Kantakaryadi Kashayam Uses, Dose, Ingredients

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.
Kantakari – Solanum xanthocarpum, is a dwarf variety of wild brinjal. It is proclaimed as best medicine for cough and breathlessness according to Ashtanga sangraha textbook. 

This has other ingredients  Pushkaramoola, Bharngi, Shathi, Karkataka shringi and Duralabha. All these ingredients too have Anti Kapha benefit, broncho dilating, anti tussive and expectoration action due to which the formulation Kantakaryadi kashaya is effective in rhinitis and cold.

Even though several ‘Kantakaryadi kashaya’ formulations are found this is unique due to the combination and the quantity prescribed in the recipe.

The classical textual version of the formulation is  as follows –
Reference: Brihat nighantu ratnakara –Jwara chikitsa

Brihati – Solanum indicum – Root
– Analgesic, anti inflammatory,expectorant
Pushkaramoola – Inula racemosaRoot – Expectorant, broncho – dilator, anti tussive, immune modulator, carminative
Bharngi – Clerodendron serratumRoot – Expectorant, detoxifier, anti histaminic
Shathi (Kachura) – Hedechium spicatumRhizome – Anti tussive, immune modulator, anti histaminic, carminative, digestive
Shringi (Karkataka shringi) – Pistacia integerrimaGall – Expectorant, broncho dilator, absorbent and digestive
Duralabha (Dhanvayasa) – Alhagi camelorumRoot – Diuretic, anti inflammatory, immune modulator, laxative, vaso – constrictor

Form of medicine: Kashaya(Decoction)
This can be used in the form of choorna (fine powder) also where the drug is mixed with honey or ghee and advised to take by licking.

Method of preparation:
All the ingredients are made into coarse powder and decoction is made.

Dose: 30 – 40 ml for adults.
In children below 14 years 10 – 20 ml may be administered.
In less than 2 years children this should be administered with utmost caution. 

Vehicle and indication:
Honey for excess phlegm associated cough and cold. In case of dry cough, sugar candy may be used. If excess cough is found with ronchi slight rock salt is added to the decoction and taken.

As per the necessity Sitopaladi choorna, Talisadi choorna, Karpooradi choorna, Vyoshadi vataka, Khadiradi vati, Dashamoola rasayana etc may be used for enhanced therapeutic benefit.

My experience with this formulation:
This is my choicest formulation for seasonal cold and allergic rhinitis. Mild to moderate fever, asthma, head ache etc are also managed by this single formulation.

In tropical oesinophilia this decoction is administered followed with Chousashtiprahara pippali or Haridrakhanda rasayana.
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