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Siddha Makardhwaj – Benefits, Dosage, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference

Siddha Makardhwaj is an Ayurvedic medicine, with herbal and mineral ingredients, in tablet form. It is used for rejuvenation, convalescent and aphrodisiac therapy. This medicine is used more in North Indian Ayurvedic treatment method and should only be taken strictly under medical supervision. 

Siddha Makardhwaj Benefits:

  • It is used for rejuvenation and anti-aging treatment
  • It is used in aphrodisiac therapy.
  • It is also used in convalescent therapy.
Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha

Siddha Makaradhwaj dosage:

125 mg to 250 mg – 1 – 2 tablets once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

This medicine is traditionally administered along with milk

Siddha Makardhwaj side effects:

  • This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision.
  • Self medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous.
  • It is to be avoided in children and pregnant ladies.
  • Make sure to select this medicine from a good company.
  • Overdosage may cause side effects like tremors, dizziness etc.
  • Make sure to take this medicine only in the prescribed dose and for the prescribed period of time.

Siddha Makardhwaj ingredients:

Parada – Purified and processed Mercury   – 160 grams

Gandhaka – Purified and processed Sulphur – 80 grams

Swarna Bhasma – Gold Bhasma – 40 grams

The above combination of minerals are subjected to a process called as Kupipakva method to obtain Siddha Makaradhwaja.


Rasa Tarangini


  • Dhootapapeshwar
  • Uma Ayurvedics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Baidyanath
  • Dabur
  • Zandu

Dr JV Hebbar is an Ayurveda Doctor, Lecturer, From Mangalore, India. Click here to consult Dr Hebbar
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  1. what is the usual duration of a general anti-aging treatment with s. makardhwaj ?

    how many weeks / months ?

    in the hot or cold season of the year ?

    • Usually 4 – 6 weeks is the time period. It can be taken in any season, based on your doctor’s prescription.

      • Hello doctor, how long does it take for the medicine to start showing results. I have been taking siddha makardhwaja for a week now but no noticeable results. I also want to increase my cardio output and stamina.

        As you have stated that this medicine contains heavy metals I don’t want to overdose on it without any results. Kindly reply soon

  2. what is side effects of this medicine

    • Because it contains heavy metal ingredients, it should be taken only if your Ayurvedic doctor has prescribed it to you.
      It should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation. Other side effects are explained in the article itself. Please go through (see above).

  3. vinayak verma says:

    h dr ma apna wet badhana chahta hu kya siddha makardhwJ MA LE SAKTA HU

  4. is there any physical and diet restrictions while taking this medicine?

  5. Sir I heard that if we take suvarna bhasma our face become RADIANT is it true…..and what if I take makardhwaj tablet or suvarna bhasm without any kind of disease..

  6. I suffered from ed around 10 years back and I took makardhwaj for 4 months and got cured. Now again I’m suffering for ed si can I take it again and for how long and in which season?

  7. DR.TALWALKAR C.A. says:


  8. What is the difference between Siddha Makardhwaj and Makardhwaj? And are they prescribed for different problems. Are their effects the same?

    • Effect is quite similar, though Siddha Makaradhwaj is slightly more effective.
      The ingredients are same but the amount of Swarna Bhasma is four times more in Siddha Makaradhwaj than plain makaradhwaj.

  9. dinesh sukhija says:

    Sir main basantkusumakar ras Aur makardhavaj ko mila kar 3 machine se le rha hoon kya main ise age continue kar santa hoon


  11. sir my father has started taking sidh makardhwaj 150 mg cap and ashwagandha and prawal pishthi, rheumyog and vedantaka vati for RA .should he take 1 /or 2 tab of sidhmakardhwaj daily ? sir is any adverse effect of the above medicines are there in summer season and for how long can they be safely taken,,,,,,,

  12. Sir is combination of dabur siddha makardhwaj special(morning) and dabur vasant kusumakar ras(evening) helpful in hormonal imbalances in women.Please suggest.

  13. Y.N.(Joe) Sadana says:

    Thank you for extremely useful.information. I am thinking of trying it. I am a senior citizen. I enjoy reading your articles. God Bless!

  14. Sir from last 15 days I started to eat swamala of dootapapeshwar on the suggestion of pharmacist getting good result sir home much period I should continue this

  15. I have taken dhootpapeshwar shilapravang 4 tablets or two days. But I switched to s.makardhwaj gold and consumed 50 tabs of it taken 2 every day.
    I found shilapravang more effective than s.makardhwaj.
    Now I want to continue with shilapravang. As it also contains heavy metals, I want to know for how long I should consume it to get rid of premature ejaculation and loss of libido.

  16. lakhwinder says:

    I have cronic acidity and very bad pachan shakti, i have taken some medicine from Dr i cured , now i have stiffness in my right side back ribs, and pain in the back bone in the center back of chest, May i take the siddha makardhwaj specia ,if yes what is the dose

  17. Sir my wife is suffering from skin diseasr mrh it is an auto immune disease can igive sidh makardhwaj along with ashwaganda powder or not. If yes then tell the dosage

  18. Bikash Ghissing says:

    Sir,can it be taken for low blood pressure? I have low bp most of the time.

  19. Sir my marriage will be after 3 month..so should i start makardhwaj or sidhhamakardhwaja for better stamina?or any suggestions

  20. varungandhi says:

    Sir sheegrahpatan ke liye siddh makardhwaj guti lay sakte hai

  21. AJAI RAI MADAN says:

    My ayurvedacharya advised me to take this product lifelong (half a tablet a day with honey) for better fitness as I am also an active sportsperson. I am now 50. Is it okay if I take this dosage lifelong as a prophylactic as I have noticed brilliant results in the form of improved fitness and greater stamina with improved concentration levels to go with it. Please do advise……….:)

  22. Dinesh sukhija says:

    Sir ji saptamrit lauh siddh makardhavaj combination eyesight ko better Karne mein le sakate hain

  23. sir,

    My father is suffering from low rbc count hb:6.2 Can we take siddha makharadwaja for improving the immune sytem. Please help..

    he tried consuming lohabhasma for improving rbc count but that is resulting in vomiting sensation..

    • it may not help in this condition. what is the reason for low rbc counts makes a point here. and accordingly the treatment continues. so, please consult nearest Ayurveda doctor and do as he says.

  24. Hi doctor am suffering from hyperthyroidism,my ayurvedic doctor suggested siddha makaradhwaja,its right for thyroid desease?how to use?please advise.

  25. My 4 year old son has been advised to take this medicine for 41 days,to make him immune towards bacterial infections as gets cold and cough very frequently. How effective is this medicine?

  26. Dear Dr Hebbar,
    My age is about 85. I am taking Chandraprabha Vati, Arogyavardhini Vati Mor & Evening with honey for polyurea & constipation, Swarn Basant Malti with honey once, generally after break fast for debility indigestion, frequent fever etc, and Bsant Kusumakar Ras with Milk cream for frequent urination and bed wetting, in night. Can I add S Makardhwaj with BKR in night?

  27. hi sir i have makaredwajh special of badyanath ciompany manufacture of year 2006 kya mein uska sevan kar sakta hu ya nahi

    nitin kumar gupta

  28. Sir,my seven years old son is suffering from exercise induce asthama.doctor advised to take sidh makakdhwaj 1/4-1/4 tab morning and evening with milk and sringarabhra ras 1/2-1/2 tab morning and evening with honey.will it be helpful for my son.jai hind

  29. Sir can I take sidha makardhwaj with virya stamban vati for curing early ejaculation. Am 41 years old.

  30. Hello,

    Is “Siddha Makardhwaj” useful in preventing increase of brain tumors.?

    Thanks / Ramesh

  31. Dear can it help in frequent cold n cough problems

  32. saksham bansal says:

    My father is having als/mnd and the ayurvedic doctor has prescribed makardhwaj so i want to know that if it will work or not and if it works then how much effect it gives on problem.

  33. saksham bansal says:

    My father is having als/mnd and the ayurvedic doctor has prescribed vasant kusumkar rasa so please tell me that it will work on that disease or not and if works then how much effect it gives on the problem.

  34. A.S.Jesuraj says:


    I suffered with RA passitive, last 7years. Can i take sidh makardwaj, which brand is good for me please recomond.

  35. sir i want to know this medicine will effect for children ,children will bone are not

  36. b.n.sharma says:

    Is special makar dwaj ment for erectile dysfunction. If so right dose for how long for an aged man with prostate op done

    • Yes, it is useful in treating ED. But it is not used as a single medicine. Usually it is used in combination with ashwagandha churna, etc. This product should not be taken without doctor’s prescription. Hence, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.

  37. Hi doctor, my sister got brain stroke due to high bp and in result she is paralysed left body in year 2008… She also suffered from hepatitis-c 2 yrs ago and git cured. Now she can walk but she cant do work from her left hand..she do not feel strength in her fingers and palm… Now she is taking baidyanath Vasant kusumakar and Chintamani ras vriht gold. She is recovering but very slow I would like to know if she can take this sidha makardhwaj along with these medicines. Please advise.

  38. Venkateswarao sivakoti says:

    Hai sir my testosterone levels 2.08 only I’m taking sidamakadhwaj but its not working properly and I’m using that medicine for last one month

    • You may need other medicines along with Makaradhwaj. Please consult a doctor directly. If you wish to seek email advice from me, write to me in detail here – easyayurveda.com/contact-details

  39. Vishal singh says:

    Sir can I take combination of prawal phisti 10 gms, moti phisti 3gms, rasraj ras 3gms and makardwaj 2gms for sexual weakness. Sir plz advise and tell for side effects if any

  40. sir i have gold and silver bhasam manufacturing of 2006 can i use it or not

  41. Kapil Kumar says:

    Dear short supply of oxygen in brain is it useful

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, I did not quite understand your question. Can you please elaborate and let us know.

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