Navakarshika Guggulu: Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) and Dr Manasa
Navakarshika Guggulu is one of the Guggulu Kalpas (set of medications prepared with Guggulu or Commiphora mukul as the main ingredient) explained in the context of Bhagandara (Anal fistula, fistula-in-ano) Prakarana (prakarana means chapter or context) of Yogaratnakara text. Since it is mentioned in the Bhagandara treatment it is an unparalleled medicine in combating fistula occurring in the anal region. Fistula – It is an infected tract or tunnel between the perianal skin (skin around the anal opening) and the anus (anal canal). Most anal fistulas are the result of an infection in an anal gland that spreads to the skin.

Symptoms include swelling and discharge of blood or pus from the anus. Surgery is usually needed to treat fistula. Ayurveda offers Kshara Sutra treatment for effective cure and healing of anal fistula.

It is a method in which an alkali smeared thread is pushed into the tunnel and tagged on the surface. The thread is left in place for a few days. The tunnel in contact with the thread will get healed and closed, treating the infection also.

Navakarsika Gulgulu, Triphala Guggulu and Saptanga Guggulu are the best medicines available to treat this condition effectively. In this article we shall have a look at Navakarshika Guggulu and its benefits.

Meaning –
The word Navakarshik Guggul when split into its components gives the following meaning –
Nava means nine (9), Karshika means a quantity equal to a karsha (approximately 12 grams = 1 karsha), Guggulu means Commiphora mukul

Thus Navakarshika Guggulu is a compound prepared using Guggulu as a chief ingredient, the total quantity of Guggulu along with other ingredients of the compound being taken in 9 Karsha quantity.

Thus the naming of the compound formulation has been named after the quantity of ingredients taken (put together) and its chief ingredient i.e. Guggulu.

Indications and benefits of Navakarshika Guggulu –
Navakarshika Guggulu is used to treat effectively the below said conditions:
Kushta – Skin disorders
Bhagandara – Fistula or fistulae (fistula or infected tunnels around the anal opening)
Nadi Vrana – Sinus tracts

Note: A sinus is a track leading from a focus of suppuration (pus formation) to a cutaneous (skin) or mucous surface. It usually represents the path by which the discharge escapes from an abscess cavity (pus pocket) that has been prevented from closing completely, either from mechanical causes or from the persistent formation of discharge which must find an exit. A sinus is lined by granulation tissue.

Dushta Vrana – Contaminated wounds and ulcers (the medicine effectively cleanses and detoxifies the wounds and ulcers)

Navakarshika Guggulu – Ingredients, method of preparation –
त्रिफला पुरा कृष्णानां त्रि पञ्च एक कर्ष योजिता गुटिका।
कुष्ठ भगन्दर नाडी दुष्ट व्रण शोधिनी कथिता॥(यो.र.भगन्दर चिकित्स)
Triphalaa puraa krushnaanaam tri pancha eka karsha yojitaa gutikaa
Kushta bhagandara naadee dushta vrana shodhinee kathitaa (Ref – Yogaratnakara Bhagandara Chikitsa)
Below mentioned are the ingredients of Navakarshika Guggulu –
Triphala – 3 karsha (Triphala means fruits of Haritaki – Terminalia chebula, Bibhitaki – Teminalia bellirica and Amalaki – Emblica officinalis, each taken in 1 karsha quantity, the total sums up to 3 karsha including all the 3 fruits)
Pura or Guggulu – Commiphora mukul – 5 karsha
Pippali – Piper longum – 1 karsha

Total quantity of the medicines will be 9 karsha (Triphala 3 karsha + Guggulu 5 karsha + Pippali 1 karsha = 9 karsha)
Note: the quantity mentioned here is not of the whole herb but of its powder.

This means to tell that each individual herb should be pounded, sieved and measured. The quantity of each should be adjusted to 1 karsha precisely.
Individual churnas (powders) should later be mixed in a sterile mortar and grounded to obtain its homogenous mixture.

Method of preparation –
The individual powders of the medicines enlisted above are pounded and made into homogenous compound. Tablets are prepared from this powder and dried in shade. The tablets are stored in air tight containers.

1-2 tablets twice or thrice a day after food with hot water (or as directed by the physician). The dose depends on the severity of the disease and strength and tolerance of the patient.

Specialty and probable mode of action of Navakarshika Guggulu –
Navakarshika Guggulu is a simple formulation made up of only 5 ingredients 3 fruits of Triphala, Guggulu and Pippali.

All the above said ingredients are highly effective in wound healing, heals infection, sterilise the wounds, sinuses and fistula and the lesions of skin diseases and promote quick healing.

The combination is an effective antibiotic, antiseptic and immune-modulator. Thus the formulation not only helps in healing the above said conditions but also helps in preventing recurrences of the same. They also destroy the tissue toxins and aid cellular metabolism.

All most all the diseases are caused due to mandagni (sluggish digestion or impaired metabolism). Therefore correction of digestion errors should be the first aim of treating these diseases. To eradicate them from the base, the disturbances of agni should be set right and brought back to normalcy.

Pippali present in the combination is an excellent digestive and carminative. Pippali kindles the weak digestive fire and sets right errors of metabolism.

Since indigestion is associated with errors of metabolism, Pippali effectively deals with these conditions. Correction of digestion errors is also done by Guggulu and Triphala.

When the appetite and digestion get fine, the food taken is effectively digested and its essence nourishes and supports the body.

Being an effective Vata-kapha hara (property of alleviating morbid Vayu and kapha), Pippali and Guggulu combats the vitiated Vayu and relieves pain and colic associated with the above said conditions.

The vata alleviating property of Trikatu, Guggulu and Triphala in the compound imparts a total and comprehensive effect on the morbid Vata. The laxative property of Triphala helps in pushing the vitiated Vata in a downward direction, hence clearing the lower passages and keeping the abdomen and pelvis clean and sterile.

Constipation is one common condition which can be found in the backdrop of all the above said conditions. Constipation can cause and aggravate the above said conditions. Constipation not only reflects the inefficiency of large intestine to flush off the excreta and metabolic wastes, it also reflects the disturbed cellular metabolism and stagnation of toxins at various places of the body.

The need of an effective carminative and a laxative is fulfilled by the potent action of Triphala. Triphala not only flushes the metabolic wastes from the gut but also flushes the cells of its toxins.

Cellular toxins are responsible for the manifestation of Kushta, Bhagandara, Nadi Vrana etc diseases. When the toxins are flushed from the body, there is quick recovery from the disease process.

Apart from being a potential laxative, Triphala has Rasayana properties (rejuvenation, anti-ageing, immune modulator) which helps in effective healing and also in preventing relapses. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and also reduces oedema associated with fistula, skin diseases and contaminated wounds.

Guggulu individually is a magical remedy in many diseases. It is the best in the business of rectifying and stabilizing the metabolic errors. It removes blocks in various channels of the body and facilitates easy transportation of nutrients and essentials.

Being a best blood purifier, Guggulu is highly effective in healing the above said conditions. The mixing of these compounds (Triphala and Pippali) with Guggulu will fortify the action of the whole compound.

Guggulu is also known for its wound cleansing, wound healing and antiseptic actions. Guggulu alleviates the aggravation of all the 3 doshas, predominantly it mitigates morbid Kapha and Vata. Similar action is rendered by Triphala and Pippali.

Generally almost all the blocks in the body are caused by morbid and stagnated kapha, ama (intermediate products of digestion or improperly processed nutritive essence which due to its sticky nature tends to block the channels of the body and deplete nutrition to various tissues and organs) or meda (fat).

They block the free movement of Vayu which is the prime driving force for all the actions in the body. Navakarshika Guggulu effectively removes these blocks and restores normal functioning.
Generally infections occur and healing slows down in presence of morbid kapha, kleda (moisture or excessive fluidity in and around the tissues).

Guggulu individually and Navakarshaka Guggulu as a compound are highly effective in destroying the morbid kapha, ama (metabolites or tissue toxins) and kleda, thus aborting the suitable environment for development of infections.

This action of Saptanga Guggulu helps in proper healing of skin diseases, haemorrhoids, fistulae, sinus contaminated wounds and ulcers and other conditions.
In kushta or skin diseases apart from the 3 doshas, the skin, blood, muscle tissue and fluids of the body are contaminated.

The skilful combination of this compound and its ingredients help in effective healing of skin disorders. The same tissues are also involved in the other diseases which are mentioned above.

Limitations of Navakarshika Guggulu –
Navakarshika Guggulu might not be a universal remedy for the above said conditions in everyone, because the treatment and medication differs from person to person depending on their Prakriti (birth constitution) and Vikriti (nature of morbidity).
Other disease modifying medicines might be required to enhance the effect of this compound.

Kushta and its types are stubborn manifestations. When the disease gets chronic, it needs more than medication. Treatments like Vamana (therapeutic emesis), Virechana (therapeutic purgation) along with diet and lifestyle modifications are needed for effective cure.

Just before finishing –
Navakarshika Guggulu is one of the best medicines in tackling the skin disorders and fistula and contaminated wounds and ulcers. These diseases are often caused due to incompatible foods, infections, allergies and erratic lifestyle.

Being aware of these factors will help us in preventing many diseases. But when these diseases get manifested we should not neglect them.
We should bring it to the notice of the doctor as quickly as possible so that we can get timely remedy before the disease gets stubborn.
In such cases effective medicines like Navaksrshika Guggulu etc will come handy in effective healing of the diseases.

All you need to do is to find an Ayurvedic doctor in your neighbourhood and get your conditions diagnosed at the earliest.
Get yourself healed and cured comprehensively in Ayurvedic ways, the natural ways in which you would revisit the best of your health.
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