Triphala Guggul Benefits, Dosage, How To Use, Side Effects, Ingredients, Reference

Triphala Guggul is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine in tablet form. It is also known as   Triphala Guggulu tablets, Triphala Gulgulu etc. This tablet has Guggulu (commiphora mukul) as its base.It is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss.

Triphala Guggul benefits: 
It is widely used in the Ayurvedic treatment of weight loss, piles, fistula and inflammatory conditions.
Effect on Tridosha – Calms Vata and Kapha.
Triphala guggul for weight loss: 
In Ayurvedic practice, it is widely used for weight loss treatment, since it has the Triphala advantage, which helps to control cholesterol.

Triphala Guggul dosage: 
1 – 2 tablets 2 – 3 times a day, before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.

Triphala Guggul Side Effects: 
There are no known side effects with this medicine. However it is best to use this product under medical supervision. Self medication with this medicine is discouraged.
Very high dose than prescribed may lead to stomach irritation.

Triphala Guggul Ingredients: 
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – 48 g
Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica – 48 g
Amalaki – Emblica officinalis – 48 g
Krishna – Long pepper – 48 g
Guggulu – Purified Commiphora mukul.

All the above ingredients are pounded with guggulu and rolled into pills of uniform size of 500 mg.

Triphala Guggul reference: 
Sharangdhara Samhita madhyamakhanda 7/82-83

Triphala Guggulu DS tablet is the same medicine in double strength. Dose is usually 1 tablet 2 times a day after food.
Divya Triphala Guggul is the same product manufactured by Ramdev pharmacy.

How does it work in hemorrhoids? 
Hemorrhoids patients often suffer from constipation. Triphala helps to relieve constipation, soothens the mucous layer and Guggulu helps in shrinking the size of the pile mass and to relieve inflammation.  

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  1. Hello Dr. Hebbar, I have noticed that the addition of Guggul, makes medicine more potent (in theory at least) and often there is a suggestion against self medication. For example, even on your website there is no caution self-medication with just Triphala or with Pippali/Krishna alone. Is this a valid argument?

  2. Today I tried a tsp. of the Triphala Guggul in a tiny bit of water and drank it. I am taking this product recommended by my health store for constipation (not bad constipation, but enough to make my life bothersome). I followed the package dosage, as well as the Naturopathic Doctor in the health store, which was the 1 tsp. I took. I took it in the late morning and in the evening could not stop going to the bathroom, felt good to eliminate, but stomach was very sore and irritated. The soreness and irritation lasted about an hour, now its better. The package and the Naturopathic Doctor advises to take 1 tsp. a day, everyday. But, I am skeptical now after this feeling of soreness and irritation, I don’t want to have to experience this again and again after usage of this product. Although about the constipation problem which is the initial reason I am taking this product, well that certainly worked for my problem. Can someone advise me if I should cut the dosage to a half tsp. instead of a tsp. or if you have any other tips please let me know I would appreciate any feedback you can help me with. Thank you.

    • Dear Nancy,
      the dose of Triphala Guggulu was slightly high for you. Please first try with quarter a teaspoon at night for a week. It is a mild dose. Get to know its effect and adjust the dose accordingly.

    • Dear Nancy,
      Triphala Guggulu removes deep seated toxins from the intestines and it is given to patients to treat their chronic constipation and host of other stomach related problems. Take two tablets of Triphala Guggulu daily after dinner until you find improvement in your bowel movements. There after, continue taking one tablet daily after dinner for satisfactory evacuation. You need not to worry for stomach irritation since it happens for smaller moments due to ailment reflection. The ailment reflection is a positive response of the body towards the disease. When the body is removing toxins, minor changes are sure to happen but they fade away soon. It is a part of healing process after taking the medicines to treat the disease. Drink cumin boiled water to get away with stomach irritation. Cumin boiled water is helpful in treating anaemic conditions. The quantity of cumin seeds or powder is half tea spoon to be boiled in a glass of water.

      In case you are unable tolarate Triphala Guggulu, I would suggest you to take two capsules of Triphala (By Himalaya) daily after dinner and if you don’t find it in your locality, you can take one table spoon Triphala Powder to avoid complications. Triphala capsules and Triphala Powder are mild laxative and can be taken for a longer duration. Hope this solves your query!

      Take care and best of health!

  3. will triphala guggula will help in weight loss without side effect.

  4. My mother was given triphala guggul (some other brand) and she had severe side effects with a dosage of only 500 mg per day. Had to stop it after 6-7 days. This is a very powerful medicine and should be taken with caution. I am not saying that the medicine itself is bad, its just that different people have different constitutions, so it may not suit all. After taking this medicine, she suffered from dehydration and acute breathing problems. Just for information, she has hypothyroidism, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, edema and is obese.

    I repeat, this medicine itself is not bad (its actually a very good combination), but it may not suit all. You should specially be careful about guggul because some people may be allergic to it, like my mom, which caused the breathing problems for her.

    Lastly, it is foolish to say ayurvedic medicines have no side effects. They are in many ways more powerful than conventional drugs and are eventually composed of chemicals too just like conventional drugs. If allopathic/conventional drugs can have side effects, so can herbs.

  5. Sir I am a student of ayurved. And started trifada guggul for weight loss. Want a direction in order to use this medicine.

    • You can take 1 tablet 2 times a day after food for 3 months time.
      Please read the article related to Ayurvedic management of obesity-

  6. I got mild level of piles. During feces I saw blood. Is triphala work? And how long it will be to be cured?

  7. sir, I have an ITP patients and was under steroids treatment for about six months in the year 2012. now I have stopped all medicenes. I have been putting on weight actually I was 60kg and now I am 75 kg. do I advised to take these tablets?

  8. Hi I would like to lose weight and have issues with haemmorhoids which is the best product for trip gala guggul

  9. diagnosed with right inter sphincteric fistulous and recommended surgery does Triphalagulgulu helps?

  10. Hi sir my father (62aged) taking kaishore guggulu and trayodashanga guggulu for sandhivata shall i give triphala guggulu for weight losing purpose and they have mild acidity problem .

  11. Preeti Jajodia says:

    Sir, my BMI is 23. Although I try to eat as healthy as possible, it is not always the case so I feel unhealthy inside and like I’m gaining a lot of weight because of the food. I am doing exercises almost everyday (as and when time permits). I have gained 5 kilos over the past year. I consulted an Ayurvedic doctor regarding weight loss and was advised against medical treatment of it. However, I would like to know if Triphala or Triphala Guggulu will help me lose the gained kilos and in what dosage should it be used. Thank you.

  12. I want to loose weight (105kg) Which one will be best for me Navak Guggula or Trifala Guggulu ??

  13. sir today i brought triphala guggulu tablet… many tablets i need 2 take for reducing 10 kg weight in one month pls suggest its dosage sir….pls

  14. Sir, i m having thyroid problem pcod ,high blood sugar,high cholesterol and i have tried to loose weight but nothing works. Can triphala guggul will help me loose my weight. My age is 24 and weight 96 kg . Please suggest me what should i do to loose weight drastically. Thank you

  15. I have IBS A (alternative).I usually have 2-3 bowel movements regularly but still i feel flatulated and pass gas even after a complete evacuation.I used to have Triphala Churna (2 times a day: 2 hours after dinner and once in empty stomach in the morning) before.It was working wonder for me as i was able to restrict my ailment for 2-3 months.Then suddenly the symptoms again got worse and i had to stop.I had all kind of tests before related to digestive upsets and my doctors have ruled out any kind of serious issues.
    So i am thinking of giving triphala guggul tablets a final try this time.What will be the correct dosage for me ?
    I am 22 years old suffering from these symptoms for last 4 years.

  16. What is better triphala guggul or varadi kashayam for weight loss purposes especially adipose tissue in belly. I have read both articles and both use triphala, but one has guggul and other has iron. Please advise.

  17. What is better triphala guggul or varadi kashayam for weight loss especially for belly fat. I have read both articles and both have triphala in them , the difference being guggul in one and iron in the other. Please advise.

  18. is triphala guggul better or varadi kashayam for weight loss purposes. especially for adipose tissue in the belly? i know both contain triphala, but one has guggul and the other has iron/loha content. please advise on which is most effective in your opinion

  19. sir i have multiple lipomas size upto 3cm
    i can use triphala guggul to reduce lipomas size or
    any other medician u suggest me

    • it may not help much. there is no problem with lipoma.

      • hi sir

        lipomas r looking odd & nearly 20 lipomas i am having on thighs, on hand.
        2days back doctor prescribed me navaga guggulu & seraankottai
        for lipomas for 90 days

        navaga & navaka r same or different.

        if same navaka is for weight loss my weight is 62 age 28
        any problem with using it (3 times per day)

        seraankottai medician for ?

  20. Neha rawat says:

    Doc has given me triphala tablets nd recommend me to take it in powder form with warm water but its not working.. The powder is not forming accurately b’coz of which it settles down at the bottom. Plz suggest me other way

  21. Dipanjali nayak says:

    I want to reduce my weight…specially belly fat….can triphala gugglu help me….how much time it takes…

    • it will help you definitely. but only this is not sufficient to reduce weight, a strict diet control, daily physical exercises are also very necessary. it may take around 3-6 months, depending on the nature and condition of the body.

  22. hi i wan to reduce waith iam 24 now but have liver problem can i use this product

  23. rahul raina says:

    I am a male of age 28 yrs. Weight around 80 kgs,height 5’7″.i am having a triglyceride level of around 500 which is way above normal. I have been prescribed triphala guggul and lavanbhaskar churna.
    My question is that can i lower my tgs with the above medicines?

  24. i got fistula problem can i take triphala guggul and any anti biotic in ayurveda

  25. sir, I sufferd with fissures from 1 Year. Can u suggest triphala guggulguggul with abhayarista. I suggest, how many days i continue this.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello Sir, The Treatment varies from patient to patient, depending upon the duration and extent of the fissures. Would advise you to consult Ayurvedic Physician for the same.

  26. hello sir i want to loose fat from my all body like arms tummy and back so its best to take triphala guggul please reply

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Namaste Madam, Yes you can.

      Note: It is best to use this product under medical supervision. Self medication with this medicine is discouraged.

  27. ankit yadav says:

    Sir i hav verico veins problem. As Baba Ramdev says i m taking trphala guggul, kachnar guggul, punarvadimandoor 1-1tab 3 time a dsy, divya kaya kalp vati 2 tab 2 times a day. Plz tell me if here is any sideffect of this

  28. Namaskar…I m 44 yes male …n I m having thyroid problem since 10 years n m taking thyronorm75 n m tsh levels r. Normal …past 8 months .my cholesterol levels r high Ldl was 180 hdl 44 n my Dr asked me to take cholesterol tab wolip40 n since 6 months m using it n my levels r. normal now but.Dr. said I have to take wolip40(life long). ..but I want to stop cholesterol tab n want to take ayurvedic medics for cholesterol… Sir do u suggest sat triphala churn of triphala guggulu…plz suggest me

    • Triphala guggulu would be more appropriate medicine for treating high cholesterol.
      But please consult an Ayurveda doctor while trying to replace your allopathic cholesterol medication. In initial few weeks time, the cholesterol levels may shoot up (due to withdrawal of allopathic medicine.)

  29. Sana sids says:

    Hello doctor, I am 64 kgs 5’4″ ht.. I am trying to conceive and using shivlingi n putrajeevak for it.. At the same time trying to reduce weight with medohar vati n triphala guggulu.. Are these combination medicines ok.. Please guide.. Thank u

  30. I’m 30 having fistula problem How long ill consume triphala guggul for cure. .

  31. lathika saxena says:

    dr,i am 50 yrs old .taking thyronorm125 mcg, also going through premenopausal symptoms .i am 74 kgs n not been able to reduce weight inspite of daily morning -evening half an hour walk n a restricted diet .my ortho suggest me to reduce weight as i have also developed osteoarthrities of knee . should i take madohar vati along with triphala guggal??????

  32. Will this help with Candida? I am planning to get this combination:
    If you think it will help, can you please suggest a dosage routine?


  33. Nirav Kamdar says:

    Hello Doctor,
    I have a bone bruise on my left knee and my doctor has recommended Triphala Guggul.Is it useful in this case,as I’ve read above its main use is for weight loss and piles?

  34. Dear Dr. Hebbar,

    How hot is Triphalla Guggul in nature? Is it ok for use for high Pitta Dosha?

    Should it be taken after meal or on empty stomach?


  35. Hello sir am dreemy and my weight is 65kgs, height 5 and I had pcod problem for that I have used homeopathic medicine bt my weight was not decreasing. So i have seen this triphala guggulu in you tube. Can I use this tablets for decreasing weight plz tell me

  36. Mukesh Kumar says:

    Hello Sir, i want to take triphala guggul for gastric/constipation problem.can i take this medicine or not. please tell me about this.

  37. Sir I am suffering with fistula, my sir suggested use thriphala guggles for fistula. its completely cured ? D.Laxminarayana, Telangana

  38. What is the minimum time i should wait to consume triphala gugalu after consumption buttermilk ?
    I take buttermilk along with lunch and take triphala guggalu an hour later. Is it fine?

  39. Am using guggulu tablets for acne n pus formation.. will it cure.. or suggest me any other products..

  40. Am using guggulu tablets for acne n pus formation along wit shodhak syrup(prakruthi remedies) and acnovin cream.. will it cure acne nd scars

  41. phanikandregula says:

    Some one suggested that this can be used as anti dote for the unfortunate eating of Zandu Parad tablets. Is it correct?

  42. Hello Dr. Am feeding mother i had 2 c section am overweighted i can take triphala my second baby is 1 yr old

  43. Pooja singh says:

    Sir I want to reduce weight. My weight is 63 and height-5″2 and age-23. The combination of divya medohar vati and triphala guggulu will help me to reduce 10 kg weight in 1 month or not please guide.

  44. Dear doc
    I am 35 yr old female with bmi 22. I have constipation issues often. I read about triphala and its benefits. Happened to come across about triphala guggul tablets. Does it have the same beneficial effects on hair and skin as triphala powder alone. If yes can I take it daily as a preventive dose. Pls guide.

    • Yes, T guggulu is useful both for constipation and hair and skin. Dose is 1 tablet 2 times a day after food, usually prescribed for 4 – 6 weeks time.

      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  45. S Multani says:

    Sir my wait is 67kg,i am female,patanjali doctor suggested me to take 2tab of medohar vati before meal twice a day and 1-1tablet of Triphala guggul and arogyavati after meal. Is the dosage correct? Because for weight loss it is not mentioned anywhere to take arogyavati.

  46. Halo sir
    I am 4 months pregnant and I am suffering from severe Ibs constipation (incomplete evacuation)I am currently taking anuloma powder but it is not working can I take triphala powder??will it help control my problem

    • Yes, for 1 – 2 weeks time.
      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  47. Is triphla guggul and medoharvati good for patients who are suffering from hypothyroidism

  48. My age 36,my Waight is 64kg, please suggest me what should I take to loose weight.

  49. Dr. Does it contain pig fat or cow urine ???

  50. Im having triphala guggul and medohar vati for past 8 mnths for weight loss. Does itnhave any side effects in long run. Im a non vegetarian however have read that guggulu should notbbe taken with non veg. What are the side effects if i continue consuming non veg with this medicine?

    • Hi, non veg can be consumed along with guggulu medicines. No problem.
      It is best to stop both Triphala guggulu and medohar after 8 months time.

      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) –

  51. Hello Sir, Is it fine if we consume the individual tablets of Triphala and Shudha guggulu (Each of 250 mg) for weight Loss ?

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