Dhanwantharam Thailam – Benefits, How To Use, Ingredients, Side Effects

Dhanwantharam Thailam is an Ayurvedic oil. It is used in the treatment of Vata diseases such as Rheumatoid and osteo arthritis, spondylosis, headache and neuro-muscular conditions.  This oil is based on Kerala Ayurveda practice.

Effect on Tridosha:

Effective on Vata and Kapha mixed Vata condition.

Dhanwantharam Tailam uses:
It is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, neck pain and back ache due to spondylosis,
It is useful in treatment of neurological conditions such as Neuritis, Neuralgia, paralysis, facial palsy, etc.

How to use Dhanwantharam oil?
It is used for massage.
It is used in Ayurvedic treatment like Dhara, Basti treatment etc.
101 times processed oil, called Dhanwantharam 101  -is used for oral administration.
Dose for oral intake is – 5 – 20 drops once or twice a day, before food, with warm water or warm milk, as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
This oil is used for massage for ladies, after delivery, to improve body strength.
It is also used as massage oil for babies.
Internal use is advised to relieve fever, bloating and urinary diseases.

Dhanwantaram Tailam side effects:
No side effects are known with this oil, on external administration.
Oil’s oral intake should only be done strictly under medical supervision.

Dhanwantharam Tailam ingredients:
Balamoola – Sida cordifolia – 4.608 kg
Water for decoction – 36.864 liters, boiled and reduced to 4.608 liters
Paya – cow milk – 4.608 liters
768 grams of total of
Yava – Barley – Hordeum vulgare
Kola – Zyziphus jujuba
Kulattha – Horse gram – Dolichos biflorus
Dashamoola – group of ten roots
Bilva – Aegle marmelos
Agnimantha – Premna mucronata
Shyonaka – Oroxylum indicum
Patala – Stereospermum suaveolens
Gambhari – Gmelina arborea
Brihati – Solanum indicum
Kantakari – Solanum xanthocarpum
Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris
Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum
Prishnaparni – Uraria picta
Water for decoction – 6.144 liters, boiled and reduced to 768 ml.
Taila – Oil of Sesamum indicum
Paste made of 6 grams of each of –
Meda – Polygonatum cirrhifolium
Mahameda – Polygonatum verticillatum
Daru – Cedrus deodara
Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia
Kakoli – Fritillaria roylei
Ksheerakakoli – Lilium polyphyllum
Chandana – Pterocarpus santalinus
Sariva – Hemidesmus indicus
Kushta – Saussurea lappa
Tagara – Valeriana wallichi
Jeevaka – Malaxis acuminata
Rishabhaka – Manilkara hexandra
Saindhava Lavana – Rock salt
Kalanusari – Valeriana wallichi
Shaileya – Convolvulus pluricaulis
Vacha – Acorus calamus
Agaru – Aquilaria agallocha
Punarnava – Boerhaavia diffusa
Ashwagandha – Withania somnifera
Shatavari – Asparagus racemosus
Ksheerashukla – Ipomoea mauritiana
Yashti – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica
Amla – Emblica officinalis
Shatahva – Asparagus
Mashaparni – Teramnus labialis
Mudgaparni – Phaseolus trilobus
Ela – Cardamom – Elettaria cardamomum
Twak – Cinnamon – Cinnamomum camphora
Patra – Cinnamomum tamala
How to prepare? 

This Taila when prepared with Avartana process is known as Dhanvantara Taila Avartana, wherein, the oil making is repeated for 101 times.

Reference: Sahasrayoga Tailayoga Prakarana 1, Astanga Hridayam.

Expiry date: 3 years from the date of manufacture. Once you open the seal, it is better to use it within an year.
Manufacturers – 
Arya Vaidya Sala – Kottakkal, Pankajakasthuri, AVN.

Dr JV Hebbar is an Ayurveda Doctor, Lecturer, From Mangalore, India. Click here to consult Dr Hebbar
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  1. Does it make any difference if we just apply the oil or if we warm it a little before applying ?

  2. I am 23 weeks pregnant and suffering from round ligament pain.can I use this thailam for the same..

    • Hi, yes, you can apply this oil to lower abdomen, 10 minutes before bath to lower abdomen to relieve pain. Just apply it and leave it. Do not put pressure on the abdomen. Do not massage.

  3. Hi Dr,
    Is it fine to take this drops after food. I was directed by an Ayurveda clinic that I should take it after food. But here it is written the other way.


    • It is fine to take this after food.
      There are many factors considered for time of medicine administration (before food / after food etc) – read here – easyayurveda.com/2013/08/05/how-time-of-medicine-administration-is-decided-in-ayurveda/

  4. I am 5 moths pregnant, how to apply this Dhanwantram Kuzhumbu

  5. varghese says:

    dhanwantharam 101,Has any pathya

  6. krishna says:

    Hi doctor,
    I had a major abdominal surgery for a ruptured uterus , now almost half of my abdomen is totally numb to any sensation. I cant even geel my touch.its already been more than 2 months. Is there any oil in ayurveda which can help regain the sensation. Or any ayurvedic medicine which i can take orally to regain sensation.

  7. Doctor how should be applied for neurological problems in kids. My kid has been diagnosed with GBS and someone has recommended the use of this oil for better nerve conduction. Is it the best oil available or you have something else also?



  9. Hello sir
    My father lost his two limbs three months back. no improvement till now so can i use this thailam?

  10. Is it effective in treating kidney disorder patients?

  11. SANJAY VORA says:


  12. Hi

    Applying this thanvantri thailam in private part during pregnancy (3rd trimester) is safe? will it induce normal delivery?

  13. By mistake my maid mixed a small amount of dhanvantram oil with a full bottle of hair oil. Will it be harmful If I use the hair oil ?

  14. Hai Sir,

    I am 23 years old Male.I am suffering from spondylo arthritis for the past 8 years.Almost all my bone joints have stiffness and pain.I have started using dhanwantharam thailam for massage before bath.How much time i have to use to get the result/within how many days i will fell the difference?.


    • hi..,
      sorry about your condition. dhanwantharam tailam external application will help you sure. but along with, it is better you take some internal medications also which together will give you a good result.

  15. Can we apply this thailam for leg pain overnight N take bath at morning?

  16. Hi Doctor,

    My mother is suffering from her foot problem from last 10-12 years. She has unbearable pain in her feet. Is this oil will be effective for her. please reply?

  17. Can I use it for migraine and sinusitis? my friend said that using dhanwantharam make us fatty look.is it true?

  18. Sir,
    I got Knee tear & doctor told it required a small surgery. When I went for a second opinion that doctor told that my legs strength is too weak , so start with the exercises & will see. I have a pain & can’t bend my leg fully(pain in knee) while sitting on ground & also there is pain while going upstairs and downstairs & sitting or standing for a long time.
    Now, I’m going for Physiotherapy & doing excercises.

    So Sir, Is there any oil so that my legs muscle become strong & reduce pain. Somebody told me to apply Dhanvantharam Kuzhampu. Can I apply that oil or is there any other better oil than this !
    Sir, Please reply.
    Thank you.

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