Pippali Rasayana – Benefits, How To Use, Dosage, Reference

Pippali Rasayana is an Ayurvedic medicine used for anti-aging purpose. It is also widely used in treating respiratory conditions. It is prepared using a spice called Pippali – long pepper.  

Pippali Rasayana Benefits:

  • Improves metabolism
  • Natural anti inflammatory herb. Useful in skin conditions, asthma, bronchitis.
Effect on Tridosha – Balances Vata and Kapha
Pippali Rasayana dosage: For internal administration, daily 1 – 10 Pippali fruit is made into paste along with sufficient quantities of honey and ghee and it is administered.  It is usually administered for a period of 15 days to 1 month. The dose depends upon strength, age and disease condition of the person. Patient is usually advised to take rice with milk through out the day, during the treatment to negotiate the hotness effect of Pippali.
How to prepare Pippali rasayana at home? Take  Pippali choorna (powder of long pepper fruit) – 100 grams, add 80 grams of honey and 100 grams of ghee (clarified butter) mix thoroughly. This mixture, based on doctor’s advice can be taken internally. Special care should be taken while administering this medicine to children.
Pippali Rasayana side effects: This treatment should strictly be taken under medical supervision. It may worsen gastritis in some people.
Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali Rasayana Prakarana 73/18
Sanskrit verse – पञ्चाष्टओ सप्त दश वा पिप्पली: क्षौद्रसर्पिषा । रसायनगुणान्वेषी समामेकां प्रयोजयेत् ॥
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