Prapaundarikadi Thailam – Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects

Prapaundarikadi Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil. It is an herbal medicine, used mainly in the treatment of migraine, insomnia, etc. It is usually prepared in sesame oil  / Coconut oil base.  

Reference: Sahasrayogam

Prapaundarikadi Thailam – how to use?
It is used for external application only. The affected skin area is applied with this oil, left as it is for 10 – 15 minutes, then washed with luke warm water. This oil is also advised to apply before bath.

Prapaundarikadi  oil uses:
It is used in the treatment of migraine, insomnia, anxiety,  stress, headache, grey hair.

 Side effects: There are no known side effects with this medicine on external application.
It is best to avoid this oil before / while driving.

Prapaundarikadi Tailam ingredients:
Ikshu – Saccharum officinarum
Yahstimadhu – Licorice
Pippali – Long pepper
Chandana – Sandalwood
Kaempferia rotundus
Amla – Emblica officinalis
Sesame oil

Shelf life – 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Manufacturers: Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy, Arya Vaidya Sala – Kottakkal

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