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Chandraprabha Vati – Benefits, Dosage, Ingredients And Side Effects

Chandraprabha Vati  is a tablet, used in Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes, diseases of urinary track, and many other disease conditions. It is widely used in Ayurvedic practice, across India. 

Chandraprabha Vati uses: It is used in Ayurvedic treatment of urinary tract infection, difficulty in urination, urinary calculi.
It helps to relieve constipation, bloating, abdominal colic pain, low back pain.
It is useful in treating cold, cough, rhinitis, bronchitis, asthma and such other respiratory diseases.
It is used to treat eczema, dermatitis, pruritis and allergic skin conditions.
It is useful to treat piles, liver, spleen diseases, anaemia and fistula.
It helps to relieve teeth problems like caries, eye infections.
It is used to treat semen defects and gynaecological problems.
It helps to relieve indigestion, improves strength, it is a natural aphrodisiac and anti aging Ayurvedic medicine.

Sarvaroga Pranashini – Useful in all disorders.
It acts as Yogavahi – acts as catalyst for other herbal ingredients to deliver swift therapeutic action.

Traditional Indications
Prameha – Urinary tract disorders, diabetes
Mutrakrichra – dysuria, difficulty to pass urine
Mutraghata – urinary obstruction
Ashmari – urinary calculi
Vibandha – constipation
Anaha – bloating, gaseous distension of abdomen
Shoola – abdominal colic
Meha – urinary tract disorders, diabetes
Granthi – tumor, fibroid
Arbuda – cancer
Andavruddhi –   orchitis
Pandu – Anemia, initial stages of liver disorders
Kamala – jaundice
Haleemaka – Liver cirrhosis
Antravruddhi – Hernia
Kati shoola – low back ache
Shwasa – asthma, respiratory disorders involving difficulty in breathing
Kasa – cold, cough
Vicharchika – eczema
Kushta – skin diseases
Arsha – Hemorrhoids
Kandu – itching
Pleehodara –splenomegaly, enlarged spleen
Bhagandhara – fistula in ano
Dantaroga – teeth disorders
Netraroga – eye disorders
Artavaruja – Painful periods, menorrhagia
Shukra Dosha – semen, sperm anomalies
Mandagni – low digestion strength
Aruchi – Anorexia, lack of interest in food
Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha
Vrushya – aphrodisiac
Rasayani – anti aging, rejuvenative

Effect on Tridosha – balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Chandraprabha Gulika dosage:  (500 mg tablet) – 1 – 2 tablets 1 – 2 times a day, before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

Chandraprabha Bati side effects:
People with high BP should take this medicine only under medical care, since this medicine contains salt as ingredient.
Over-dosage may cause slight burning sensation in abdomen. Keep out of reach and sight of children. Store in cool dry place.

Chandraprabha tablet-ingredients, how to make:
3 g fine powder of each of
Chandraprabha – Karpura – Camphor – Cinnamomum camphora
Vacha – Acorus calamus
Musta – Nut grass (root) – Cyperus rotundus
Bhunimba – The Creat (whole plant) – Andrographis paniculata
Amruta – Indian Tinospora (stem) – Tinospora cordifolia
Daruka – Himalayan cedar (bark) – Cedrus deodara
Haridra – Turmeric rhizome – Curcuma longa
Ativisha – Aconitum heterophyllum
Darvi – Tree Turmeric (stem) – Berberis aristata
Pippalimoola – Long pepper root – Piper longum
Chitraka – Lead Wort (root) – Plumbago zeylanica
Dhanyaka – Coriander – Coriandrum sativum
Haritaki – Chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind – Terminalia chebula
Vibhitaki – Belliric Myrobalan fruit rind – Terminalia bellirica
Amalaki – Indian gooseberry fruit – Emblica officinalis Gaertn.
Chavya – Java Long Pepper – Piper chaba
Vidanga – False black pepper – Embelia ribes
Gajapippali – Java Long Pepper (fruit) – Piper chaba
Shunti – Ginger Rhizome – Zingiber officinalis
Maricha – Black pepper – Piper nigrum
Pippali – Long pepper fruit – Piper longum
Makshika Dhatu Bhasma – Purified Copper Iron Sulphate
Yava Kshara – Kshara of Barley – Hordeum vulgare
Swarjika Kshara
Saindhava Lavana – Rock salt
Sauvarchala Lavana – Sochal salt
Vida Lavana – Vida salt
12 g fine powder of each of
Trivrit – Operculina turpethum
Danti – Baliospermum montanum
Patra – Cinnamomum tamala
Twak – Cinnamon – Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Ela – Cardamom – Elettaria cardamomum
Vamshalochana – bambusa bambos
Loha Bhasma – Iron Bhasma – 24 g
48 g fine powder of each of
Sita – Sugar
Shilajatu – Asphaltum – 96 g
Guggulu – Indian bedelium – Commiphora mukul – 96 g

The name Chandraprabha is given due to –
Chandra refers to moon, this tablet is as calming and effective as the aura of moon.
With the word Chandraprabha, 3 herbs are considered.
Karpoora – Camphor – Cinnamomum camphora (as per Kashiram, Gudardha Deepika commentary on Sharangdhara Samhita). Camphor is the most commonly used ingredient.
Kapoor Kachur – Shati – Hedychium spicatum (as per Rasendra Sara Sangraha, by Kirhna Gopala Bhatta)
Bakuchi – Psoralea corylifolia (as per Vaidyaka Shabda Sindhu)

Reference:  Sharangdhara Samhita Madhyama Khanda 7/40 – 49, Bhaishajyaratnavali.
Manufacturer of this Ayurvedic medicine in India: Baidyanath, Dabur, AVN, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala., Sri Sri Pharmacy.
Divya Pharmacy calls this same product as Divya Chandraprabha Vati.

Expiry date: Five years from the date of manufacture. Once after opening the container, it is better to empty it before an year

As ingredient in proprietary Ayurvedic medicines:
Chandraprabha Bati is used as ingredient in many other Ayurvedic medicines such as Glucova tablet, used in the treatment of Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus.

Dr JV Hebbar is an Ayurveda Doctor, Lecturer, From Mangalore, India. Click here to consult Dr Hebbar
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  1. What r th side effects of this product?

  2. I am taking this for enlarged prostate causing flow with urination. Two tabs after meal in the morning. I find it beneficial but :
    Will it actually help to bring back the prostate to its normal size?
    How long do I have continue to take this for?( I have taking it for about 6 weeks.
    Will taking the medication long term have any side effects?, apart from BP

    Thank you

    • 1. This medicine has to be taken under medical supervision. I hope you’ve consulted an Ayurvedic doctor before taking this.
      2. This can be taken for a few months, if your doctor agrees with it.
      3. It will have some benefits, regarding reducing the size of prostrate.

  3. i have excessive urine problem and pain in the knee. xray reports says its the beginning of arthirites.
    doctor has suggested this medicine.
    will it be beneficial in my case ??

  4. dear doctor,
    is it good for bed wetting in children? can you suggest any remedy for that ?

    • Dear Preeti,
      I do not recommend it for bed-wetting in children. Bed wetting is quite normal in kids, even up to age of 8 – 10. Proper education, relieving fear, encouraging them to visit bath room at bed time, limiting liquid intake 3 hours before bed time. are a few ways to relieve bed wetting. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor if problems persist even after one month of trying these techniques.

  5. Is it useful in pedal edema??

  6. I have type 1 diabetic from 2 years. feeling problem with my erection. will this medicine help me solving this prob

  7. Hi,

    i have chronic constipation almost since 6 months. Is it better to take Chandraprabha Vati before or after food ? (Please don’t say “consult your doctor” )


  8. I have problem of passing more amount of urine than normal. I dont have diabetes. I also had a urine culture test done. But everything is normal. What can be the cause of this problem.Please help.

  9. durgesh says:

    agar doctor ne sugar check nhi ki fir bhi vo mujhe ye medicine deta hai to isse kahin sugar level kam to nhi ho jaaega? or iska sabse adhik benefit kya hai?

    • isse normal person me sugar kam hone ka chance bahut kam hai. isko non-diabetic patients pe bhi istemal kiya jatha hai.
      Iska prayog zyada tar urinary tract infection me hota hai.

  10. Sandeep says:

    sir I am in urgent need of your help……..
    i am not getting enough erection……..its from past 2-3 months. it happened earlier also but got automatically fine……..i dont drink or smoke…….why this happened?????
    i am feeling pain in my knees…..
    will this medicine help me?
    plz help sir…………….( I am 26 years old)

  11. hi
    is this medicine helpful.in nightfall problem ?

  12. Is it helpful to increase the volume of semen and sperm count ?

    • No. But if prescribed by the doctor, it helps to cleanse and detoxify and correct semen and sperm quality.
      Note that this product should only be used if your doctor has prescribed, for particular limited period of time. This product can not be used for self medication.

  13. I am suffering from frequent urination § urinary urge problem, I am also suffering from lower back pain and pain in left leg sole have undergone all tests (ultrasound,MRI,urianalysis) they all are negative .No traces of any infection. Should I undertake this medicine(chandraprabhavati) for my problem?

    • I presume that you are not diabetic and also that there is no Prostate gland enlargement. Blindly taking this medicine might not help. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor.

  14. I am suffering from frequent urination specially in buses etc. or in rush where not possible to urinate.. suggest can try chanderprabhavati or otherwise..

  15. Mrinal Kanti Das says:

    I am a diabetic patient for 8 years .I take insulin HM 30 ,12 unit in morning ,5 unit before dinner.Can I take ayurvedic medicine like hyponidd and chandraprava bati. Please suggest.

    • Dear Das, you can surely include some Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes like hyponidd etc. but you have to consult an Ayurveda doctor for the right dosage fixing. At least for first 4 – 6 weeks, regular sugar level monitoring. Please note that, even with Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes, you might not be able to completely get rid of insulin therapy. But a very good sugar control can be established with Ayurvedic medicine, along with insulin therapy.

  16. I have been suffering from gradual increase in Creatinine for the last 3 years. It is presently 1.40. A mild increase in renal cortical echos was noticed 3 years back. I have been taking allopathic medicine for the last 13 years to lower my BP. Which hovers between 120/80 and 140/90. Please advise if Chandraprabha Vati can help improve my kidney / creatinine / BP problem. Thanks.

  17. I have urinary infection and go for urine 5-6 times in night. regularly I face urine infection. Please suggest me. Can Chandraprabati will help me. if yes, how long should I take and how much tablet daily?

  18. Hi I have a kidney stone. Would chandraprabha help to flush out the stone?

  19. Hello Dr.Can it help me with night urination?

    • It is used in treating urinary tract infection. For treating night urination, the cause for the problem needs to be examined first. Please consult your Ayurveda doctor.

  20. bunty rahmaniac says:

    Is Chandraprabha Vati helpful for anti-inflammatory (shilajit) & pain-relief (gugullu) purpose in a situation where patient advised not to take much ayurvedic/allopathic pain killers due to some side effects ?

  21. chirodeep deb says:

    @ dr.jv hebbar..Can it be used for semen leakage??

    • Yes, it is used to treat for that purpose. But dose and time of medicine administration is crucial and this tablet can not be taken without direct medical advice.

      • can this be used for controlling the nightfall rate. im having everynight, is this require any treatment

        • It is used for controlling night fall. But there are better Ayurvedic medicines. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor in person. It is not safe to take Chandraprabh vati without doctor’s prescription.

  22. Is this a drug that can be taken specifically for prostrate related problems?

  23. does this help for liver related problem ?

  24. Dear Sir
    My son 15 years has got a urine problem. Protein (Albumin) content in the urine is abnormally high. BP/Sugar test proved negative. No other problems. Creatine is normal. Can you pls suggest Chandrprabha bati can help to resolve this problem

  25. Hello sir
    I somewhere read that it inhibit 5alpha reductase to treat prostate enlargement problem can I take it for hair loss because it inhibit 5alpha reductase and so prevent conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (dht). dht is an active leads hair loss, acne, prostate enlargement.

  26. dr amit patel says:

    Hi……sir……l am a veterinary doctor & l am suffering from urethral stricture…..l have consult urologist but nothing benefit from treatment……then l meet an aayurvedic doctor he suggest me Chandraprabha vati…….can I get rileif my problem………

    • Dear Dr Amit, this medicine can be of help. Trust your Ayurvedic doctor and follow his / her prescription.

      • Kunwar Singh says:

        Dear Dr Hebbar,

        Keeping the sufferings of Dr Amit in mind, I feel it pertinent to mention that four months back, a 74 year old male suffering from Urethral Stricture for the past seven years without cure has approached me for treatment. He had a very severe painful urination with profuse sweating, scanty and frequent urination. He had a constipated stomach too. He followed my herbal treatment and few home remedies strictly and got rid of his sufferings completely within six weeks. The herbal medicines used are given below:

        1. Liv.52 DS – One tablet twice a day after meal.
        2. Chandraprabha Vati – One tablet twice a day after meal.
        3. Gokshura – One capsule twice a day after meal.
        4. Punarnava – One capsule twice a day after meal.
        5. Ganoderma Capsules – Two capsules twice a day after meal.
        6. Haritaki Churna – One table spoon powder with luke warm water daily at bed time to treat his constipation.

        Home Remedies Suggested:
        1. Barley boiled water twice a day.
        2. Cumin boiled water twice a day.

        Best regards,
        Kunwar Singh

        • Dear Kunwar Singh ji,
          I happened to read your prescription.
          I am 52 yrs old. six months back i had an attack of prostate abscess 0.7 cc, infec ted
          with E Coli. It got resolved with 3 months antibiotic. I remained asymptomatic for 3 months and clear of all symptoms. Again I had a uti attack this time with bladder infected
          and prostate seem to be not affected this time. Again I had 2 months antibiotic and now
          I am asymptomatic. Please advise me long term ayurvedic treatment to avoid recurrent
          ecoli attacks. I can meet you at your clinic.
          I shall be thankful to you for your advise.

  27. im suffering from premature eju sir help me which medicine best for me

  28. rakesh says:

    i feel back pain in .and knee pain and go through mare times toilet in a day

  29. I am diabetic for a long time back about 35 years. I have been using medicine like Glyciphase 500 mg 2 times. Even then the sugar level does not come down to normal range. Is there any harm if I take Chandraprabha Vati 2 times in addition ? Kindly advise.

    • It can help. But for longer time usage, better to consult an Ayurvedic doctor for right dosage, time of taking etc advice.

      • Harish Kumar says:

        My case is exactly same. Age 65, diabetic + HBP since 30
        years.Taking metformin 500 twice daily. Tried Chandraprabha vati 2 tablets. Result:= Blood Pressure shooted upto 100/190. Rushed to emergency, Again after few days tried 1 tablet chandraprabha vati. Again BP increased to 90/180. On site, shows it contains salt so could increae BP. So please beware.

  30. Nagashree says:

    I have uterine fibroids. Its large enough that a gync asked to get it removed by laprascopy or invasive since its in muscle wall.
    I am giving myself 3 to 4 months to try naturally to heal and then opt for operation if no changes.
    I had read that chandraprabha vati with triphala churna helps in this. Can u please guide me.

    • Hi, please consult an Ayurveda doctor in person. Do not go with online advice.



  31. I am 2 months pregnant n suffering from uti from last 6 months can I take this medicine while pregnancy.

  32. Sir,
    I am suffering Diabetes last 9 years .since October 2013 I am using divya madhunasini vati 2 tablets twice in a day .Now my sugar level is FBS 73 , HBA1C is 6.0 can I stop the english medicine and continue the Ayurveda medicine only.

  33. hi, I am taking this medicine for rejuvenation purpose and for semen betterment. I am taking it with shilajeet. Is it ok?

  34. sir i have acne problem on my face please tell me that chanderprbhavati help in this problem

    • Hi, there are better options to treat acne problem, than Chandraprabha vati. Please consult a doctor in person.

      • Please u tell me ethical is better or ayurvedic treatment

        • Sir I destroy lot of money on ethical treatment for acne treatment from karnal city and chandigarh also but no result I want to take ayurvedic treatment please help me. I am from haryana from karnal city I do not know any ayurveda doctor here please help.tells me about medicines or another way.i am suffering from last 4 years to this problem please sir help please ?????????? I am waiting your answer.

  35. Harish Kumar says:

    Does Chandraprabha vati increases blood pressure. I took two tablets after lunch. By late evening my HBP increased to 195/95. I had to rush to hospital. I feel Chandraprabha vati was the culprit. Please advise..

  36. Harish Kumar says:

    I am HBP and diabatic patient. I took two tablets of Chandraprabha vati. I felt terrible headache and my BP shooted up. Please advise is it recommended for me if I reduce to 1 tablet.

    • Chandraprabha Vati is actually indicated in diabetes. Probably, the product was not manufactured properly. I would advice to stop it and consult your Ayurvedic doctor. I would not recommend to continue it.

  37. HEllo sir,
    This chandraprabha vati tables suggested for my knee sensation while climbing steep steps. I am 46, no diabitic and BP.Could you please tell the relevance, since I observed only for urinary applications.
    In addition, please suggest suitable anti hitching ayurvedic medicine for my itching at testicals skin towards back side of the testicles sac.This is happens once in a day and no regular time.whenever I swet it is more.

    • Hi, it also acts as rejuvenator / anti aging, hence, it might have been advised for you. I suggest you to continue as per prescription.
      For itching, you can apply Nalpamaradi tailam, 5 minutes before bath.

  38. siddharth says:

    Sir , I’m 20 year old and suffering from urine infection since last 2 to 3 months irregularly does chabdraprabha is beneficial for me.

  39. A wonder drug having no side effects.

  40. dear Sir,

    My father is 80 yrs old and he is having BPH, Prostate size 39CC, level 1. urgency of urine 1-2 hrs – 50ml to 120 ml. Urine color changes sometimes to blackish. No infection found in Urine routine. Can chanderprabhavati will solve issue.

  41. I read that youvananrit along with chadraprabhavati should be taken daily for erectile dysfunction. Is it true?

  42. Can this be helpful in polyp in uterus and causing heavy bleeding ?

  43. I have Vericocele Issue.Is this medicine help for me…

  44. I’m having hemmeroids. Can I use this for cure.

  45. I have bilateral grade 1 vericocele . please suggest this medicine help to cure it completly

  46. My lever is Fatti I Grate while recent Ultrasound and SGOT and SGPT is 127. Other all organs are ok, I am not facing any problem in health, except shivering of hands. Dr. suggested me Chandraprabhavati for 3 months. Is it beneficial Dr. ?

  47. I have prostrate enlargment and urinary stone problem, I saw the doctor and he prescribed me chandraprabha vati and calcury tablet. Is it helpful? Is it guaranted it cure my problems. If so how long does it take to cure.

  48. sir plz tell me my one testis is bigger than other since last five year…..plz help me what I do

  49. sir i am suffering the problem on the tip of my pennies always burning it will disturb me especially at night i tri with this tablet but no use my all test is normal what i can do for long time sitting it course more problem

  50. hi doc,

    is it good for wt reduction?….i have excess wt problem due to pcod?

  51. Hello dr
    iam suffering from water discharge from vagina…too much itiching and discharge of white cheesy cream…
    what to do..?
    Should I take chandraprabhavati ??
    Please suggest

  52. I have vericocele

    Can this help ? Plz

  53. Hi….
    Can i use this for BPH ( benign prostate hyperplasia) – general swelling lf prostate. I also nave high blood pressure for which I am on high blood pressure medicAtion. Can i still take this ?

    • You can still take it, assuming it has been prescribed to you by a doctor.

      • Harish Kumar says:

        Doctor why are you misguiding JK who has trusted you? In High Blood Pressure, how can he take. It contains salt. It will further shoot up BP as was in my case. My detailed write up is already with you in this regard.

  54. Hello I am dev,
    my grandmother has problem of urine.doctor suggested this medicine and other two,1.ushirasava and other patanjali giloy ghan vati.will it help to my grandmother?

  55. mukesh pradhan says:

    My wife is pregnant nearing 6 months she is diabetic sufferer fasting 140 PP 182 patanjali vaidya has advised to take chandraprabha vati during pregnancy empty stomach 2 times do i continue it or stop it…
    Plz advice.

  56. Vidhyalakshmi says:

    Is this Chandra prabha vati can be taken during pregnancy from 11th week for the control of sugar ( diabetes). FBS 89 HBA1C 6.1.

  57. sir in my urine something like sperm is coming out and sperm count is 50 sec..what will i do

  58. I am not diabetic, few months ago ayurvedic doctor prescribed this tablet to me…due to pain in my heels….after relief i stopped using it….due to burning sensation in urination and mild pain in right testicle i started it again….does this tab help me out…..????

  59. arti mittal says:

    hello dr

    my daughter is just 3 year old but she is having urine infection from long time. Is this medicine safe to use for her or you can suggest any other one.

  60. thirumalesh says:

    i have problem may wait so can use this tablets

  61. Ruchita says:

    Hello, I have pcod problem. My doctor suggest me Chandraprabha vati for the same. I have migraine headache issue too. Will this medicine trigger migraine headache for me?

  62. Hello, I have pcod. Which brand of chandraprabha vati will be useful for me?

  63. ruchita says:

    I have pcod and my doctor suggested me chandraprabha vati. Which brand of this will be more useful?

  64. Jayshree says:

    I am diabetic person from last 2 yrs. I had consult Ayurvedic doctor who suggest madhunaashini vati .now my question is that it is compulsory to chew this vati .its very bitter in taste may I swallow this tablet whole with hot water? Is it effective ?

  65. Ravi Bansal says:

    Sir i have consulted ayurveda doctor, during night time i have to go for urine once or twice, so he suggested me chandra prabha vati and ashwagandharishta, but after taking this from last 7-8 days i am feeling very week and i am having feet when i go for a sleep and when i wake up…so may i continue to use it or may i stop ?
    And my sperm count is also low so is it beneficial for it or not, tell me what should i do ?

  66. SOMANATHA K says:

    Dear Doctor,how much of patience you have to answer for all the above views???

    Thanks for your patience.

    (Since I am also a diabetic patient,when visited to ESI hospital,there, they do not care for patients,instead, they are engaging in talking in mobile,chatting with somebody,or out of seat,find somewhere in the nearby restaurants even though they are ON DUTY.


  67. vignesh says:

    dr its used for penile strictures?? i have painful urination problem. recently undertaken cystoscopic surgery.

  68. Sir it is good medicine for prostate ?

  69. Dear sir,
    I am advised to take Chandraprabha vati for severe uti. I am already taking homeopathic medicine for the same. Can both be taken together? Please advice,

  70. Adv pankaj patil Jalgaon says:

    Dear Doctor i am having fistula in between pernium i mean anus and tastes in anus it not opened but in 2 months it become swolen and then some water come and become normal for next some days. can i take chandraprabha vati and what would be dosage?

  71. I heard about the 3 medicine and there dosage in a i.e chandraprabha vati (half), vridhi vadhika vati 1, punarnavadi mandoor 1, can be given to minors to cure hydrocele.

    my question is, my child is of 9 month and is having hydrocele, is above given dosage preferable for him. please advise

  72. I have psoriasis. My doc prescribed it for me. How is this useful the treatment of posriasis?

  73. I am a diabetic since 6yrs, in good control so far with low dosage Allopathey medicine, No BP. recently getting in early hours 3am like that for urination. Naadii Ayurveda doc diagnosed just checking the Naddi(Wrist Pulse) my problems almost. told to use Chandraprabhavati Mor, Nishamalaki Mor, night, Ashwagandha nigt. have thyroid & lowback pain, No BP, but doc told that slight BP is there. should i start using this. Would it not create low sugar levels if used along with my regular allopathic. Kingly suggest

    • you can start with it for about 15 days and check your blood sugar level if no problem then continue, or else you may have to lower the dose of nishamalaki.

      • Thanks Dr. my blood sugar is in control with this dosage, but urine protein has increased to 50. I am continuing with Chandraprabhavati, NishaMalaki, Ashwagandha. should i stop CP Vati & Ashwagandha and continue Nishamaalki. Kindly suggest.

  74. sir can i use this product for urethra pain and burning after urenetion

  75. can I take it together with shatavari to get rid of candidiasis in the intestine?

  76. My doctor wrote me to use shatavari, chpchinyadi, skintone and chandraprabha. can I get rid of candidiasis in the intestine without using skintone and useing chandraprabha more (2 cap. 2 time a day)?

  77. Hi Dr.Iam taking this medicine.Dr given me for thyroid disease.is this healpfull for me?.

  78. Hello Doctor
    Is chandraprabha vati good for endometriotic cyst?

  79. Hello Doctor

    is chandraprabha vati good for endometriotic cyst?

  80. Dr. Meri wife ko thyroid last five years se hai, kya wife ko hamesha tablet khani hogi ?

    • thyroid problem diabetes ki tharah hi hai. o thyroid hormone ke defficiency se hotha hai. use teek karne ke liye umr bhar goliya leni padthi hai. lekin dose ko thyroid level ke hisab se badana ya ghatana padtha hai. iske liye aapko har 6 mahine me 1 bar thyroid test karvake aapke doctor se tablet ke dose ko confirm karna chahiye.

  81. Vishal Thakur says:

    Good Day..
    From the last one month i am feeling like that i am ejaculating faster while having sex.
    i have read various articles and medicines from divya pharmacy like yauvanamrat vati…chandraprabhvati and shilajeet…
    I will be thankful if you can provide me the best medicines to cure this problem.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Sir,Please do consult a ayurvedic physician before taking over the counter medication. Because we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated.

  82. Jai sankar Banerjee says:

    Sir I am suffering from Cystits Glandularis,western treatment says,Its not cureable, no medicine is available for that axcept surgical procedure & this is my second time I have to go through the same procedure again.Is there any medicine available in ayurvedic for that?

    • you can go with chandraprabha vati, it may help you to some extent or it may avoid further progression also, for other medicines it is better you consult an Ayurveda doctor in person.

  83. My Alobathy Dr. himself suggests Chandraprabha for burning urination Can I take it?.

  84. Mahendra Patel says:

    Sir,I am taking madhunashini vati,2, giloy ghan vati – 1,before meal and madhu kalp vati -2 and Chandraprabha vati 2 after meal it is ok Pl.reply

  85. Mahendra Patel says:

    S ir, I am taking 2 madhunashini vati, 1 giloyghanvati before meal and madhu kalp vati-2 and Chandra prabhavati -2 after meal it is ok Pl. reply

  86. Dear Dr,
    Iam Male, 69yrs old with CKD,creatinine 8.1,Potassium 4.9 ,Urea 220.
    Doctor advised for Dialysis,but no symptom of Swelling,Vomiting,fainting etc
    Starting today I’m taking the below ayurvedic medicine under Doctor prescription.
    Please advise.
    VIRATARADI KASHAYAM – 15 ml – 0 – 15ml with 60 ml warm water.

    • no problem. do with the prescription of your doctor. if at all the creatinine, blood urea and potassium level increase you may have to go for dialysis only, check it out in a regular interval.

  87. Dear Dr.: is it helpful in vericocele grade-2?

  88. Doc. “”I m having urine prob, i cant control the urine and flow is too much as compared to normal.”””””
    I am 29 years old, i dnt have arthritis, yes i feel like drinking water and sometimes with a lot of water, my stomach got blotted. Wat u suggest or u think this medicine will work for me ?

  89. .Doctor i an sufering from frozen shoulder and the dr. suggested this chandraprabha vati. how this is useful please.

  90. can i take it with normal water at night and evening?? plzz give me imidiate answer anyone

  91. Hi,I am 27 ubmarried. I am suffering from premature ejectalution. My semen fall within 1 minutes. I masturbate also 1-2 times in a week. How can i increase timing of pleasure and semen. I am taking youvanamrit vati + Chandrprabahavati last 15 days. please suggest me.

  92. hello Dr.
    i have got lots of dark spots appearing on face each day even after childbirth and aneimic too. i was given chandanvaasam for pitta reduction. is it effective in spots and melasma or should i go with chandra[rabhavati along with it. is there more effective medication for melasma and freckles
    pls advice

  93. Nilakantha Meher says:

    Dear Sir
    I have urine infection. And 1-2 puss cells are going in urine. So can I have this Chandraprabha Vati ayurvedic medicine.

  94. Shivanand says:

    it helps for Hydrocele control? If it controls what Dosage

  95. Shivanand says:

    Sir I’m suffering from hydrocel problem can you juggest me best ayurvedic medicine for get rid from it please sir I not want surgery

  96. Shivanand says:

    I’m suffering from hydrocel problem can you suggest tips to control it through ayurvedic medicine

  97. I am taking chandraprabha vati for controlling UTI, I also take 1/2 tsp baking soda at same time. I have been taking for about six months and have had only minor symtom recurrences. My question, is, can there be a problem having baking soda with chandraprabha, and is there a time limit for taking recommended?

    • who suggested you o take baking soda. it should not be taken for longer time period. chandraprabha vati also to be taken for only prescribed time period, not more than that. please consult your doctor and take suggestion.

  98. Priyanka Bankar says:

    Dear Doctor
    I am 28 year old lady,and i have a PCOD since last 5 years.I am taking this drug last 6 months,I want to know that this medicine is useful for PCOD? Please suggest me….

    • it will help, but not the main line of treatment in PCOD. it is not advisable to use this for such a long duration, unless prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor by examining the condition on regular basis.

  99. Hello Doctor,
    I am 33 year old,married person.I want to know that Is this medicine useful for infertility treatment? I am taking this medicine regularly.My analysis report also normal than previous report. Any ayurvedic medicine can I take for infertility treatment ?Please Suggest me…….

    • there are many medicines for treating infertility which are to be taken according to the body nature and condition of the problem. chandraprabha vati nourishes the body over all. so please consult an Ayurveda doctor in person for your problem.

  100. Hello Sir, I have continuous UTI due to Ecoli from last 10months.many times Dr prescribed antibiotic but the probmeem seems to be back once it is stopped. Dr and he suggested to take this tablet.Cani take this continuously?

  101. I am in US, not near Ayurvedic Dr. I have had UTI for over a year off and on. Antibiotic does not stop but for less than month. I have been taking Chandraprabha for about 8 months. The UTI has mostly been controlled. When I have skipped a day or two, the infection is felt again. My question, is typically, are there any negative effects of the continual use of the Chandraprabha? The baking soda was a suggestion for the control UTI, so I have taken the two together and have had no negative effect. In the 8 months, the combination of the two have had a controlling effect. To your knowledge, can their be a negative effect, combining the two?

  102. Chandrprabha vati has been recommended for thyroid problem. Please advise

  103. Sir,can this be used for curing pcos?

  104. Dear Dr. I m a diabetic person nd my age is 40 years….can I take this medicine for sugar control nd to improve my body immune strength….

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Yes sir, You can but over the counter medication should be avoided and would advise you to consult a physician on the same.

  105. Hi, I have pain in Right side of low back, Dr. said it is muscular pain. Can i use chandrabhavati for this case.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Madam, Please do consult a ayurvedic physician before taking over the counter medication. Because we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated. And the dosage is taken into consideration seeing several factors which include the age, sex and health of the individual.

  106. Sir, i am a minimal nephrotic patient. Restriction of salt in this dieases. This medicin contain salt. Can i take it?

  107. shailendra says:

    Dear Docctor, I am.suffering from stomach problem. Presently I am taking Swamy ramdev product named divya udaramrit vati. Shall I take chandraprabha vati along with it, but at different time pl advice

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, would advise you to take a consult from the doctor before taking the medication. As we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways.

  108. I have been diagnosed with PBNO. I am a 26 year old male. Ultrasound shows no sign of BPH. Will this be helpful for me?

  109. i have a problem of erectile dysfunction how can i get back my ejection naturally

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, Here are some home remedies:
      1. Boil a handful of drumstick flowers in 1 glass of milk.Drink it when lukewarm.Sip it every day for 1-2 months
      2. Crush ginger to a paste.Take 2 tsp of this ginger paste.Add 2 tsp of honey.Mix well.Have this 3 times a day

  110. sir, i have been doing hand practice for 7-8 years and now i am 22 years old..now, i experience that there is a overflow of pre-cum twice or thrice a day after being excited by some means. so, can i use this medicine along with divya shilajeet rasayana. If yes, then what should be the doses? if no, then what should i use as a medicinal remedy for this problem? thanku!

  111. Hi i have problem in knee got swelled my doctor suggest me this tablet but i have some itching problem on knee and thigh so it is caused by this ??

  112. Dr is it useful in gouty uric acid problem?

  113. Sir,may I take chandraprabhavati with mahayograj guggul for gouty uric acid.
    Kindly prescribe right combination of ayurvedic medicines for gouty uric acid.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello sir, Would advise you to consult a ayurvedic physician for the same. The doctor seeing the reports will advise upon the treatment.

      Note: Please do avoid over the counter medication. Because we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated. And the dosage is taken into consideration seeing several factors which include the age, sex and health of the individual.

  114. i have continuous semun leakage problem since 1 years and and suffering from back pain ,hair loss , weakness and many oyher problems…….. please tell me sir ,will it be useful for me or not??

  115. Will taking Chandraprabha for UTI, affect hypothyroidism, positively or negatively?

  116. I masturbate since 12 years old now I am feeling weakness I read about it on Internet and now I am talking it without doctor prescription is it OK sir or I hope all things ok I have problems of memory during studies and some time little premature ejaculate in masturbation

  117. Aman Sehgal says:

    Can i take this medicine in orchitis problems

  118. It is useful for heavy dark circle and weakness

  119. i am diagnosed with Escherichia coli and was suggested to take cefuzime 500mg twice a day.Can i have this antibiotic along with chandraprabha? Thank yu

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