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Murivenna Oil – Uses, How To use, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference

Murivenna Oil is an effective Ayurvedic medicine used both for external and internal administration. It is a renowned oil for non healing wounds, fractures and sprains. This oil is based on Kerala Ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared in coconut oil base. 

Murivenna uses: 

It is used for application over fresh wounds, old non healing wounds. It quickens the process of wound healing.

It also relieves pain and inflammation in fractures and sprains.

It is a very good pain relieving oil.

It is useful in arthritis pain.

Synonyms: Murivanne thailam, Murivenna tailam

How to Use: 

  • It is used for oil massage.
  • It is used for Pichu oil procedure, wherein cotton swabs are dipped in this oil and applied over joints and sprain areas for quick pain relief.
  • For internal administration, it is given in a dosage of 10 – 15 drops once or two times a day with warm water, before food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

Murivenna oil side effects: 
People with high lipid levels, diabetes, high BP should use this oil for internal administration, only under professional advice.

Companies that manufacture this oil – 
AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd
Alva Pharmacy
Pankaja Kasturi
Sree Sankara

Murivenna oil Ingredients: 
Keratailam – Coconut oil
Juice of
Karanja – Pongamia glabra
Tuka – Spermacoce articularis
Tambula – Piper betle
Kumari – Aloe vera
Shigru – Moringa oliefera
Paribhadra – Erythrina variegata
Palandu – Onion – Allium cepa
kanjika – Fermented liquid
Paste of
Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus
Murivenna reference: Yogagrantham

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  1. It’s a very effective oil. I’ve been using it since long. I always keep it in the first aid box.

  2. Can murivenna be used for neck sprains, back sprains etc. One of my friends told me that when she gets a lower back pain, she applies a mix of murivenna and dhanwantaram thailam to get relief. Is it really benefiicial when this combination is used?

  3. Can Murivenna be used for rheumatoid arthritis pain / inflammation in joints? How should the application be done and should the oil be warmed before application?

  4. It is very effective for all types of muscle pains and reserve in 1st aid box

  5. need details of refernece like book name ,sloka n publicay\tionc etc

  6. Is murivenna oil used for shoulder dislocation?

  7. Please let me know whether this oil can be used post ankle surgery with fixation of plates.

  8. akhil kunjumon says:

    I was fall down from stair, I hv severe pain swelling and hematom over left side of buttocks no coccygeal fracture at all.also severe pain while sitting and bending,,, is it helpfull for me

  9. can this be used for burns?

  10. I have pain in my right upperhand and right shoulder and I have been applying Murivenna for the last one week. But still the pain persists. It looks like it may take its own time to get it cured Murivenna or not. It is a fake medicine. Most of the ayurvedic medicines takes long time to heal by which time the disease will be automatically cured. Either the medicines are fake or the ingredients used are fake and toxic.

    • if the medicine don’t work on a condition or it delays cure it doesn’t mean the medicine is fake. please go with either karpooradi tailam or mahanarayana tailam for your condition.

  11. please tell me a thilam for ostio arthritis ( knee pain )

  12. Can children use this?

  13. My child body so many black marks its wounded after heat boiling comes if its cured it marked as black scars will it cure when I apply this oil it remains old skin tone for my child so many black patches

  14. sathyanarayanan says:

    what is the difference between murivenna and dhanvanthram thailam? How does it varies?

    • the ingredients and preparation method of both murivenna and dhanwantharam taila are different. please go through the information given to both with reference.

  15. person suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis (spine pain ) use this oil?


  17. Alok Aagarwal says:

    is this oil available in agra(up), pls give me address.

  18. Can this be used for diaper rash? Internal application(around vaginal) for 3 yrs baby girl?

  19. Can i use this for severe skin dryness of my baby (10 months)?? It is now look like eczema.

    • first of all it does not help much for dryness of skin.
      secondly, please confirm what the problem is. and for such a small children online advice is not good. it is better to consult an Ayurveda doctor in person.

  20. hi…. i made a paste by crushing garlic and sea salt and applied on my cheeks…… im fair and that area wr i kept this paste turned black … if i use this murivenna oil will this black go pls help me how many days will it take 2 cure…..

  21. R Selvanathan says:

    I have unfergone laminectomy from c2-c6 and stabilised with rods 9 months back. I am suffering from stiffness and pain. Can I use murivenna and pinda thaila mixture?

  22. Can I use this for knee ligament sprain

  23. I have pars fractire in my back using kotachukkadi dhanwantaram vilyani narayanam gandha thailam externally takin gandha thailam internally as well can i add murivenna to the mixture too

  24. hi …. pls help me…. in my cheeks scab peeled off and the skin is pink and whitish…. how many days will it take to change into my skin colour? im little fair… if i use murivenna wil it be helpful to change my skin tone to my colour…. pls help me as it happened in my cheeks and im soooooo worried.

  25. I m suffring with disk pain can I use this ..

    • Yes, you can use this.

    • bharat khatwani says:

      Technically,Inguinal Hernia results due to “TEAR” in abdominal wall near Inguinal canal(which is structurally weak due to biological reasons).Can Murivenna Oil help in healing of this “TEAR”(internal wound) i.e.IH directly or indirectly along with other medicines?I do not have pain/or discomfort or cough or cold or indigestion.I am wearing custom made Hernia belt to rule out possibility of strangulation. Pl. suggest food/herbs/medicines to strengthen muscles of pelvic region to assist healing process.

  26. narendrakumar says:

    l5 s1 disc herination causing nerve root compression now the pain is radiated to left leg i.e very sharp pain in the leg and buttock doctor prescribed me some medications along with murivenna oil will it be useful in disc problems i think it is sciatic pain. And please tell me the role of ayurveda in my condition…else should i go through the discectomy???please ans my quries……

    • Murivenna is useful in your condition. Learn more about sciatica here –

  27. Balaji Padmanaban says:

    I have been diagnosed having bone spur in my right ankle. What oil or tablet I should take to cure my bone spur?

  28. Hi….I have stiffness, rashes and pain and swelling in knees and wrist….is it arthritis? Can I use murivenna?

  29. Judy varghese says:

    My 21 month old son seems to be slightly limping while walking for 3 days. He is not in pain as he does not cry while walking. Looks like may be he twisted or hit his leg while running around playing. I dont see any external inflammation or any injury on both legs. I cant even make out which leg has problem.Didnt see a doctor yet. Is it ok to apply dhanwantharam 101 avarthi and or murivenna to the joints of both legs.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Madam, Would advise you to visit a doctor once to know the underlying cause for the limping as he is 21 month old. Based on that the doctor will prescribe the medication.

  30. Aneesh p s says:

    Dr I have sciatica pain radiating to scrotum and to left and right inner thigh can I apply this murivenna for this

  31. Dr. JV Hebbar – Will it useful for C5-C6 Spinal injured paralytic patient? please suggest.

  32. Which oil is better for knee ligament injury

  33. is it possible to treat osteochondrial defect (of knee) with ayurveda? allopathy orthopaedics are of the opinion of surgery, but without surety of total cure?

  34. Can it be used for 8 year old children (external application only)

  35. Can I use Murivenna for healing Keloid scar.
    What is the best way to get rid of my keloid scar post abdominal surgery.

  36. Hello. Can I use this for plantar fasciitis and if so, how best to apply it? Thank you

  37. Sharmila says:

    Can this be used for acute tennis or golfers elbow?

  38. Dear Doctor

    Could I use murivenna with prabhanjanam oil for upper hand and shoulder pain? Have this pain on both hands.


  39. I am suffering from a cartilage softening Problem on my left knee, just above the knee actually, bending, sitting, getting up is very painful. Will murivenna tailam help?

  40. Rasiah Kantheepan says:

    Dear Doctor

    Which is best best for advance osteoarthritis on Knee joints …I would like know how to get rid of the pain and restore good mobility

    Thanks & Regards


    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, The ayurvedic treatment can be given like this:
      1. Diet is laid down
      2. Mild exercise
      3. Panchakarma treatment with all this the pain and mobility can be restored.
      4. Internal Medication are also given

      In panchakarma treatment:
      1. Abhyanga is done with Vata Shamana taila
      2. Swedana i.e., Hot fomentation is done after the abhyanga.

  41. Hello Sir. Can we use Narayana Thailam as massage oil for Calcaneal Spur? Please suggest me.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, You can use Maha Narayan taila for the massage.
      The massage technique is as follows:
      Everyday morning, 20 minutes before bath, sit on a chair.
      Apply the oil over the entire ankle and feet.
      If possible, make a paste of garlic (25 grams), castor leaves (50 grams) and camphor (5-10 grams) – apply it over the heels. Leave it for 10 minutes. If all the three are not available, paste made of any two is good to use.
      Take a hot water tub and dip your legs in it for 3 minutes.
      Then go ahead and have bath.

      Precaution: When you apply oil to feet, you tend to slip and fall. So, walk carefully and be slow.

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