Kumkumadi Tailam – Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects

Kumkumadi Tailam is Ayurvedic herbal oil used for face massage. It is helpful to improve skin texture, complexion and also to relieve skin problems such as acne, scars etc. Kumkuma means saffron, which is the main ingredient of this medicine. 

Kumkumadi Thailam Benefits: 

  • Improves skin complexion and texture.
  • Relieves blemishes, acne, acne scars, white and black heads, dark circle, sun tans, wrinkles.
  • It is a good face massage oil.
  • It has both cleansing and nourishing effect on skin.
  • It has anti aging qualities.
  • Adds radiance to the skin.
  • Removes scars, pimples, blemishes and wrinkles.
  • Makes skin radiant and beautiful.
  • Extremely safe to use.


How To Use? 

  • Take just 3 -5 drops of the oil into your hands, apply a light coat of it evenly onto the face or to the acne area.
  • Do a gentle massage with your fingers.
  • Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with hot water.
  • It can be used for 2 – 3 times in a day, continuously for a week. After that, it can be used once daily.
  • It can be used for Nasya also with Anu Tailam.

Dull and complexion less skin.
Wrinkled skin.

Kumkumadi Thailam, Kumkumadi Taila, Kumkumadi tail.

Kumkumadi Tailam side effects:
People with oily skin type should use it in small quantities, for not more than once  a day.
It is better to test this oil over a small skin area before starting using it. If you develop any rash / burning / itching sensation, avoid using it. Arya Vaidya Sala Kumkumadi taila caused such rash in one of my clients, who used it for dark circles.

Companies that manufacture Kumkumadi Thailam

  • AVN Ayurveda Formulations Pvt. Ltd.  – Packing – 10 ml
  • AVP, Unjha Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  • Arya Vaidya Sala – Kottakkal calls the same product as Kunkumadi tailam. Manufactured with the reference of Ashtangahridayam (given below)

Kumkumadi thailam ingredients: 

48 grams of each of
Keshara – Saffron – Crocus sativus
Chandana – Pterocarpus santalinus
Laksha – Laccifer lacca
Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
Madhuyashtika – Licorice
Kaliyaka – Berberis aristata
Usheera – Vetiveria zizanioides
Padmaka – Prunus cerasoides
Neelotpala – Nymphaea stellata
Nyagrodha – Ficus bengalensis
Plaksha – Ficus lacor
Kamala keshara – Pollen of Lotus – Nelumbo nucifera
Dashamoola – Group of ten roots –
Bilva – Aegle marmelos
Agnimantha – Premna mucronata
Shyonaka – Oroxylum indicum
Gambhari – Gmelina arborea
Patala – Stereospermum suaveolens
Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum
Prinshnaparni – Urarica picta
Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris
Brihati – Solanum indicum
Kantakari – Solanum xanthocarpum

water for decoction – 9.126 liters
Boiled and reduced to – 2.304 liters
12 grams of each of
Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
Madhuka – Madhuca longifolia
Laksha – Laccifer lacca
Pattanga – Caesalpinia sappan
Yastimadhu – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra
Taila – Oil of sesamum indicum – 192 ml
Goat milk – Aja ksheera – 384 ml

Method of preparation – 
First set of herbs (except saffron) upto Dashamoola roots are added to water, boiled and Kashayam is prepared, filtered.
A big vessel is taken. The above Kashayam, sesame oil and herb powders From Manjishta to Yastimadhu, along with goat milk and sesame oil are added to vessel. Boiled in mild fire till the Thailam is prepared.

Traditional significance: 
This special herbal oil was prepared first by Ashwin Twins – The Gods of Indian medicine.

Astanga Hridayam
Bhaishajya Ratnavali – 60/115-120

कुङ्कुमं चन्दनं लाक्षा मञ्जिष्ठा मधुयष्टिका ।
कालीयकमुशीरञ्च पद्मकं नीलमुत्पलम् ॥
न्यग्रोधपदा: प्लक्षस्य शुङ्गा: पद्मस्य केशरम् ।
द्विपञ्चमूलसहितै: कषायै: पलिकै: पृथक् ॥
जलाढकं विपक्तव्यं पादशेषमथोद्धरेत् ।
मञ्जिष्ठा मधुकं लाक्षा पत्तङ्गमधुयष्टिके॥
कर्षप्रमाणैरेतैस्तु तैलस्य कुडवं पचेत् ।
अजाक्षीरं द्विगुणितं शनैर्मृद्वग्निना पचेत् ॥
सम्यक् पक्वं परं ह्येतन्मुखवर्णप्रसादनम् ।
नीलिकापिडकाव्यङ्गान् अभ्यङ्गदेव नाशयेत् ॥
सप्तरात्रप्रयोगेण भवेत्काञ्चनसन्निभम् ।
कुङ्कुमाद्यमिदं तैलमश्विभ्यां निर्मितं पुरा ॥

kuṅkumaṃ candanaṃ lākṣā mañjiṣṭhā madhuyaṣṭikā |
kālīyakamuśīrañca padmakaṃ nīlamutpalam ||
nyagrodhapadā: plakṣasya śuṅgā: padmasya keśaram |
dvipañcamūlasahitai: kaṣāyai: palikai: pṛthak ||
jalāḍhakaṃ vipaktavyaṃ pādaśeṣamathoddharet |
mañjiṣṭhā madhukaṃ lākṣā pattaṅgamadhuyaṣṭike||
karṣapramāṇairetaistu tailasya kuḍavaṃ pacet |
ajākṣīraṃ dviguṇitaṃ śanairmṛdvagninā pacet ||
samyak pakvaṃ paraṃ hyetanmukhavarṇaprasādanam |
nīlikāpiḍakāvyaṅgān abhyaṅgadeva nāśayet ||
saptarātraprayogeṇa bhavetkāñcanasannibham |
kuṅkumādyamidaṃ tailamaśvibhyāṃ nirmitaṃ purā ||

Can Kumkumathi oil be used on newborn?
Kumkumadi taila can be used only after the baby is 6 weeks old. While applying it, You need to dilute 10 ml of Kumkumadi taila to 200 ml of Sesame oil (gingelly oil).
Before applying, take 2 drops and apply over arm and watch for development of any allergic skin rashes. If there are no rashes, then only proceed to use this mix for baby massage.

1. if I could use soap to wash off the Kunkumadi tailam oil?
2. I have oily skin on my face, so can I use the oil as night cream?
3. Can I use soap after applying or before applying the oil?

1. Yes you can use soap to wash off. But if you wish, you can make your own bathing powder. Read here – http://easyayurveda.com/2012/05/27/how-to-make-ayurvedic-herbal-bath-powder-at-home/

2. If you have oily skin, using it at night is not a good idea. If you wish to do so, apply only a very little of the oil.

3. You can use soap, 5 – 10 minutes after applying the oil.

Q: I have oily skin. I used unjha kumkumadi oil for 1 week at night but no results are there…!!!

You might have to use it for at least one week to see some results.

Q: I have dry and very sensitive skin. Can i keep it on face the whole night ?
If you’re applying a very thin layer of the oil, then it can be left overnight. However, try it for a day or two and go by your experience.

Can i consume a few drops of kumkumadi thailam in warm milk every night? what is the positive and negative impact of doing so?
Yes you can, but morning, 15 minutes before breakfast with lukewarm water or warm milk is a better choice. The positive – good for skin. Negative – if you take it at night, or with cold water, it may cause indigestion / worsening of cold symptoms.

Using Kumkumadi oil along with Nalpamaradi  oil for fairness in babies.
A mix of Kumkumadi and Nalpamaradi oil works best for fairness of babies. Both of these oils are good for improving skin complexion and fairness. But they should be used only after testing it on a small area. Very rarely, using herbal oils can produce allergic skin reactions.

100 ml of Nalpamaradi oil, mix it with 10 ml of Kumkumadi oil. First, as a trial, apply only 3 drops of the oil over forearm. Mark the area and watch for any allergic reaction. If there is allergic reaction (red patches, itchiness), then consult a doctor immediately. If there is no allergic reaction, you can use it for massage. Take around 2-3 teaspoons of it, apply to whole body, leave it for 15 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water. Do it once or twice a week. You can also do it daily. Read more about Nalpamaradi oil 

Kumkumadi Tail as ingredient in proprietary Ayurvedic medicines:
It is used as ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines such as –
UVA Acnovin Cream is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine manufactured by Vasu Healthcare pharmaceuticals, Vadodara, Gujarat. Acnovin cream helps skin to glow like gold.

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  1. 1. Yes you can use soap to wash off. But if you wish, you can make your own bathing powder. Read here – http://easyayurveda.com/2012/05/27/how-to-make-ayurvedic-herbal-bath-powder-at-home/

    2. If you have oily skin, using it at night is not a good idea. If you wish to do so, apply only a very little of the oil.

    3. You can use soap, 5 – 10 minutes after applying the oil.

  2. i have very black skin face does this oil will make me fair

  3. You might have to use it for at least one week to see some results

  4. Can you tell me how much AVP’s kumkumadi thailam costs?
    I know that Kottakkal’s costs Rs 258.

  5. How is Ashtavaidhyan Thaikattu Mooss Vaidyaratnam one? It costs Rs.302 in Kerala, and Rs. 347 rest of India…

  6. hi i live in UK.i have very sensitive skin ..can i use khandige organic kumkumadi tailam ::?? is that good one ..

  7. If you’re applying a very thin layer of the oil, then it can be left overnight. However, try it for a day or two and go by your experience.
    Red sandalwood should be available in any Ayurvedic herb selling shop. Or just ask in any Ayurvedic medical shop.

    • Thanks a lot Dr JV Hebbar,i hv started using kumkumadi tailam..lets see how it will effect my skin..all gud wic will happen will be because of u and ur post… all ur posts are really useful …thank u so much for ur help..

  8. i hv got pimples as well as scars…i am applying kumkumadi thailam for the last one month0
    but i do not see any difference..i apply at night and wash it the next day morning..tell me what to do?

  9. Yes you can, but morning, 15 minutes before breakfast with lukewarm water or warm milk is a better choice. The positive – good for skin. Negative – if you take it at night, or with cold water, it may cause indigestion / worsening of cold symptoms.

  10. Hii I want to buy pure raktachandana powder..what i got here ,i think is not pure ,i got more pimples on my face.. could you please suggest me some more companies which sell pure raktachandana ..plss help me out…

  11. hi, i have oily skin with pimple marks on my face . how should i use kumkumadi tailam for best results ?

  12. What type of face cream and soap can be used daily after the use of kumkumadhi thailam

  13. Where all in Bangalore can i get Kumkumaadhi Thailam and wats the colour of the oil.

    • Hi, in any Ayurvedic Medical store in Bangalore, you can get it; Colour is – brownish – red. If not elsewhere, please try in Gururaja Ayurveda Pharmacy, opposite to Majestic Bus stand.

  14. k khatri says:

    sir when to mix safron in oil and how much quantity of oil will prepare from above mentioned ingredients

    • Hi, Saffron is added directly to the oil along with the herbal decoction (Kashayam) and the powders.
      The yield with the above mentioned quantities will be around 175 – 180 ml.
      As a rule of thumb, the final yield is usually 90 % of the oil that we take.

  15. sir i bought kumkumadhi taila from b.v.pundit’s traditional n herbal health centre which is mfd by The sadvaidyasala pvt ltd…my question is it original taila

  16. can i use kum kumadi tailam for hands??

  17. varshaa says:

    Sir i am between yellowish-medium fair colour. I normally wonder about keralites glowing and fair skin 🙂 🙂 Can i use kumkumadi taila for getting fair skin? I read in your posts that eladi kera oil and nalpamaradi oil or also good to improve skin complexion. Can you pls suggest which is best for getting a fair, glowing complextion kumkumadi or eladi or nalpamaradi oil ?

    • Hi, Kumkumadi is the best (and costly)

      • varshaa says:

        Sir a thanks a lot for your prompt reply. You are doing an gr8 job!

        After applying the oil , can i wash the face with besan + lemon or is there any other suitable way to cleanse it to get complete effect. Will lemon cause any reactions with the oil.
        Thanks again.

        • kumkumadi tailam has basically 3 ingredients turmeric,saffron and sandal.
          But the costly kottakal ones have more than 10 ingredients most are secret unknown to common ayurveda companies.
          So don’t waste money buying low cost products or(don’t buy at all instead wash your face with pure turmeric and sandal paste rinse of with water after 25 minutes)

          • There is no secret with Kumkumadi tail. Because of long list of ingredients and less space available on the label to enlist them, some companies might be skipping a few ingredient names.

  18. manjunath says:

    how long it takes to clear the acne and scar

  19. where in delhi from I can get this oil?

  20. we should mix it with any face pack or anything

  21. himanshu says:

    hi, i m from rajkot & from where i can get kumkumadi tailam in rajkot (gujarat)

  22. Sumathy says:

    hi i have sensitive skin type so how i use this kumkumadhi oil. plz suggest to direction

    • Hi, Take 3 drops on to your finger tips. Gently massage in round shapes over your face for 5 minutes, leave it for another 10 minutes and wash off with hot water. Do this once or twice a day.
      By sensitive, if you mean allergic, please add a pinch of turmeric powder to 10 ml of Kumkumadi taila.

  23. I’m a marketing person used to travel much I’ve oily skin + dark spots caused by acne which I used to be picked in my teenage+dark complexion pl guide me what to do

    • Please apply Kumkumadi taila. Take 3 drops on to your finger tips. Gently massage in round shapes over your face for 5 minutes, leave it for another 10 minutes and wash off with hot water. Do this once or twice a day.

  24. hiii, i m from rajahmundry where cani get kumkumadi tailam

  25. Hi, can it be applied on to our lips to get back the original color

  26. manjunath says:

    since from two months i am using this oil still the brown patches on my nose and chicks present what shall i do

    • Sir,

      I have combinational skin .I have fair complexion but lot of freckles(brown spots) on my face.Can i use kumkumadi tailam?please let me know how should I use..before or after bath?


  27. hello sir, Thanks for the detailed info on kumkumadi. I would really love to try it. But please tell me if I can use it by mixing it with my regular night cream ( I use Forest Essential’s herbal night cream).

  28. sri where it can be available in tamilnadu?

  29. Hi,

    I have been using Kumkumadi tailam for more than 6 months now. I apply this before I go to bed and leave it overnight. For the last 2 days, my skin around the eyes has started becoming very dry and itchy. What should I do to overcome the dryness?

  30. I’m using kandamkulathy kumkumadi tailam for the past three weeks. before using it my skin was superb oily with less pimples,now oiliness reduced a lot. But now i’m getting a lot of pimples. I use it as night cream(5 drops). Should i continue using it?

  31. Hi Sir, I bought the Kumkumadi thailam from BV pundit,s and its in yellowish color, the oil smells like gingelly oil.the above comments says its costly but the one which i bought costs 150rs only. is it original?

  32. dicember 7, 2013 at 4.30pm


    I have using kumkumadi tailam few days now. my face was around the wang plz. answer my question..

  33. hi sir,

    I have been using kumkumadi tailam since 3 years and yes I have been enjoying its benefits,but my skin becomes very dry after its usage.Its like my skin starts to peel off and I need to keep using moisturisers every now and then.Please suggest me how do I overcome this problem.

  34. Hi Dr Hebbar. I would like to know about Kunkumadi Tailam manufactured by The Arya Vaidya Sala.

    1) When is the best time of the day to use it?

    2) I read another article regarding this product, that I can apply it before going to bed and washing it off in the morning when I awake, can this also be done?

  35. Sir Am using kum kumadi tailam…on 1st time I applied 10 drops on to my face directly..is there any side effects…Plz tell me sir

  36. I m at lucknow , I m searching kumkymadi telam , but I m unable to find it . Plz guide me from where I can buy this product…

  37. Govindaraj says:

    i have oily brownish skin.My face have acne since 5 years back.Now these acne becomes black scar and pores.Can i use Kumkumadi thailam to cure my acne scars.Please advise me.

  38. Hi Dr. Im new mom of 2 month old twins. Now my face is full of pimples n acne .. Can i use this oil? How and when? I have oily skin..

  39. How is kumkumadi tailam (AFI)? It costs Rs.115 per 12 ml ,manufactured by vyas pharmaceuticals.

  40. hi sir, i am 23 years. can kumkumadi lepam be applied for acne scars/black spots on the back? how to use it?… should it be taken with some diet

  41. MRS.JYOTI MEHRA says:


  42. Dr im having honey in warm water on empty stomach for weight loss so can i use some drops of b v pandit”s kumkumadi taila into the same glass ?

  43. neelima says:

    hi sir!!!recently i had heard abt using kum kumadi tailam enhances skin tone on face.
    i have smoother skin with few old pimple dark spots and also un even skin tone!!!!!!
    can i use kum kumadi tailam for best results with getting face radiance….. u’r suggestion will help me!!!!!

  44. can any skin type can use kum kumadi tailam?i have a normal skin toned,,having darkness on my chin and forehead!!!using kum kumadi tailam will give good results????
    waiting for u’r reply…..

  45. instead of using kum kumadi tailam for pimples ,,,can i use it for skin lightening and color improvement as a beautifying agent!!!!reply plzzzzz


    • Hi,
      a few drops of Kumkumadi oil can be used for massaging. After massaging, it can be washed off with warm water.
      This can be used after scrubbing, but before applying face mask. Hope it helps

  47. My cousin was very dark colour but since 3 years she will become fair and glow… when i asked for reason for her changes…. she wont gave any answer to me about her cream… she has very radient, glowing skin…. so i think she is using kumkumadi thailam…. please suggest me…. sir…. which one is best kerala kumkumadi thailam or vasu kumkumadi tailam …..

  48. Comparing to other company product keral kumkumadi thailam is best.. u know….

  49. Sir i have dry skin my hands are too dark and too dry than whole body can i use kumkumadi thailam on my hands for improving colour and avoid dryness

  50. hi im from chennai… where i can get this?

  51. Dear Dr.,

    Last 1 week, i have used Kumkumadi thailam. Also my skin is oily. Now i got more pimples in my face. Pl give your suggestions.

  52. where can i buy this product in coimbatore.?

  53. Hi, Can kumkumadi tailam be used for baby? My child is 3 months old. Please let me know.

    • If you do oil massage to baby, before daily bath, with sesame oil, you can mix 10 ml of Kumkumadi taila to 250 ml of sesame oil, mix it well and use this oil mix for massage. AVoid contact with ear and eyes.
      As a measure of precaution, after preparing the mixture, apply 5 drops of this oil mix to leg and see if the baby develops any skin rash, if so, avoid applying it and consult baby’s doctor for relieving skin rash.

  54. May i use face wash to wash my face before apply this kumkumadi thailam.?

    • Better to use the face wash, 30 minutes after applying this.
      Better to apply Kumkumadi tailam directly on the skin, as the first step of treating face. This gives direct contact of the oil over the face, yielding maximum benefits.

  55. Dhanalakshmi says:

    Hi Sir

    How to apply kumkumadi tailam and kumkumadi lepam and what is the difference between these two items?
    Kumkumadi lepam can be applied in night?

    • Hi, Kumkumadi lepam is just a saffron based face cream. This does not contain Kumkumadi taila. It can be used as any face cream. better not to apply it at night.
      Kumkumadi tailam is the genuine one. – Method of application:
      Take 5 drops in to your finger tips gently rub it on to your face for 5 minutes, wash off with warm water. Do this one – two times a day for 3 weeks.

  56. Hi Dr.,
    I am using Kottakkal arya vaidhyasala’s product. . Can i use this thailam for my 3.6 yr old daughter. . her skin is dry and is very sensitive. .most of the baby products are not suiting her skin. Skin specialist said that she has eczema and prescibed few oinments but i cant see any results. .Thank you.

    • Take 250 ml of sesame oil mix it with 10 ml of Kumkumadi taila – mix well. You can use this oil for daily massage before bathing. However, just to check for any allergic reaction, apply a drop of the oil on the baby’s skin and watch for 10 minutes, if there is no any reaction, you can continue. If there are any allergic rashes, consult a doctor immediately. Usually it is well tolerated.

  57. Due to certain hormonal medications I had to take as part of medication,those medication are no more needed,but see freckles caused by them Can I use kumkumadi thalami to get rid of them,

  58. Aaisha says:

    Hello Doctor,
    Can I use this oil for my one year old daughter for complexion ?

  59. Hello Doctor…i m bit dark in complexion 24year old gal….i cant tell my skin type but any thing i use it reacts badly….will kumkumadi tailam help me get good complexion with even tone ?

  60. Abhirami says:

    HI Dr. i see some brand of kumkumadhi tailam in homeshop18.com. Please let me know whether this brand is also good for usage. Link is http://www.homeshop18.com/product/loadItem?itemId=32030433&catalogueID=2

  61. Can kumkumadi tailam be mixed with any other oil and applied? I have sensitive skin easily proned to sunburns. Please suggest.

  62. i live in kolkata. I m searching kumkymadi telam , but I m unable to find it Plz guide me from where I can buy this product.

  63. i m in Malaysia, from which outlet / agent i can buy this product from? tq

  64. hii sir!!!! i have been using kottakkal kunkumadi thailam about 2 months continuosly…for removing my old pimple marks and for darkcircles under eyes……but i have no result!!!!!
    moreover i got small pimples!!!!!can u help me with your suggestion……!!!

  65. hii sir,,,, can u please inform “how kottakkal kumkumadi thailam should be used correctly?”.

  66. Great article sir.
    1) Can I apply Kumkumadi Tailam in the morning, go for a jog (outdoor), and wash it off.

    2) At the moment, I’m applying almond oil to deal with dark circles. I just use it in place of moisturizer, day & night. Where does Kumkumadi Tailam stand against that?
    I see some improvement with Almond oil but it’s been almost 1 year since I started using it.

    • 1. You can apply it before jogging for sure. Apply very thin layer of Kumkumadi, before going for jogging.
      2. I rate Kumkumadi tailam higher than olive oil, for face.

  67. Hi Sir,

    i have acne scars on my face and black dark circles. Please tell me if this tailum will help clear the scar marks and dark circles.

  68. hi sir
    im from Iran and i have different question. which kind of medicine are good for cataracts ?would you please let me know then name ,and how long take time it effect ?thanks a lot

  69. sir my next question is that,i got kumkumadi lepan it is yellow color .is it good also for black shades and black spots ?how i can apply it?

    • Kumkumadi lepa (cream) is just a saffron in cream base, and is different than Kumkumadi taila (oil)
      Yet, it might be useful to you. You can use it as regular face cream, once a day.

  70. I recently got a 200 ml of organic kumkumadi tailam from ebay? Im not sure if its the original product or not? Similar product i have used earlier also and i got that from a desi dawakhana store..the smell and color is spot on same .its been 5 days i’m using this product..can yoj tell me for how long i’ve to wait to get the desired result? I m tanned and have severe pigmentation..

  71. Dear Doctor,
    I am 27 yrs old single working women. I have sensitive skin with acne problem & even facing problems like tanning,dark circles,wrinkles.I am really in fear since I am not so aged to face such problems.I am very much interested to go for this product but I would like to know your suggestion which would be helpful.Will it would work as an anti ageing solution too.I am using yogurt along with vitamin e cream but I am scared to use for longer since it can have side effect on my skin.I am even having pigmentation around my eyes which are very much visible.So please help??

  72. Hi.. am using kumkumadhi thaila from past one week.. n my marriage is in next week.. cud I go with facial and bleech does it cause any side effects..

  73. hii! i hav e used many ayurvedic creams but it didnt worked.i have wheatish complexion but i want more fair complexion.will it really help me and wil give results in few weeks

  74. Sandhya Bista says:

    Where can we buy kumkumada tailum in Nepal?

  75. Sir, i have open pores on face will kumkumadi tailam help in shriking them ?

  76. Hello sir , I m using kumkumadi Thailam of arya vaidhya pharmacy( coimbatore) for dark circles , reducing lip pigmentataion and for improving skin complexion please tell me about this brand is original or not. This brand kumkumadi thailam help me to overcome my skin problems.

  77. Hi. I got dry skin due to winter.. I want to use kumkumadi thailam as a night cream…so how should i use it ? Should i mix it in my moisturiser or just the oil is enough ?

  78. Hi Sir, How to use Kunkumadi Thailam and after using thailam can i clean face with soap??

  79. Hello Sir, i wanted to ask ifKumkummadi tailam by Vasu brand original? Is it a good brand? Or kottakal Arya Vaidhyasala one is better?
    Also, is there a way of ordering Arya Vaidhyasala’s kumkummadi tailam online in Delhi.

    Thank you

  80. Hi doctor…I am from delhi and 24 yrs of age and i hv started using kumkumadi tailam for past one week…i hv dry skin and it seems after using d oil my skin has become drier than before …i use kumkumadi tailam by maharishi pharmaceuticals…is this genuine?…what can i do to overcome the dryness in the product…?…can i mix something with kumkumadi tailam so that it does not dry out my skin??

  81. Hello Doc,
    I am a frequent visitor to your blog to find out about herbs and effects of those. I bought this kumkumadi tailum from Ahmedabad, is where i live and I bought it from Lallubhai Vrijlal Gandhi’s Shop. He is a well known person in ayurveda here. So do u think the formulation of the oil what is available here in Gujarath and in Kerala will be same? Why i am asking is because, First ingredient they listed was sesame oil, water and something else after that.. So kindly clear my confusion. I did use to confess, noticing the glow on my face already and will continue to use till i get my hands on some kerala ayurveda brand..

    • Hi, If the company is a GMP certified company (Good manufacturing practice), then it is reliable. Just look at the label. It should have ingredient list, manufacturing date, manufacturer address etc.
      There is no rule that Kerala medicines are better than those of rest of India. In my eyes, all are equally good.

  82. hi sir!!! I was using kumkumadi tailam from vasu healthcare above 2months to get rid of dark circles and to get fair complexion…..I did not saw any improvement till now!!! Will you please tell me Which brand of kumkumadi tailam should be used to get good result and How may days should be used???How it should be used correctly to get good complexion!!!!

  83. hi sir!!! I was using kumkumadi tailam from vasu healthcare above 2months to get rid of dark circles and to get fair complexion…..I did not saw any improvement till now!!! Will you please tell me Which brand of kumkumadi tailam should be used to get good result and How may days should be used???How it should be used correctly to get good complexion!!!!

  84. Sir, can i mix kumkumadi tailam with olive oil for face

  85. Hi
    Doctor sir

    After using this my eyes are burning a lot it becomes red myin is a oil skin, should i use it r stop plz assist me

  86. hello doctor, i have a lot of pimples on my face, please suggest me a good ayurvedic medicine ……

  87. Getting Married in 15 days and have got very dry and flaky skin and little acne on face. i am getting vyas kumkumadi tailam in market. Is it a safe company to opt for. please reply asap.

  88. smita nair says:

    Hi doc!

    I m 30yrs old single working from Delhi…I hv tanned and uneven skin tone wid black pimple spots..n I get pimples …I hv tried allopathy but now I want to try ayurveda…can u help me wid Gud ayurveda docs in Delhi or does kottakkal hv docs here in Delhi…pls help!!!!

  89. Sir… Can I use this as a massage oil for my hands.. It has few old wound scars which are not lightening … Please advice..

  90. Kumkumadi Thailam will open Pores Or not??? Please Reply Me Doctor

  91. Hi sir
    Cn a pregnant woman use kumkumadi tailam ?

  92. Hi sir
    Cn a pregnant woman use kumkumadi tailam?

    • Yes, for external application. No for Nasya treatment / oral medicine.
      Before external application, first apply 5 drops over forearm and watch for any allergic reaction such as red rash. If you do not have any such reaction, then you can use it.

  93. I got a oil burn mark on my face while cooking..its been almost three months. Will kumkumadi tailam remove the burn mark?..if yes how to apply?

  94. Is it good to wash off kumkumadi taila with soap..?

  95. I have oily and acne pron skin which is very sensitive should i use this priduct

  96. Can I mix kumkumadi with nalpamradi oil

  97. can i use it on my new born baby boys face?

    • Better to wait for a month time. Use only 2 drops on forearm and watch for any allergic reaction. If there is no allergic reaction,then you can use it.
      In infants, it is better to mix 10 ml of Kumkumadi oil with 100 ml of Sesame oil and use it for massage (after testing for allergy).

      Read more – Mistakes to avoid in massaging babies – easyayurveda.com/2012/10/11/mistakes-to-avoid-while-doing-oil-massage-to-baby/

  98. Hi,
    Can you pls let me know where I can buy this product in Sri Lanka?
    Thank You

  99. Hello Dr, Thanks for the information.
    can this be applied overnight??

  100. Ankita chauhan says:

    Sir, my face is dark as compare to rest of the body.. Can I use kumkumadi thailam for even my face with rest of the body… I m having very oily skin of my face…

  101. Hello sir,
    Can i apply Kunkumadi tailam to my 9 months baby?

    • First, try with 5 drops on forearm and watch for any allergy reaction. If there are no allergy reactions, you can use it.
      Better to mix 10 ml of Kumkumadi oil with 100 ml sesame oil. Mix and use it for baby massage.
      Read rules to follow for baby massage – easyayurveda.com/2012/10/11/mistakes-to-avoid-while-doing-oil-massage-to-baby/

  102. ziakhanluv@yahoo.com says:

    where can i get this oil i am staying in dubai

    • Please contact local Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala center or write to nitish.madan@gmail.com

      • Archana says:

        Dear Doctor Hebbarji,
        Hello Sir,
        I am 36 yrs. old married working women from Pune. I am facing problems like Wrinkles, dark circles, and even having pigmentation around my eyes which are very much visible. So please help?? I have a normal skin toned & fair yellowish in colour; I am really in fear about increasing wrinkles & dryness.
        I bought this kumkumadi tailum (Which is red in color) of Nisha Herbal Product from Pune, is where i live and I bought it from Medical shop. List of ingredients, Mfg. Co. Add. Date etc. are also given on it.
        I am using it from last 1 month, to get rid of and wrinkles & dark circles and also to get fair complexion…..I did not saw any improvement till now!!! I used it at night without any mixing, before going to bed and washing it off in the morning when I awake with soap. I used 2-3 drops in to finger tips gently rub it on to my face for 2-5 minutes; but I did not saw any improvement till now!!!
        Plz. confirm I am using it correctly or how it should be used correctly & will you please tell me which brand of kumkumadi tailam should be used to get good result!!!!
        Also I am ready to continue with Kunkumadi Tailam but I would like to know your suggestion which would be helpful & how much time it would take to get better result for my wrinkles & pigmentations problem.
        Thanks with regards

        • Hi, you are using Kumkumadi oil correctly. Please continue.
          Have food rich in Vitamin E – Sunflower seed, almond, pine nuts, peanuts, spinach, taro root, flaxseed oil, soyabean, pistachio.
          Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers

  103. SAYEED AKHTAR says:

    I m at kOLKATA, I m searching unjha kumkymadi telam , but I m unable to find it . Plz guide me from where I can buy this product…

  104. theertha says:

    Hai doctor.
    I have a tanned skin. also some dark patches on my arms. Can i use Kottackal kumkumadi thailam to increase the complexion and to get rid of the dark marks on my arms?the dark patch was the result of karappan( the infectious itching disease i got when i was a child) if yes how do i use?

  105. Is aujha a good brand for kumkumadi thaila?
    And how long till u see any changes?
    I use it every night before sleeping….but it’s giving me a cold/runny nose!

    • Hi, Unjha is a good brand for Kumkumadi oil. It may take 4 – 6 weeks to show results. If you are feeling cold with it, use it in the morning, half an hour before sleep.

  106. sir,
    I have got sun tan on my face three years ago.I have been using Kumkumadi Tailam for the last two weeks(There is no changes on my face ,I got even darker after using coz i got more sun exposure ) .Now I’m using at night and I wash my face at morning with face wash .I have dry Skin.My question is, does the Tailam(kottakals) makes any Significant impact on Sun tan on my Face ?
    I know that , patience is required in Ayurveda.

  107. Shruthi Shetty says:

    hello sir,
    I have oily skin,, i used kumkumaadi tailam for 1 week only for 15min message and wash.. now i have got painfull pimples which will leave scar.. how do i take care of it….

  108. Kunthala says:

    Respected Dr. I have lots of scars on my body of stitches after operation. Even after 3 years they have not gone or faded. Can kumkumadi thailam help? What can I use and what is the dosage?

  109. poornima says:

    hello sir iam poornima from chennai i have oily skin now am using eladi cream shall i use kumkumadi thailam and how to use .. pls tell me

  110. hello sir, i recently bought Nisha herbals kumkumadi oil. it is 100 Rupees for 25 ml. is it good? have you heard about it?

  111. Can kumkumadi thailam be used on 6 month old infants as body massage oil mixed with coconut or olive oil to improve skin texture,
    Kindly suggest the brand of kumkumadi thailam best for the purpose

  112. I am really desperate when posting this comment regarding my bad experience with this oil..l had read lots of reviews while planning to buy this oil.All reviews were good and I decided to buy this oil..But,unfortunately I got bad results.
    l have oily pimple-prone skin with so much pimple marks.I started using this oil, expecting it will cure all skin problems… I used this oil almost for 2 weeks.But after using this,it made my face really worse..more pimples..more oily..
    And it gradually decreased, after i stopped using this product.
    I am so sad that i got a very bad result from such a good reviewed product 🙁

  113. Can i use this kunkumaditailam for my pigmentes neck area….pls reply fast

  114. hi sir
    I am using kumkumadi tailam (Vyas), from last 2 weeks… But Mere Chehre per Jo Dag or Jhaiya h un per koi fark nahi pad raha h. ha lekin chehra pehle se thoda light ho gya h……Please sir muje apne chehre ke dag or jhaiyo ko remove karna h…suggest me Good Product with use…

  115. Hi doctor, i do have lots of black pigmentation on my face. I’m using this oil past two days but no reaction as if now, can this be reduced?…

  116. sir, Is Kandamkulathy Kumkumadi Thailum a good company? I mean is the oil original?
    The smell is way too strong!

    I am in US, I couldn’t get the Kottakal Company.

  117. Hello Sir,
    I am making paste from raktachandan sandalwood stick since one month and mixing with honey(honey dat is already mixed with saffron strands) to reduce the pimple marks,tan,pimples etc.I would like to know if kukumadhi thailam can be used with raktachandan paste ,honey and apply it on my face?My face is sometimes oily and sumtyms dry and very prone to pimples. Please suggest

  118. hi..i want to ask something regarding making kashayamprocess. if we add fresh aloe vera leaves cut into the water decoction and then make oil out of it. do we need to add a preservative?

  119. sir I bought this company’s oil kandamkulathy kumkumadi tailam , Is this a good one? I am using it for my lip pigmentation and under eye dark circles.

    Hope to hear from you
    Thank you

  120. myntra myntra says:

    is it kunkumadi tailam as mentioned on the bottle or kumkumadi tailam
    arya vaidya sala
    kottakal 676503

  121. diamond says:

    Can I apply Kumkumadi thailam for my new born as massage oil, she is 3 months now.
    Would it make her complexion better, which is the best oil I can mix it with

  122. Hello doctor, I hv been using kottekal kumkumadi taila since 1 month for my acne .I use only 3 drops of oil for gently massaging my face at night time n I wash it at next morning.my skin becme glow.but acne is increasing day by day like never before in my face.plz suggest me something. Whether I hv to continue this product or not? Whether I hv to change the method of applying kumkumadi tails? Plz advice.

  123. sir can i use dathri fairness oil for my tanned skin?does it work

  124. Sudarshana says:

    Does it increase facial hair growth…I’m a female and doesn’t want facial hair…

  125. Hello Doctor,
    I am from vadodara, gujarat.My skin got black in some areas of face from 2 years and ayurvedic medication is going on. And also having intense dark circles. So can i use kumkumadi tailam for both?
    Will it remove those black pathches and dark circle?
    Also if yes of which company i should try?
    Here vasu company’s kumkumadi tailam is available.

  126. i had bought this from the south delhi outlet of arya vaidya sala
    it reads KUNKUMADI not KUMKUMADI
    why the name difference on the bottle
    hope its not a Fake one

  127. Sandhya says:

    Sir, I have 4 month old baby girl. Instead of mixing the 10 ml of kumkumadi tailam in in 250 ml of gingelly oil, Can I mix 10 ml of tailam in Almond oil or Coconut oil. If Yes, then in what proportions?

  128. Hello, I would like to know the best Organic kumkumadi tailam to buy…..
    please assist me in this, thankyou very much.

  129. After applying kumkumadi oil can I wash with soap…

  130. anurag rajput says:

    Can I wash my face with meglow facewash after using this ???

  131. Hi Sir, I bought Kumkumadi thailam for my 6 month baby.When he born he was more color.After that we applied coconut oil he started became dark and then we started applying olive oil but no change.We heared from our neighbour that if u apply this kumkumadi thailam he will get more color so we bought.Is it will work for my baby.Is it is applied for whole body.Please suggest if it can be mixed with any oils as it is too costly.

    • 10 ml of Kumkumadi oil can be mixed with 100 ml of olive oil and can be applied to whole body, 10 minutes before massage. Please follow these precautions – easyayurveda.com/2012/10/11/mistakes-to-avoid-while-doing-oil-massage-to-baby/

  132. kama kumkumadi tailam is good or not.

  133. Preethi says:

    Does it reduces dark spot

  134. Hi sir… i am quite black and having an oily skin… m getting married in two months.. plzzz suggest me how to improve my skin complexion.. which herbal whitening cream or oil should i use???

  135. Hello doctor,
    Can kumkumadi thailam be used for nasyam.If so, how many times do one have to do it daily.

  136. sir is there any problem if i use kumkumadithailam if we use other natural face packs
    like turmeric face packs both in two different times daily?or does it have any side effects if we use both?

  137. I just bought kunkumadhi tailam from arya vaidya sala,besant nagar,chennai.i have black spots n pimple marks on my face, skin extensions like warts on my neck.i hv an oily skin.can i use this tailam on my face n neck and leave it overnight? Will it show any visible changes?

  138. Jus bought a 10ml kunkumadhi tailam from Arya Vaidya Sala,besant nagar,chennai.I have an oily skin with pimple marks and black spots.can i use this tailam in the night and leave it overnight?wil this help or aggrevate?

  139. Is eladi tailam or kumkumadi tailam better?

  140. Hi doctor,can I use kukumadithailam for my five year daughter.do I need to mix with another oil.shall I apply on her face or full body.can she able to drink kukumadithailam.which is best.

  141. Hi,can I use it for my stretch marks.. I have got weird stretch marks on my inner thighs

  142. Can we keep it for the whole day after bathing like fair and lovely creams.If not then tell me why not.

  143. Hi doctor. ..
    I have tanned skin with pigmentation in lips and dark eyes. I have oily skin and I have started using auravedic kumkumadi oil. I used to apply 1drop around my eyes and lips and I just touch and rub in my palms and massage it all over my face and I wash off with a soap free face wash in the morning with cold water. ..is this method good..

  144. Suman – Hyderabad

    Hi Doctor……My problem is Acne Scars ( ICE PICK SCARS) I started taking Ayurveda Medicine Consulting Couple Of Ayurveda Doctors…….

    1)One Aurveda Doctor Gave me – Acne Gel , Maha manjishthadi Kadha ,Mukha lepa churnam,Tablets ,Blood Puirifier Good Medicine for Digest coz its related to acne ….

    2)One more Ayurveda Doctor gave me Kunkumadi Tailam..

    3)Recently i have come across one more – ayurvedamysore.com
    Here they say we have acne scar treatment like – Mukha Lepa (Ayurveda Face Pack)

    I am not getting any new pimples on my face but the ice pick scars which are caused by pimples not able to remove……There are different types scars as we all know that but mine ICE PICK SCARS….

    I am totally tired trying so many things but finally want to stick to AYURVEDA WHICH I JUST STARTED COUPLE OF DAYS BEFORE instead of going with laser tratment……

    I just want know going with Ayurveda will it be permanent solutions or removable these types of scars or not…….Coz i have only 2 months of times to get married….Before that i just want to come out of this scar problem……

    I need your Advice the best ayurveda treament ,procedure ,Any ayurveda place where we can get very effective treatment , any therapy , if it possible what is the best number to reach you………Reply me doctor its very urgent

    • hi,
      definitely ayurveda is having good results but 100% cure can not be promised. some times it can remove off all the scars miraculously. use kumkumadi tailam it is a very good one to improve skin complexion and reduce scars. you can go with some lepa also based on your skin texture for which in person suggestion by an Ayurvedic doctor is better.

  145. sir i have dry skin and many dark spot in my face so no glow in my face i just want to know this oil will permentely removing thease problems

  146. Sir, I scar easily and all the scars from childhood are still there in my hand even after 20 years.. They are in the form of mild scars all over my hand.. Will using kumkumadi tailam or any other oil help ? How to use it and when will I start seeing results?

  147. Sir, I would like to use kumkumadi tailam for my face but read somewhere that it should be used only after consulation with an ayurveda doctor and according to ones prakruti. Is the oil that strong that it cant be used daily? will continuous usage of the oil make the skin more sensitive and once i stop using it does it create any problem. I am more convinced about the positives of the oil but would like to clarify before using.Thanks.

    • yes you are right. it will makes the face oily, so the person who are of oily skin can use this during night times. it can be used daily and there will not be any problem. you can go with this.

  148. I have very dry skin .can i mix 10ml kumkumadi thailam with 200 ml of eladi thailam . Please provide benefits and side effects

  149. Ria Shekar says:

    Can you make it home with substituted ingredients? If yes, can you name them.

  150. hi sir..

    Sir i am very much worry about My 1 year daughter ‘s dark complexion. In arya vaidya shala shop i took my baby and asked oil to improve her complexion. they gave lakshadhi keratailam( kottakal ) and asked to apply for 2 hours before bath(its very tough to keep her that much time, because she may slip down so keeping her in hand)… I’m using it in whole body for last 2 weeks. I am not feel any improvement… She getting cold after i apply and eyes are watery. (she rub her eyes and face with hand so hand oil are spread into eyes and she is getting irritated)
    Does lakshadhi keratailam improve fair complexion?
    Pls tell me the best one to use as below,
    seasame oil+kunkumadhi or
    dabur almond oil +kunkumadhi or
    nalpamaradhi oil + kunkumadhi or
    lakshadhi keratailm + kumkumadi oil
    lakshadhi keratailm + kumkumadi oil + nalpamaradhi oil

    Pls suggest the proportion and how long to apply before bath.. and how much oil to apply and whether to massage or just apply is enough ? pls reply as soon as possible,, thanks in advance..

  151. hi sir….

    1 yr baby girl having dark complexion. shall i use lakshadi thailam to get fair skin.

  152. Sunmathi SS says:

    Hi Sir

    Sir I’m very much worried about my 1 year daughter’s dark complexion. I took her to arya vaidya salai medical and asked remedy to improve her complexion. They gave lakshadi keratailam(kottakal) to apply for 2 hours before bath. I ‘ve used it to whole body for 2 weeks , there is no such improvement. And its very tough to make her to sit for 2 hours with oil and she rubbed her hand in face and eyes so her eyes are irritated and watery. she getting cold too (and trouble to breath).

    Does lakshadi keratailam improve fair complexion? Shall i continue?
    Which is the best oil to apply as follows,

    Lakshadi keratailam alone or
    Lakshadi keratailam + kumkumadhi tailam or
    Lakshadi keratailam + kumkumadhi tailam + nalpamaradi thailam or
    Seasame oil + kumkumadhi thailam or
    Dabur almond oil + kumkumadhi thailam or
    Nalpamaradi thailam + kumkumadhi thailam..

    Pls suggest the proportions too …

    how much oil should i need to apply and

    how long i need to wait to bath her after apply the oil

    Then the last final query is should i need to massage or simply apply is enough?

    Lakshadi keratailam is good to bones and muscle movement i read somewhere….

    Pls reply sir .. thanks in advance…

    • you can use nalpamaradi taila 100 ml mixing with 10 ml of kumkumadi taila, first test for sensitivity by applying the 2-3 drops of the mixture over the fore arm and then can be used for whole body to increase the complexion.
      it is to be massaged over the body, leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.
      do it once or twice a week or daily.

      • Sunmathi SS says:

        Thank u so much sir… eye surrounding area should we avoid(like facial pack)? then pls tell may the eyebrows and hair color change?
        apart from oil my long term confusion is that applying kajal may harmful to baby eyes? any ayurvedic kajal product available for baby?

      • Sunmathi SS says:

        and my baby skin getting dry in shoulders and hands ..:-(

  153. I purchase this oil from KAMA ayurveda 1800…may I know why it is so high price?

  154. Sir,
    I bought eladinkeram, I can apply regularly before taking bath.it will increase complexion or not.


  155. Hi sir can i use kumkumadi tailam in evening and whitening cream like fair and lovely in morning ? Or is their any problem to use whitening cream like fair and lovely for a long time?

    • many of the fairness creams contain arsenic in them which is harmful in long term usage. you can use Kumkumadi tailam in night hours. actually it is only sufficient for your good complexion.

      • Sunmathi SS says:

        hello Dr..

        I’m using nalpamardhi (100 ml) and kumkumadhi (10 ml) for my 1 yr daughter for 8’days. both are kottakal arya vaidya sala products. she is getting rashes like prickly heat in some areas and her skin is very dry in some parts(around mouth and shoulders).. what should I do? shall I continue?
        3/4 th of oil is almost finished.. am I applying more than normal amount? ( is that reason).. on first day,I ‘ve tested her by applied on forearm.. I never noticed any difference …
        pls help…..

  156. Hi
    I have very stubborn dark circles amd lip pigmentaion specially upper lip. I am confused between 2 oils tht which one to buy as they are so expemsive. Kama ayurveda vs bipha ayurveda. Plis i have very sensitive skin. Ple suggest.

  157. Hi
    I yave very stubborn dark circles n lip pigmentaion.ple suggest which one to choose kama ayurveda or bipha ayurveda. I have sensitive skin.

  158. SIR,

  159. Hi,

    First of all thanks for wonderful blog.

    Is kumkumadi tailam effective on blackheads? If not then can you write something about blackheads treatment?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  160. Hello sir, I got chamakkatt kumkumadi oil as I can’t find kottakkal one. Tell me if it’s original . And also tell me where can I find kottakkal kumkumadi oil in odish or via online?

  161. Sir, is chamakkatt kumkumadi tailam genuine? Where can I find kottakkal kumkumadi oil in odisha or via online.

  162. Sir. I had allergy due to hair dye and it made dark pigmentation on my face.(almost 6 wks now),one of my friend advised to use kumkumadi thailam and eladi kera thailam. Can you please give me an advice that whether it is safe,how to use it, and how long it take to fade this pigmentation.

  163. I have hyper pigmentation on my upperlup, nose and forehead. Taken homeopathy and aleopathic treatment for so long to no avail and its increasing everyday. Could it be because of hormonal imbalance. Please suggest.

  164. Kumkumadi lepam is a pure ayurvedic product.??
    Which pharmacy ‘s is best one?
    Is kandamkulathy kumkumadi lepam is chemical free ?

  165. sir i have severe acne can this oil help to treat it

  166. Namaste sir, I have got lots of acne which we call vang can it be reduced by kumkumaditelam and how many days I need to use it. . Kindly reply.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Yes you can use it madam. People with oily skin type should use it in small quantities, for not more than once a day.
      It is better to test this oil over a small skin area before starting using it. If you develop any rash / burning / itching sensation, avoid using it.

  167. Anamika banerjee says:

    Hi..I ordered kumkumadi tailam from Amazon by vasu healthcare. However is thier product… I have butterfly pigmentation and freckles. Please advise how to use it

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Madam, Take just 3 -5 drops of the oil into your hands, apply a light coat of it evenly onto the face Do a gentle massage with your fingers. Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes. Wash off with hot water. It can be used for 2 – 3 times in a day, continuously for a week. After that, it can be used once daily.

  168. Hi,
    I have a combination skin. My t-zone is oily n cheeks r dry.. My skin is extremely sensitive.. I tried kottakal’s Nalpamarathi kera tailam for 3 days n that seems to have caused tiny eruptions on my cheeks.. What do i do..? Will trying the Kumkumadhi tailam complicate things n worsen my skin..? Please help..

  169. sir i m 19 year old ,male
    can i use this oil?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Yes you can based on for what symptom you want to use it.

      Note: Apply oil on small patches to test for possible skin allergies and infection. A full-fledged application must only be tried after you have tested these against your skin allergies and reactions.
      Please do consult a ayurvedic physician before taking over the counter medication. Because we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated.

  170. Jincy Joseph says:

    My skin is oily.small pimples and black spots in my face.my job in aviation field.can i apply the kumkumadi tailam in the night,and wash out in the morning.is it good or not

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Madam, If you have oily skin, using it at night is not a good idea. If you wish to do so, apply only a very little of the oil.

  171. Hello Doctor, I am planning to use Kottakal Kumkumaadi Thailam but a little hesitant after reading above comments. I live in Noida (North India) and since about 3 weeks skin on my cheeks have become dry and itchy with red spots under my left eye. I have been applying Parachute coconut oil which relieves my itching and repairing my skin too. WIll this thailam help me in my condition or shall I go for another product?

  172. Can I use besan face-pack (with milk and lime added) after applying kumkumadi oil? does it have any reaction ?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Madam, Would advise you to do it separately and do not club both together. If used together the effectiveness of each of the face pack will mar each other thereby not doing its own action.

  173. Anees fathima says:

    Hi docter. May i know what is the use of red sandalwood. How it will be used.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Madam, Raktachandan – Pterocarpus santalinus is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of eye disorders, sexual disorders, Pitta disorders such as nasal bleeding, menorrhagia etc.
      Indicated in:
      Shrama – tiredness, fatigue
      Shosha – emaciated person
      Visha – Toxic conditions, poisoning
      Kapha disorders
      Trushna – excessive thirst
      Pittasra – Raktapitta –Bleeding disorders such as nasal bleeding, heavy periods, etc
      Daha – burning sensation, as in gastritis, neuropathy, burning sensation in eyes etc
      Chardi – vomiting
      Jwara – fever
      Bhuta – psychiatric disorders
      Kasa – cough, cold
      Bhranti – dizziness, vertigo, schizophrenia
      Jantu – intestinal parasite infection

      For more information on Raktachandana read this article: http://easyayurveda.com/2015/12/16/raktachandan-red-sandalwood-uses-research-side-effects/

  174. I have dark complexion. Will kumkumadi tailam help me attain fair complexion? How frequent should I use it? And how many shades lighter will my complexion becomes? Which brand is good to use. Please suggest me.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Madam, Yes it Improves skin complexion and texture. Relieves blemishes, acne, acne scars, white and black heads, dark circle.

      Usage: Take just 3 -5 drops of the oil into your hands, apply a light coat of it evenly onto the face or to the acne area.
      Do a gentle massage with your fingers.
      Leave it for 10 – 20 minutes.
      Wash off with hot water.
      It can be used for 2 – 3 times in a day, continuously for a week. After that, it can be used once daily.

      You can see the results in 2 weeks time.

      Note: As it contains saffron not advisable to apply when you are exposing your skin to sun.

  175. I am planning to use kumkumadi tailam for dark spots on my face.have combination acne prone skin. Will it make me breakout?

  176. I have been using kumkumadi tailam for almost 2months now but there is no benefit. I am suffering from chronic melasma.

  177. Whenever I use kumkumadi tailam ( vasu healthc) and keep it for 5 mins I get small pimples? what should I do?

    Also can it be used to lighten dark lips?

  178. Rangesh says:

    Sir, Can i apply kumkumaadi thailam on my lips? because the area around my lips and my upper lip are dark!!

  179. Dear Sir

    My face got burnt with hot water on 8 April 2016 , and pink skin came in 10-12 days, after that I used silicone gel sheet and skin got compltly healed on 20th May 2016 , but scar still there on my neck and cheek . I have normal skin. Pls suggest .

  180. In haryana where i can buy kumkumaadi oil

  181. Swapnagandha Gaikwad says:

    Hello Dr.
    I am using kumkumadi tailam from last 2 weeks. N result is simply awesome on my scares area. I just wanna to say thank You. 🙂
    Shall I do scrub or clean up of my face per weekly.???

  182. Can I using kumkumadhi thailam with rose water in my face , if any problem kumkumadhi thailam and rose water mixing for skin?

  183. karishma says:

    Sir m using vyas pharmacy kishukadi oil ,,,,which is said as SME as kumkumadi oil ,,,,is it good shld I use it,,,plzzz rply as soon as u can

  184. HI sir,
    I am Rekha .recently i bought kukumadhi oil from khadi shop in mumbai airport. I read so many benfits and reviews aboiut that oil. Does it really help to imporove complexion?. since 1 week i have been using the product but i dont see any visible result. is it beacuse of my skin or does khadi product is good ? i paid 1800 rupees for 12 ml of bottle.

  185. anirima says:

    Hello doctor, reading lot of reviews about kumkamadi tailam. recently bought a kama Ayurveda kumkamadi tailam…costly. but read so many good reviews about it. I have three questions.

    I am 31 year old girl, no fine lines or acne problem, get tanned easily if not using sunscreen. bit allergy prone. corners of my eyes have dark patch. I want my dark patches to go, want my skin to become more illuminating not looking for fairness.

    On third night of using the product I got allergy rashes along the jaw line as I used 4-5 drops. My rashes are gone now and I have started using this product by applying two- three drops. Is this much amount enough to see the desired change? I want to continue this product even after rashes:)

    Is this tailam has anti aging properties?
    Can I use a retinol moisturizer after using this tailam. I want the best of the tailam and best of retinol. what would the correct way to use both these product at night?

    to get the best effect what kind food I should eat to get maximum effect? I want to take care of my skin now that I have crossed 30s.

    IF you can reply, I would be grateful.

    • Hi, if rashes re-appear, please stop using the product.
      There is benefit even with 2 – 3 drops.
      It has anti ageing properties.
      You can use retinol moisturizer, 15 minutes after using this.
      This retinol looks promising -Available in amazon here – http://amzn.to/29YstBd
      Kottakkal Kumkumadi taila is good – http://amzn.to/29Qcp7B

      Have more of Sunflower seed, almond, pine nuts, peanuts, spinach, taro root, flaxseed oil, soyabean, pistachio.
      Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers

      For further advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly. If you wish to get my personal email advice, it is a paid service (Rs 250). Details here – http://easyayurveda.com/contact-details/

  186. Can it be apply on body and hand along with face because my hand also gets darker due to sun

  187. I am using kumkumadhi thailam in 1month no benifits my skin

  188. My skin is oily..So if I use it overnight will it make my skin more oily? Does applying the oil for just 15 minutes give the same results that of applying it overnight??
    how long will it take the oil to fade the dark spots left on face due to pimples…

    • If you use it overnight, then it can make your face more oily. Hence, it is best to apply and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes, then wash off.
      It may take 2 – 3 weeks time.

  189. Call For PapersSharanjit Kaur Dhillon says:


    My Skin is combination and dry in winters here in Chandigarh. There are very much difference in price of different companies. I am very confused which one is the best oil. Kindly help me to select best for me.

  190. Hello there, would be grateful if you could brief me on how to use the kumkumadi tailam for dark circles. I have combination skin.

  191. Hello Dr. My complexion is fair. Now due to swimming everyday i am getting tanned and finding very difficult to remove the tan . Is there any remedy in Ayurveda. Does kumkumadi and nalpamaradi work for tan.pls reply.

  192. Asha Meyattil says:

    I have sensitive skin , sunlight make my skin drank within seconds .is such type of skin can use this kumkumadi oil?

  193. I am using imis kukumadhi lepana. Is it good any side effects

  194. Hey hi….i have severe dark circle…is it good for dark circle..plz help..

  195. Hi Doctor,

    Am having wrinkles on my hands and legs because of dry skin.
    Can i use kunkummadi thaila.

  196. smriti verma says:

    hi doctor,

    i am a pcod suffering girl so i have facial hair ,pimples on my face .can i reduce it by applying kumkumadi tail???

    can i use it oil for hair fall treatment,i have hair fall problem too?

    • Kumkumadi taila, to some extent helps to reduce facial hair.
      For hair fall problem, use Karkuntal hair oil or Kuntalakanti hair oil.
      Check your thyroid hormones once.
      For further advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      For email advice, please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  197. I ve eye dark circle. . I used aroma products, cucumber, green tea bag ,etc. No improvement. Will this kumkumadi thaila eliminates dark circle ? How to use?? Pl tel

    • Yes, useful. Take Kumkumadi taila – 5 drops in to your finger tips gently rub it on to your face for 5 minutes, wash off with warm water. Do this two times a day for 5 weeks.

  198. Hi dear doctor I am from south Kerala, Is there one more type of kumkumadi thailam?

  199. Doctor,
    My skin is oily and acne prone. Can I use kumkumadi lepam instead of tailam? Will it make my skin more oily? Will it help in decreasing my acne breakout and marks?

  200. Hi doctor..i have acne black marks on my forhead due to dandruff..what can i do.

  201. Hi doctor shall we use kumkumadi thailam for hands and legs because of sun tan it’s became dark and also I’m having pimples and black mark also how to use the thailam and how many days I should use in day and when should I stop it or otherwise it can be uses a regular basis pls clear my doubt sir and when should I use it

  202. Dr I have dark spots. this kumkumadi tailam (AVP)will really remove my dark spots. Then how use this taila

  203. Hi Dr. i am preetha my height is 5.5 and my weight is 64 cant able to reduce my weight even i taken treatement in kottakal i had one child its c-section all r saying that so only not able to reduce weight please give some tips

  204. Sir I have a oily skin .can I apply t n leave over night .can I use t daily ??

  205. bharathi gandupalli says:

    Hi dr. I am bharathi i have pores. This kumkumadi tailam is really works for pores. Please tell me.

  206. Sir, I got Vyas Pharmaceuticals Kumkumadi tailam and Kinshukadi tailam. Are they good? Can I use both on alternate days?

    Also somewhere it’s written not to go out in the sun after applying this oil. Is it true? Because it’s winter now and I’ve dry skin so thought to apply this on face after bathing. Please help Sir.

  207. I have combination skin type and dull and dry.how it can be used .

  208. Namaste doctor. My skin is very oily and having so many pimples even during winter. But to my utter surprise, Kumkumadi cream has helped my niece who too have an oily skin.

    So i would like to confirm from you before buying the Kumkumadi OIL(not cream) for my acne prone skin. I am doubting because usually an oil is supposed to be increasing the oiliness of skin. pls guide if it will help.


    • Namaste!
      Hi, please try with a few drops of kumkumadi oil. Apply it, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash off. Try it for 1 week. You will know if it suits your skin. Most probably, it should.

  209. Hi doc

    My skin is very very dry and sensitive and it become worst in summer.how can I use this oil for best results

  210. Hi doctor,my face skin is very sensitive and looks like burnt near nose and cheeks and undereye skin skin burnt too.its summerhere where I live and I like to put fairness cream too in the morning which these days giving me burning sensation.can I use this oil in the night with the 100 time wash ghee and before washing my face in morning.i also start putting curd after washing my face in morning and keep it for 10 minutes.can I carry on this too.

  211. For a mix skin type. Can I apply and leave overnight. I have pores and white heads all over the face

  212. Hi Dr.. I searched for Kottakkal or AVP Kumkumadi oil online but couldn’t find it. All i could see is Trichup Kumkumadi oil online. Before i start using it i wanted to confirm if it is trustworthy brand to use on Face. Kindly assist. Thanks

  213. can i mix kumkumadi tailam with nalpamaradi tailam and use for a 6 months old baby? if yes please explain the usage and ratio

  214. Hi Doctor,
    Can I use Elchuris Kumkumadi Tailam on my two months old baby boy …Please suggest me .
    Thank You

  215. Hi doctor, the oil should be washed with soap or just water. Also , can it be used by 55+ woman for skin care?

  216. Hi, One can use kumkumadi tailum for long term (more than 3-4 years) on daily basis. Is there any side effect of this?.I saw post online that girl got dark patches on her face after regular use of kumkumadi tailum for 3 years. Is there any long term side effect, please advice

  217. Hello Sir
    I recently bought kunkumadi thailam from amazon for my dry and sensitive skin as to gain even toned
    skin.I am applying it in night and washing off in morning but since then only I am feeling that in morning my face feels extra dryness especially on nose and below eyes.Kindly suggest the right way of applying as i read that its very good for dry skin people.

    Thanks and Regards

  218. When is saffron used/added/filtered in the preparation? U have not mentioned.

  219. Can i use it on pigmented lips ?

  220. aanchal jaryal says:

    I hv combination skin type with black heads can i use this oil as night oil .??

  221. Hi,

    I am using Kukumadi Tailam from a week, the large pimples have decreased, but i got small pimples with a white head in that,may be its cleaning my face also my skin has got a bit dry actually it is of dry type
    is it normal or should i stop using it

  222. Can I use this oil overnight with my iraya lightening cream……they both have some similar ingredients……

  223. Can I use it on my hands and legs for tanning and fairness?

  224. Ashish Jejurkar says:

    Ashish Jejurkar
    Hello Sir i am using kottakal kumkumadi tailam from 1 week. I got best result for sun tan. My skin is mix type( dry and oily). How i use it? Now i apply this at night and left it overnight and wash at morning with cold water. Please Guide me.

    • Hi, you can continue the current method of usage.

      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health expert Prof. Dr Prashanth MD (Ayu), PhD, here (paid service) –


  225. Karumurimadhu@gmail.com says:

    What oil is useful for baby massage? If the baby is dark? My 6 week old is very dark complexioned. Please advice


  227. My face was clear but I had a few smal pores and white heads i used wow acne treatment kit but after a week i got many pimples can I use this? Will it cure?? Please suggest me

  228. I have a oily skin sir.I used 2 week.now my face full of pimples. What can I do sir.Actually I used lepam cream also.May be due to that …shall I continue that thailam without cream or not..

  229. Merry antony says:

    Actually my skin is distributed right now I tried many oil but it’s not working can I use this oil because now my skin is too dry and I can’t able to apply any product which could sooth my skin so can I prefer this

    • Take Nalpamaradi oil 200 ml. – mix a teaspoon of turmeric to it. Apply it to face, 10 minutes before bath, everyday. Available here -http://bit.ly/115lHDi

      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health expert Prof. Dr Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD, here (paid service) –


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