsinuron for 1 month 1 capsule each for droopy eyelid which occurred due to nerve problem. Is this capsule safe to have for 1 month as it contains heavy metal

  8. Panchapakesan says:

    Palsinuron has been prescribed for 6 months for psychatric illness[now no symptoms] and occasional body jerks by a Psychatrist [allopathic doctor] as a nerve tonic, along with allopathic medication [aripiprazole & Trihexyphenidyl], Is it Ok?, especially to take it for 6 months(now 1 month finished) and to take it during the treatment with allopathic medication?

  9. My mother who is 68 years is taking this tablet twice a day since the last 15 days. The doctor has prescribed for a month. She is not a hypertensive patient but her blood pressure has gone up (145/95) . Is this due to this medication? She is not on any other medication

  10. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Hi Dr this is Gurpreet. I have multiple sclerosis for last 6 months and have been taking medicines n with God’s grace I am little bit better now. One of my friends is into pharmaceutical and he advised me to take Palsinuron 1 cap per day with honey. Would it be helpful and what would be your opinion on this. Thank you

    • Yes, it can be helpful for you. But it is not legal to take this medicine without your doctor’s advice. Please go and consult an Ayurvedic doctor in person first.

  11. Rahul Tiwari says:

    Hello Dr.

    I have been prescribed Palsinuron for a period of 5 days for the numbness in my right hand side fingers (last two fingers). Please let me know if it is ok to use for the said treatment.

  12. Dr . Suneel says:

    Dear doctor
    My father is 80 years old and he is taking pulsinuron since 2 months and now he has devloped hicogh since 4 days.wil he continue pulsinuron.

  13. Does palsinuron contains astreoid???


  15. Hello Dr JV Hebbar,

    Thank you for all the reply for the questions asked by everyone..
    Thank you once again.. if people get a kind reply for their problem half of the problem will be solved …
    proud of you sir.

  16. Dear Doctor,

    I have been suffering from mild tinnitus(buzzing noise in ears) for the last 6 months and it has become pronounced over the last week. My doctor has advised Palsinuron twice daily along with Dhanwantra Gutika. Is it known to address my issue.

  17. My father is advised to take Palsinuron for heat problem in his feet. My father is also taking medicine for heart as he has got engeoplasty done four year back. Pls advise if it is OK to take these two medicine together?

  18. Hi Doctor I have been suffering from nummness in both hands last finger and my left side leg, and heavy pain in left side hand, coz i have cervical nerve problem doctor was advised me to take palsinuron daily 3 times for 20 days., is it solve my problem please advise me.,

  19. R A Murali says:

    I am diabetic and have neuropathy. My ayurvedic doctor prescribed Palsinuron 2 capsules twice a day

    My concern is it has heavy metals. What metals are they .and how much. Will they damage any organs like kidney

    It seems to work though

    Thanks in advance. Are you anyway associated with the manufacturerSG Phyto pharma


    • Hi, I am not associated with SG Phyto Pharma. But I admire them. It is a good company. I feel that 4 capsules per day is a bit high dose. In a dose of 2 capsules per day, it can be taken for 1 – 2 months, and then the dose can be reduced further. The ingredients of this very effective product are mentioned above within the article.

  20. nischal says:

    Can palsinuron be prescribed in cervical radiculopathy as well in muscular dystrophy

  21. It was suggested on a website to take out the contents of PALSENEURON CAPSULES (2 capsules), mix with honey & then consume. Is it correct to do so? My father is suffering from stroke & the fingers of his right hand are affected. Doctor prescribed these capsules. But upon taking those, my father used to loose balance while standing, walking etc. He used to take the capsules AS IT IS & by not removing the medicine inside as said above.

    Thanks in advance.


  22. asitshatvik says:

    Hi I am 34 years old I have sensorial hearing loss since long time and always on different stream of medical but no profit . first time I take ayurvedic medicine for 15 days there is positive response can it be cured 100% or less pls explain me

  23. sudheesh says:

    I have been advised to take palsineuron for 3 times a day for one month. confused about how to take the medicine, i mean before or after food

  24. Rohit kumbhar says:

    I am suffering in pshycological problem. In 1 Week i am going in numness and weakness in right hand side with mental disorder. Dr suggested palsineuron from 2 Day. Shall i continue?

  25. Dr advice palsinuron for right hand last two fingure numbness and pain. Can i cover with this medicine?

  26. Hi i am suffering from multiple scelerosis weakness on left leg cannot walk for more than couple minutes doctor has advised me to take palsineuron need your advice and if Palsinueron repairs damaged Mylein sheath

  27. May I take palsineuron cap for diabetic neuropathy (foot irritation)?

  28. i have a problem of frequent urination, specially in the night, from last 4-5 years and weak urine stream. Doctor diagnosed it is because of stress and anxiety and at times panic attacks too.

    Doctor prescribed me Streax 5M capsule and Palsinuron, it has helped me in reducing my problem by 50 to 60% although not able to get rid of the problem 100%.

    I am taking both the above said medicines for more than 3 months and the day i dont take them i find my problem is getting alleviated.

    Is it safe to take these medicines for so long, what else i should do to get rid of my anxiety and frequent urination problem?


  29. Hi sir, my wife suffering with non epileptic attack disorder and neurologist prescribed her amixide-h, sultos-50 & NUHENZ. Ayurvedic doctor also examined and he prescribed palsinuron . Can I go with him ?

  30. Shantanu bondre says:

    Is pulsiuron works in case of hdad.hyper activitie in 8 to9 years children’s?

  31. My father has told spinal surgery . does it can be cure by using Palsineuron Cap

  32. I met an train accident 10 years back with a major left brain injuiry which caused left side hemiparalysed.Now I m improved a lot but bit stiffness in my fingers.Docter sugessted me to take Palsinuron for 1 month initially.Will it help to get bit stiffness in left side & can you suggest how much time it will take????

  33. shailesh shah says:

    i hv been advise by vaid to tkae and it is continued for more than 8 months. but it gives me good support . till then no side effects so should I continue???

  34. b chhabra says:

    i habeen asked by ayurvedic doctor to start palsinuron for left hand fingers stiffness just rqualent to paralysis, pl inform me how long i can these tablets.

  35. altaf ali says:

    hi doctor
    i am 16 yrs old met an road accident and got my rt femoral bone broken. it has been now 1 month i am taking this tablet . as my rt ankle is not coming up…nd my doctor as prescribed it for 1 more month.. is it okay to have it..? and is it help full for my leg..? as it is not responding properly..pls do help meh..

  36. FarithaNoorMohammed says:

    my sis suffering from Bells palsy for the past one month der s no improvement in her… doctor prescribed her to take palsinuron capsules…. is tat safe to use tis tablet for bells palsy??? her age s 16…… pls clear my doubt.

    • yes, it is safe to use in her case.

    • shailesh shah says:

      i’m using palsineuron for laong time but now I have discontinued so I have started getting tired,foot bottom of left leg near bottom toe and its below area is burning. I cannot lift the leg while walking. so I again started so feel good. any side effect for this if I Continued for long time??my age is 62 years.

  37. palsinuron can be used for trigminal nueralgia?

  38. Sir, i was found vitamin B12 deficient level (100). Doctor advised for palsinuron and dazzle capsules is it ok … my main pain area was chest and spinal back side..need your view plz

  39. Uday Suryavanshi says:

    Sir, I have been diagnosed for Myesthenia gravis. Can I take Palsinuron treatment instead of alopathick medicine like pyridostigmine and mycophenolate mofetil tablet? Please advise.

  40. mahesh shivalkar says:

    hi right hand pains r increase last one & half month..can i take palsinuron tabs ??

  41. Dr Is it a medicine for varicose veins

  42. Hi, I am a lactating mother, suffering from Bell’s Palsy. Doctor has advised to take palsinuron twice a day. I hope it will not affect my child. Please reply.

  43. Amit Kumar Singh says:

    I have been prescribed Palsinuron capsules for disc prolapse problem. I just wanted to know if the capsules are vegetarian based as I am vegetarian and can’t consume gelatin based capsules. Thanks.

  44. what is palsinuron capsule

  45. devappa kundapur. says:

    is palsinuron is helpful fo treating mild moderetly sensoneron hearing lose,.

  46. Respected Doctor,

    We have heard a lot about you and for the medicine Palsinuron , my mother is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia for over 7 years now. The situation is better than initial days but it gets worse in winter with acute pain on nerve side. Currently she is taking tegretol 200 SR twice a day still the pain strikes in between. Could you please be so kind to recommend any Ayurvedic medicine and its dosage.

    May God bless you with everything.

  47. Respected Doctor,

    3 years child can take half of the capsule twice daily because his neuro musclar problem is there. kindly advise. Your early answer in this regard is solciited.

    • only under strict medical supervision it can be taken for children above 5 years, not below that since it contains heavy metal ingredients. there are many herbal medicines which can be prescribed for such small children.

  48. GAYATRI PAI says:

    My mother who is 65 yrs old has been diagnosed with neuropathy. .She has normal BP,no diabetes only her soles of her feet are numb slight burning is there and while walking or standing for a long time it aggravates. She has been suggested it safe and for how long can one take?

  49. HARIBHAJAN says:

    Sir, I have been suffering acute headache (migrene) since 5-6 years and pain in my back neck side. I have been prescribed by Ayurveda doctor for Palsinuron Capsules on SOS basis. My stomach is also getting problem. Can I take continue this medicine or kindly suggest. Kindly suggest me other curable

    • Hi, please note that even on sos basis, this medicine can only be continued for 2 months of time, at the maximum.
      If you think stomach disturbances are due to this medicine, please consult a doctor directly.

  50. I am using palsinuron tablet for 2 months, nerve pain is there on legs due to back pain. How many days I have to continue, is there any side effects, please suggest

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, If the pain has been reduced then do discontinue it and take a consult from ayurveda physician for the next round of treatment.

  51. praveen nere says:

    Hello doctor, I am suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, doctor prescribed pulsinuron. If I get conceived is there any problem

  52. I have been suffering from severe post herpetic neuralgia for the past 6 months. I have been taking allopathic gabapentin/pregab but not much relief from them. An MBBS doctor has prescribed now PULSINURON for a month, in addition to pregab. I am 77. Can I try it safely (am worried about metals in it).

  53. Hi Doctor ,
    I get tingling sensation and nerve pain in hands and forearms after workout . My NCV tests are normal .Most of the times I get pain or numbness when I am asleep, I have been suggested this medicine . Is it useful for me ?

    • Yes. Consider keeping your hands in comfortable position while sleeping. do not keep hands above the level of your head.

      • Is there any specific reason that I get numbness when I am asleep ?

        • Numbness during sleep is usually due to
          1. Lowered blood supply – usually caused by keeping the arms above the level of head while sleeping.
          2. pressing of nerves – usually caused by resting the head on the hands or keeping the hand in a pressed, uncomfortable position while sleeping.

  54. Does PALSINURON along with AOIM-Z cure BLEPHAROSPASM of eye lids? My Doctor has advised. But please give your opinion.If yes,for how many months can it be taken maximum. Pls advise.


  56. K.hanmanthrao says:

    is that only palsinuron enough for a spondylosis with numbness of fingers

  57. Hello Sir,

    I have been prescribed for palsinuron daily 2 capsules with Honey for 1month….As after neck pain I consulted Orthopedist Doctor…
    Is it good take?

  58. Hi Doctor,

    I have stroke last month. I’m taking Aspirin and Plavix for blood thinning. But I’m having numbness, Vertigo, dropping eyelid, facial parathesia etc.

    Ayurvedic dr prescribed me Palsinuron. Is it safe for Stroke patient. I had lot in right vertebral artery

  59. I had stroke in August due to right vertebral artery dissect and formed the clot. They fixed it through Angioplasty.
    But I have neck pain, numbness, vertigo dizziness, shoulder pain and anxiety. All on my left side of the body. I have facial numbness and some shake feeling on my left face.

    Is Palsinuron can fix these issues??
    My dr prescribed me Palsinuron.
    I’m taking Aspirin and Plavix for blood thinning

  60. K.sreenivasulu says:

    Sir. I am first time using this palcinuron tab giving my mother Brain stroke peralasys.she also taking allopathic BP sugar and some neurophysion advise drugs.
    We decided to include the palcinuron.plz advice the using.

  61. G Rajesh.

    Sir .I have slip disc problem for last 2 years since than i was taking allopathy medicine from past 15days .I had started pain in my left buttock ,can i start taking palsinuron.
    please advice.

  62. Apali chawda says:


    Can we take Palsynuron with Iron supplements?

  63. Hi
    Can we take palsinuron tablets alongwith Ashwagangha tablets?

  64. hi
    my mother 50 yrs old is having cervical
    nd having severe neck pain and headache n
    can palsineuron tablet help her???

  65. I have migraine problem can i use palsinuron cap.

  66. Is their any role in muscular dystriphy with impaired ncv tibialis anteralis and flexor muscles of hand

  67. Hi, I m suffering from nerve root compression in lower back. Doct advised to take palsinuron, edol-p, amitone-10. For 2 months, pain vanished but after some days it again started paining. Again I took it for week pain has gone. Thing is when taking medicine it stops, but if stopped it again starts. Pls suggest ur opinion. Pls suggest doctor in nashik if u can.

  68. Bharamagouda says:

    Gud afternoon sir,,,,, our father had stroke few days back doctor’s named it CVA for that they have prescribed some medicines ,,,,,, shall we use palsinuron for that?

  69. Helena.yezdi says:

    Hello age is 26 and I m having facial palsy since 3,4 yes..I have consulted to ayurvedic Dr he recommended me to take palsy neuron so can u plz tel me that is this medicine will work and how much month I have to take the medicine..

  70. I am having type 2 diabetes , still in should take this capsule with honey.

  71. Sheshu Kumar Malyala says:

    Good morning sir, i am using AMY-B tablets, now i want go for ayurvedic medicnes, so can i use Palsinuron capsules instead if AMY-B.

  72. Sheshu Kumar Malyala says:

    Good morning sir i am using AMY-B tablets, i want go for ayurvedic medicnes so instead of AMY-B can i use PALSINURON CAPSULES. GOOD DAY

  73. Can v use palsinuron tablet in sciatica?

  74. I have diabetic neuropathy in left side doctor advice me 2times *3month .Can prolong use cause any side effects?

  75. Krishnakant Keluskar says:


    I have a knee problem. Can I take this Tab.

  76. Sayali Joshi says:

    Dr.I am having Diabetes… and having vericos vains in thighs.. I am 48 year old lady….Not able to sit in folded condition.
    Can I use this tablets.
    Sayali Joshi

    • No. For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  77. Dharamveer gupta says:

    Doctor has advised me palsinuron one capsule twice daily for spasam in my jaw after tooth extraction.will it work

  78. Hello sir my docotr prescribe me palsinuron capsul for my genital herpes .can this medicine is good to take in genital herpes.please help me ..

  79. Does it okay to use on the patient who has AVN problem?

  80. Hi doctor, due to injury in my mother’s left leg nerve is damaged and the feet is no working properly, their is no flexion in ankle .

  81. Dhanush Mahesala says:

    My father (59years old) suffered an acute pontine hemmorage in March and is in recoverying stage with a lot of physio and speech therapy going. Can this tablet be used for my dad and will there be any side effects?

  82. Sebastian says:

    Hi Dr.
    My mother takes allopathy medicines for diabetes, BP, cholesterol, vertigo but recently visited Ayurvedic doc for tremor in hands and feet .this tremor is for last 10 yrs .
    Ayurvedic doc advised palsinuron capsules twice a day.
    Will it be ok to take same for an 78 yrs old women with the above allopathy medicines?

  83. Hi sir,
    i am suffering from low back pain due to osteophyte complex from last 1 year, doctor priscribed for palsinuron, rasrajras for 14 days ashwagandha and yograj guggle for 2 months and he was asking for agnikarma or katibasti , are these beneficial for me.

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