Induppu Kanadi Choornam Uses, Ingredients, Dose, Side Effects

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
Induppu Kanadi Choornam is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine, used for the treatment of digestive disorders such as anorexia, weak appetite, etc. It contains digestive and carminative ingredients such as long pepper, rock salt etc.  

Many a time simple health issues remain as most troublesome complaints. Also, people spend lakhs together money for solving their health complaints. Also, people go on changing the physicians and medicines too.

So a simple health problem takes a long route and in due course of time the individual is labelled with several provision diagnosis conditions. Ayurveda explains that the simple condition of indigestion if it persists for long it leads to various diseases. So treatment of indigestion should be the first priority. It is the reason, safe and simple effective medicines like Induppu kanadi Choornam can be practiced widely. Importantly, these can be prepared by ourselves.

Reference: Sahasrayoga

Induppu (Saindhava lavana) – Rock salt
– 1 Part – Digestive, carminative, anti flatulent, stimulant.
Celery – Ajamoda – Trachyspermum roxburghianum –  Seeds –  2 part – Anti flatulent, digestive, carminative, wormicide, anti spasmodic.
Pippali – Long pepper – Piper longum – Fruits – 4 parts – Carminative, adaptogenic, liver stimulant, anti spasmodic, expectorant.
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – Fruit rind – 6 parts – Laxative, rejuvinative, anti flatulent.

Dosage form – Choorna (medicated powder )
Even though tablets can also be prepared out of the above drugs, as rock salt is hygroscopic in nature, much precaution should be taken while preserving it.

Method of preparation:
All are made into fine powder individually and mixed together. Then it is stored in closed containers.

Adults 2 to 3 grams; children of 8 to 16 years 1 – 2 gram, 3 to 8 years 500 mg to 1 gram

Vehicle and Indications of Induppu Kanadi Churnam:
Warm water in case of indigestion, anorexia, regurgitation, constipation etc
Buttermilk as vehicle is beneficial in IBS, chronic diarrhoea, abdominal distension etc.
In back ache and pain in the flanks it is administered along with Jeerakarishtha and Balarishtha.

Contra indication:

In children below 3 years the formulation should be administered with caution. Also sufficient amount of water is recommended to take during this medication.

My experience with this formulation:
This is one of my favourite combinations while treating Apana vata vitiated conditions. Even Kledaka and Avalambaka kapha aggravated conditions (Asthma, Cough, Cold, repeated expectoration, head ache etc) this has significant benefits.

All kind of indigestion (Ama – Vidagdha and Vishthabdha) are also managed effectively with this remedy.

In case of constipation and dysuria of children, this medicine is mixed with little ghee and administered; later, Jeeraka water is given.
In colic pain of children and chronic abdominal pain of adults, this is a most effective drug. In its severity it is administered along with Omum water (Ajamoda satwa). It is a substitute for Hutabhugadi choorna as well as Hingwastaka choorna.

Takrarishtha is used in combination with this choorna while treating chronic mal absorption disorders and highly significant benefit can be observed.

Precautions and side effects –
It is not suitable for people with high Pitta, excess burning sensation, gastritis and hyperacidity.
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