Want to learn how you can easily modify your lifestyle with Ayurveda? My book – Living Easy With Ayurveda can help.
It is in plain and easy English,
covers all the basics of Ayurveda, which even a non Ayurvedic person can understand and adopt.
Living Easy with Ayurveda is used as text book in below international Ayurveda colleges –

  • NAIC SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine, Brooksville, Florida, USA.
  • Delight Yoga, Ayurveda Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands,
  • Instituto Ayurveda Internacional, Panama

The book has
16 sections
224 chapters and 732 pages.

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Price: Rs 795, within India. 30 USD outside India.
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Latest Ebook –
100 Ayurvedic Herbs Made Easy Part I – Ebook (Pdf)

It contains detailed explanation of 100 Ayurvedic herbs.
Herb explanation includes –

    • Chemical composition, Brief Morphology, Habitat, Dose, Dosage Forms, Home Remedies,
    • Sanskrit Shloka of the herb with meaning. IAST transliteration of the shlokas.
    • Traditional Ayurvedic references from Ancient Samhitas and Nighantu text books.
    • Ayurvedic claims backed by modern research articles
    • Contains information about commonly used vegetables such as cucumber, jasmine, coconut milk, mushroom, Isabgol, Chicory, bitter gourd, ivy gourd, carrot, ridge gourd etc.
    • Ayurvedic references in Sanskrit Shloka form along with IAST transliteration to English.
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Other ebooks
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(Living Easy With Ayurveda Is Also Available in Print Format.)

    Tridosha - basic Principle Of Ayurveda

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