Haridra Khand – Benefits, Dose, Side Effects, Ingredients

Haridra Khand is a very famous and highly effective Ayurvedic medicine for allergy. It is in granules form. Its main ingredient is Haridra – turmeric. It is also known as Haridra Khand, Haridra Khandam.

Haridra Khand benefits: 
It is used widely in the treatment of allergic skin diseases, itching skin diseases. It improves skin quality and complexion.
Kandu – itching skin disorders, pruritis
Visphota – blisters
Dadru – fungal skin infections
Sheetapitta, Kotha – allergic skin conditions, hives
Udarda – skin diseases due to skin contact with cold objects

Haridra Khand dose: 
5 – 10 g once or two times a day before or after food, as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
It is usually given along with warm milk or honey.
Dosage for children below 5 years of age – 1 – 2 grams, once or twice a day, along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water / milk.
Dosage for children between 5 – 12 years of age – 5 grams once or twice a day along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water / milk.

Haridra Khand side effects: 
There are no known side effects with this medicine. However, it should always be taken only under medical supervision, after prescription from a qualified Ayurvedic doctor.

Haridra Khand ingredients: 
Turmeric – 384 g
cow ghee – 288 g
milk – 3.072 liters
sugar candy- 2.4 kg
This mixture is heated to prepare a semi solid mass. It is added with below Prakshepa dravya
Trikatu – Pepper, long pepper and ginger – 48 g each
Cinnamon, Cardamom, Patra (Cinnamomum tamala) – 48 g each
Vidanga – Embelia ribes – 48 g
Trivrit – Operculina turpethum – 48 g
Triphala – Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amla – 48 g each
Nagakeshar – Mesua ferrea – 48 g
Musta – Cyperus rotundus – 48 g
Lauha bhasma – 48 g

Method of preparation:
Ghee is taken in a pan. Add turmeric powder to it. Heat it in mild fire, for 2 – 3 minutes. Stir continuously to make a homogenous mass.
While heating, once turmeric odor starts emitting, stop heating. If you over heat, it may get burnt.
Take pre-boiled milk and sugar candy in another wide mouthed vessel.
To it, add ghee fried, continue heating in mild fire. Stir well.
As you continue heating, the mass starts solidifying. At one stage, take out a small mass in a spatula, allow it to cool down, rub between fingers, it will yield 2 – 3 stable threads.
Take a small piece of content in a spatula and put it into water, it solidifies very quickly and settles at the bottom.
In the beginning stage of heating there will not be any particular appreciable odor. Nearing to the end, you can appreciate typical ghee and turmeric odor.
After observing these three symptoms, stop heating and take it out of fire.
Take the prakshepa dravyas  in powder form and mix them well. Add this powder mix to the ghee-turmeric-milk and sugar candy mass while continuously stirring. Slowly the whole mass gets the shape of granules.

Haridra Khand reference: 
Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Sheetapitta Udarda Kotha adhikara – 12 – 16

Traditional reference:
haridra khanda

Manufacturers: Nagarjuna, Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala, Baidyanath, Dabur, AVP, Vaidik Herbs.
Divya Pharmacy calls the same product as Divya Haridrakhand.
Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacturing. Once the bottle is opened, it is best to finish it within 4 – 5 months of time.

Storage: Store in a cool place in tightly closed amber coloured bottle, protect from light and moisture.
Safe for kids?
It is safe to use this medicine in lower dose (1 – 2 grams per day), in children above 3 years of age.
Pregnancy and lactation –
During pregnancy, it is best to avoid this / take this only under medical supervision.
During lactation period, it can be taken in lower doses, based on doctor’s advice.

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  1. Can haridrakhand (B.R ) be given to 2 years 6 months old
    child who has a weeping eczema .He is allergic to certain foods and cow milk .We use goat milk ,goat butter etc .

  2. Can i take after my delivery

  3. is there any diet for this?

    • Avoid frozen food, fried food, brinjal, peas, and heavy non veg food.
      Usually the diet restriction is specific to the disease, for which this medicine is used for treating.

  4. kya ese summer me b use kia ja sakta h…????bcz haldi garam hoti h

    • Agar dood ke saath isko le rahe hai to, isko summer me bhee use kar sakte hai.
      (translation – can it be used in Summer? because turmeric is hot in nature.
      Answer: If a cup of milk is consumed after taking this, then it can be used in summer as well.)

  5. Fahmida says:

    Hi, Can i take this during pregnancy.

    • It is best to avoid all Ayurvedic medicines, including this one during pregnancy. If you have allergy issues, consult your doctor.
      Add a small pinch of turmeric to hot milk and drink it once a day.

  6. Narendra says:

    I have been taking Haridrakhandam for more than a year, since then urticeria has not occured, I’m taking the dosage empty stomach every morning. Not sure for how long I need to continue taking, should I try discontinuing?

  7. I am using hardrikhanda for allergy like seasonal rhinitis, I am taking twice daily from past three days. and I am suffering from acidity, just want to know hardrikhanda will cause acidity?

  8. Hello Dr. My ayurvedic Dr. had suggested this. My age is 32. As my body is a heat body when I was taking this I use to get even more heat in my body. and now Am married for 6 months but, not planning for kid at least for 4 months. So what should I do? should I continue with minimal dosage or discontinue it?

  9. Dr. I Have allergy SO because of this I have nose blockage, runing nose, cough,irritation and sneezing So can I take this medicine.

  10. Is it good for sebohhoric dermititis??

  11. I’m chronically dehydrated with dry skin and rashes / itching. My blood report shows allergy. I get acidity soon. Will haridrakanda help?

  12. Sir, how should I take the dosage ? Directly or mix it in some liquid ?

  13. A Kumar says:

    We are planning for a baby next month onwards. My wife is suffering from dermographism from last 8-9 months. Can she take this during this mmonth only because we shall not take it next month onwards. Can It cause some issue next month if we take it this month only ??

  14. Rajendra says:

    My face skin which was dried, itching and became like urticaria near mouth at one side. I consulted an Ayurveda doctor who advised me to go for Haridrakhand with other syrup.
    Now, after one month I found much improvement in the skin. But I have to stop eating tomato, lemon, food containing artificial coloured and essence, Curd, grains, bread like fermented food, Idli, dhosa, fried food like Gathiya as I m Gujarati.

    I read about Hardirakhnad from this as well other web site and books and it sounds good to use. Kindly post detailed procedure to make it at home as it is useful to all people in other diseases also.
    some brand uses abhrak bhasma as one of the ingredient and some is not…. which is better?


  15. Amrita Mukherjee says:

    I have been suffering from dry cough(sometimes with hooping sound,rarely) since last 6/7 months.It increases at night,only throat irritation is there,no phelgm.Doctor told it is allergic cough & those medicines did not make differences much.I have been living in Cement Industries colony for last two years.Is Haridrakhand good for this?

    • Yes.

    • I have severe allergies that became asthma. I react to cement particles by getting a scratchy throat and sometimes find it even difficult to breathe. I read that very fine particulate material can go deep down the bronchial tubes and cause inflammation. I feel this can induce asthma.

  16. sailesh says:

    i am 14 years old.I started to take haridraa khandam powder with milk . i took it once today morning only it caused me wheezing.I am taking this b cos i have running nose and seasonal nose block.Can i continue this for 7 days as prescribed?

  17. tanisha nayak says:

    Hello,can haridara cause constipasion and acidit in small children 4.5 yars, how long to it take for,and best way to take it

    • It may not cause constipation and acidity in children, if it is taken in a small dose of – half a teaspoon two times a day, with milk, after food.
      It can be continued for 2 – 3 weeks in kids.

  18. I am a patient of chronic Urticaria and want to know more about the Haridrakhandam.
    Can I expect a significant improvement by taking this medicine.

    • It is really effective. It is my number one preferred medicine for urticaria and allergic rhinitis. However, it contains Loha Bhasma, hence need special precaution in children (not to over-dose) and it contains sugar, hence diabetics cannot take it.

  19. I have cholinergic urticaria… Should i take it? Can it cure my disease?

  20. Hello dr.sahab,
    On 10th dec.14 in night suddenly i felt sound emitting from left ear. It is tinnitus. I m 42 yrs.old. One vaidhya adviced me kshar tail two drops 2 times along with other medicines. Is he right? Will u like to give me advice. Is tinnitus curable in ayurveda (as allopath is dissappointing in this regard)? I got my ear’s audiometry and problem did not find related with hearing.
    Pl. reply soon.

  21. Hi,
    Am taking Haridrakhandam for past ten days for allergy itching in my legs.. during this should I avoid alcohol, when I consume alcohol am not feeling comfertable, head ake, eyes become read, heart beat increase.. should I avoid drinks during this treatment.

    • Because Haridra Khanda contains a few spicy ingredients like black pepper, ginger and long pepper, it may be causing stomach discomfort along with alcohol. Hence, it is best to avoid alcohol while taking it.

  22. Lawrence Horner says:

    Dear Doctor Hebbar,
    I have been suffering from angioedema and urticaria for over twenty years. Prescribed medications only provide temporary relief. Please let me know whether harida khand brihat will alleviate this condition. Secondly, how do I obtain this remedy, as I reside in the UK?
    Kind regards,
    Lawrence Horner

  23. Dear doctor, Is there any method of preparing Haridrakhanda without Milk? Please teach me!!!!

    • Hi, in the same procedure, you can replace cow milk with goat milk, or just use water in place of milk.
      But without milk, the product will be hotter to the stomach.

      • Dr Naveen says:

        Dear doctor thank you….
        And now I am preparing Haridra khanda with some kashaya instead of milk as the durability of prepared medicines is longer….and gives very good and fast result….
        Thank you….
        Dr Naveen

  24. Sudharsini says:

    Dr can you give the dosage measurements in teaspoon s for children and adult

  25. Dear Mr. Hebber,
    Can I Give the Haridrakhand avleha to my teenage daughter having frequent sneezing during this season?

  26. Sir I have urticaria since 2yrs .no medicine working on me.is haridrakhand helpful for me. And how I can concentrate on study is there any medicine to improve memory power.

    • Hi, it is useful in urticaria.
      Tips for better memory and concentration –
      Use ghee in your diet regularly.
      use more of Sunflower seed, almond, pine nuts, peanuts, spinach, taro root, flaxseed oil, soyabean, pistachio.
      Broccoli, carrots, chard, mustard and turnip greens, mangoes, nuts, papaya, pumpkin, red peppers, spinach, and sunflower seeds, Flax seeds, walnut, sardines, salmon, soyabean, tofu, shrimp, brussel sprout, cauliflower, winter squash, fish oil, egg oil, krill oil, chia seeds, Canola oil, camelia in diet.
      Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

      Practice pranayama for 2 – 3 minutes a day. – http://easyayurveda.com/2010/08/28/how-to-do-pranayama-a-simple-pranayama-technique/
      Wake up before six.
      Try cold water bath.

  27. ranjit sarkar says:

    I am a patient of ashma due to allergy . please advice me which medicine is most effective for me. can i take haridrakhand ?

  28. Kanika sharma says:

    I am suffering from snnezing, cold, running nose. Can u please tell me can I take haridrakhand. I an facing this problem from last 3 years

  29. I have atopic dermatitis for almost 10 years. Dry skin and rash become severe in the winter. I got Maharishi Ayurveda Haridra Khand and they also advised to reduce eating sour things. I don’t think he was a doctor. Is it important to see a doctor? I don’t really know where to find a good ayurvedic doctor here in Varanasi. Thanks for any help!

  30. I live in Canada and have returned from a trip to Gujarat and Goa where I consulted with Ayurveda doctors for treatment of hives. Among Haridrakhanda I was prescribed Purodil. I have brought with me both the medications but I am worried that once I run out where would I be able tit buy it in Canada or the US.

  31. Preetkamal says:

    My wife is having steroid dependency due to use of mometasone + fusidic acid for skin allergy … Is haridra khand useful to get rid of this steroid dependency…
    Some time very tiny small size homogenous pimples appears on skin..

  32. lalita chatterjee says:


  33. How helpful is haridra khand for skin fungal infections and for healing a leaky gut produced from excessive antibiotics usage ?

  34. Satsang says:

    Hi – my wife is 18 weeks pregnant, for the last 1 week she has developed severe itching on her legs and hands. Someone suggested Haridrakhand and she has so far taken 5 doses over last 3 days. It has evidently helped her itching. I’m going to ask her to stop having it now. Should we be aware of and prepared for any side effects of it?

  35. Diwakar Uniyal says:

    Hi Doctor, I am facing too much urticaria problem. More then 600 urticaria points in cells my blood. And I am facing itch every time, everywhere at my body. I have tried too much costly Allopathic medicines and My treatment is going on since one year but I didn’t get any output. Kindly suggest me. Can I use it ? Can this medicine effective for me or not ? If yes, how can I use it ? Pls suggest.

  36. Praveen says:

    Hi Dr,

    I am recommended HaridraKhand + Sitopaladi + Trikatu + Swasari Ras churna for allergic rhinitis.

    Previously I had acidity and indigestion problems, which is kind-of under control.
    I see the above churna mixture is hot or spicy. Can I take this for without relapsing acidity or gastritis issues?


  37. I m suffering frm body itching and its a allergy called chapaki .so wht should i take for this

  38. Barnita Mitra says:

    Dr. Sahab,
    I am taking 1 teaspoon Haridrakhanda twice a day as per doctor’s prescribe. I have chronic allergies, rashes, white spot in face. But after taking it my rashes become more in hands and face. Please tell me is it increased in primary stage then do cure? or its side effects? Does it suit me?

  39. anonymous says:

    Hello Sir,
    My kid is 5 months old and I feed him at least twice a day.
    I am suffering from severe allergy problem after delivery and i have started Haridrakhand.

    Hope there is no side effect of Haridrakhand while he is on my feed..

    Please advice.

  40. can i do it as a product for science fair

  41. Hello Doctor
    Can I use haridhrakhand to improve my complexion as well as my baby’s complexion? I’m breastfeeding now. Baby is 3 months old.

  42. I am suffering from Histamine Intolerance. Please inform if Haridrakhand will be effective for me and what should be the dosage

  43. sir
    I am suffering from urticaria from 10 months, i consult with ayurvedic doctor also and i take haridrakhand but can you tell me which vegetables and non veg i eat, beacause i already avoid potatos, fish, chicken, prones and black tea.

  44. i have high level of eosinophilia..and also liver problems… doctor prescribed me haridrakhand.will it work?

  45. kavita goyal says:

    sir baba ramdev ji btaya ne tv par btaya tha ke articaria ke lie 5 kali mirhc, 5 spoon ghee & 5 spoon khand lene se articaria thik ho jata hai but kya aap bta sakte ise kitne bar lena hoga?

  46. Yes.

  47. I am diagnosed to be suffering from Lichen Planus by an allopathic dermatologist last week. This is after use of antibiotic bactrim DS during a fever last month. . Would you advise haridra khandam ? I used haridra khandam once yesternight with hot milk but had severe episode of intolerable skin itching in the night…not sure if this is a healing process ? I am a lean pitta prone person with acidity issues in the past.

  48. dinesh jangir says:

    Respected Doctor,

    Good evening, My selft Dinesh kumar I am suffering itching problem from last 5 yrs. in the starting it was normal but now a days it give lot of pain and itching to whole body. my CBC report is normal. when itching is starting it continue to all body within 10-15 minutes, then after i take Cetrizen Tablet after taking this tablet after 2-3 hrs it relief. and not itching for 3-4 days. and after 4 days same condition.

    when itching is done red lining and skin like get heavy.

    Please guide me and suggest me good aurvedic medicine .

    can haridarkhan is better option for this.


    Dk Jangir

    • yes it will help you. but for the dose and duration you must consult a near by Ayurveda doctor. since it depends on nature of your body and condition of your disease.

  49. Parminderjit says:

    I am also suffering from chornic urticaria and sccabies plz suuggest me some ayurvedic medicine

  50. I am suffering from bulbous pemphigoid. Can i take haridra? Is it cure?

  51. Can be taken for throat infection

  52. Ravindra Tatikonda says:

    Hi Dinesh Kumar Jangir,

    I have identical problem what you have , since 4 years itching . I take cetrizine and itching is reliefed for 2-3 days. Today my Ayurvedic Doctor suggested this medicine, so will be trying this.

    Did you feel any changes after using this medicine ?

  53. Hi Dinesh Jangir,

    I have identical problem as what you have, but for 4 years. I also take cetrizine for itching to get relief. Today my doctor prescribed this medicine . So i will using this.
    Do you feel any changes after using this medicine ? pls let me know .

  54. Hi

  55. Kapil saini says:

    Hi ,
    Sir I am suffering from psoriasis and I am taking ayurvedic medicine. Can I take haridrakhand side vise?? Haridrakhand is beneficial in psoriasis treatment or not??

  56. i m having pimples on my face so doctor prescribed me haridrakhand, khadirarista syrup & 1 more. So, can haridrakhanda b used for pimple treatment. I m using the combination from 2 months n its quite effective.

  57. Diabetic patient can intake this product?

  58. Hi
    My 3 year old son is having an urticaria from last 6 months. and from last 3 month i am using Ayurvedic medicines for him.i am giving Arq Ushba form last 3 months and Haridra khand for last 1 month..Till now it reduces very much..i will say only 1% is left..uptill when i can continue this. Or Do i require to add something else

  59. Hi , This products sounds good .. I am taking homeopathy medicine(allen urticaria drops) for urticaria can I take haridrakhand with it?

  60. Hi, I am suffering from hives(urticaria). Is the patanjali haridrakhand effective for that?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Yes it is. Please do consult a doctor if they can add some other medicines to it seeing the severity of the urticaria

  61. Follow up question for urticaria. I’ve been taking Allegra twice daily for the past one month. Shall I stop using that when I start haridrakhand

  62. What is sugar candy. Wats it’s name in kannada.

  63. Can i use this product for lichenoid dermatitis,amylodiosis

  64. Dr. Hebber Sir, I thank for your kind service to the man kind.

  65. anil kumar says:

    can this medicine be used daily for years? and if yes can it be used along with a non veg diet.My aim is to get a fairer skin complexion

  66. Respected Sir,
    Sir I am suffering SHIT PITTI and taking Haridra khand, Kaya kalp vati and Kissor Gugul from patanjali chikistalaya is it proper or not tell me. I am suffering internal heat in my body what should I do to make my body cool removing this body heat?
    Prahladbhai D. Patel – Gandhinagar (Gujarat)

  67. Sir mujhe 2 saal se urticaria ki problem ho rahi h kya sirf haridrakhand ko use karne. Ye problem thik ho jayegi… Kitne samey tak use krna h

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello sir , These are the line of treatment we follow to treat Urticaria:
      Body purificatory therapy (samshodhana), according to the dosha dominance.
      Oral medications (shamanoushada)
      Avoidance of causative factors (nidana parivarjana)

      Do consult a ayurvedic physician and based on the severity, your prakruthi, the dosha dominance etc., he/she might prescribe medicines accordingly.

  68. ashish goyal says:

    I have been suffering from recurrent engioedema for last 2 years .will this help?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello sir, Yes you can use. As it contains Turmeric which helps in fighting off the inflammation and the reaction that is caused due to angioedema.

      Note: As with adding any herbal supplement to your diet, it is advisable that you first consult with your physician. Your doctor should be able to assess your health condition and place any necessary restrictions on you.

  69. Srinivasa Murthy Esthuri says:

    Namasthe Dr. I am having pain in both little fingers (top portion) while folding etc., I was told by homoeopathic dr. that I have developed heberdsen’s nodes. Could you tell me some ayurvedic medicine for this? I am a Sr.citizen of 72 years old. Thank you Dr.

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Namaskar Sir, You can try these remedies:
      1. Apply required amounts of lukewarm castor oil or sesame oil on the afflicted joint and rub gently in clockwise direction for 10-15 minutes. Dip the fingers in warm water. And dab the water from the fingers.
      2. Add 5-10 grams of camphor to 1 cup of mustard oil. Heat the oil until camphor dissolves completely. Gently massage the joints with lukewarm oil. This reduces pain and inflammation and stiffness.

  70. Neetu gupta says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am suffering from chronic urticaria from past 5 months.since Feb I have consulted an Ayurvedic doc who has given Haridra khand,and a few tablets n powders which I don’t know.also I m taking kynotomine tablets of j&j dechane co of Hyderabad.plus last week onwards my doc has suggested colon cleansing with castor oil n Sunthi.most of my problem of slight pain in joints and tinnitus have resolved except for URTICARIA and weak digestion,bloating.any suggestions and your advice?also how long can one take Ayurvedic medicines safely?

    • Hi, you seem to be given correct medicines and correct treatment by your consulting doctor. I recommend you to continue consulting him / her. Ayurvedic medicines can be taken for 4 – 5 months, safely, assuming the dose and nature of medicines are selected diligently.

  71. neeraj says:

    Sir mujhe 3 saal se dermographism Urticaria h mujhe kya medicine leni chahiye. Please tell me .

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Hello sir, Would advise you to consult Ayurvedic Physician for the same. Because we all are genetically different with different constitutions and patterns, we respond to treatments in many different ways. Hence Standard Ayurvedic Treatments are always individually formulated. And the dosage is taken into consideration seeing several factors which include the age, sex and health of the individual.

  72. Hello Dr.Hebbar,
    For heat or allergen related urticaria, if Haridra Khand is not available (in the USA), will turmeric with ghee milk, trikatu and triphala be almost as effective? Is the loha bhasma crucial?

  73. Hallo Dr Hebbar , I have read a lot about curcumin. Is haridra and curcumin the same ? If not what are the dosage of haridra in colon cancer?

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Namaste Sir, Curcumin is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is found in the spice turmeric. The technical difference between the two is that turmeric is the yellowish powder used to flavor foods, while curcumin is a chemical contained within turmeric.

  74. Hi i am suffering from cold urtcaria from past 6 years.. i mean when i touch cold objects or cool water or cool air i am getting the hives there. Will this medicine cure my problem

    • Dr Malini Bhat says:

      Namaste Madam, Yes it will. Along with that some external applications will be helpful:
      1. Apply fresh aloe vera gel to the affected skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Follow this remedy several times a day until your skin heals completely.
      2. Put two tablespoons of baking soda in a small bowl. Add enough water to make a thick paste. Spread the paste on the affected area. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water.

  75. Hello doctor.

    I am suffering from urticaria and acne from several years.
    Doctor has prescribed me haridrakhand and purodil syrup and tablets.
    I want to know if any of these medicines will cause my acne to increase as i am noticing slight increase in pimples?

  76. my sckeen in red rasesss so , i can use this product

  77. What is the equivalent medicine for a diabetic instead of haridrakhand. Pls suggest? I am suffering from urticaria from the last three months.

  78. Hi sir,i have light brown colour skin tone,can i use this haridrakhandha rasayana to improve my complexion or suggest me the right medicine and tell me how to use that and diet…already i havd the problem of thyroid and irregular period..please sir help me

    • Hi, considering your other health issues, it is best for you to consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      Regular dose of Haridra Khanda is – 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food, along with milk or water.

  79. Hi sir my 5 yr old son is facing dust allergies with polon .. And asthma .. And in the contact of lots of antibiotics his stomach is also not good has gas n diarrhoea probs too .. Can he take haridrakhand.. Tht will not increase his stomach issue?

  80. I am suffering from scleroderma from past 5 years,is this product useful?

  81. Sir can I use it for general skin complexion and lustre improvement? I am already taking shattavari churan and I think since its use some heat has caused in my stomach if not please suggest some medicine to bring healthy glow and purifying skin

  82. Can i use it for cold urticaria

  83. Will this be helpful for idopathic angioedema?

  84. Hello Dr.
    I am using haridrakandh, for one month, along with honey. Is it beneficial for pimples treatment and dry skin.

  85. Dear Sir, Thank You for this informative article. I suffer from chronic Urticaria for the last two years. It disappeared for eight months this year, but has reappeared this month. Can Haridra Khanda help? Can u suggest the dosage?

  86. Dear Dr. Hebbar,
    Woke up with a swollen and elongated uvula. Can I use Haridrakhand for this and also how many dosages?

    • It can help. 1 teaspoon 3 times a day after food for a week. If there are no improvements at all by the second day or if it worsens, consult a doctor immediately.
      One pinch of turmeric + 1 pinch of salt in a cup of hot water. gargle for 3 minutes. Do it 4 times a day for three days.
      For further advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      For email advice, please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/



  89. Navdeep rana says:

    Kya is se hum face ke pimples or dark spots mita skte hai ?

  90. ANIL DHAKAD says:

    Sir I am suffering from an allergy SO because of this I have nose blockage, runing nose, cough,irritation, problem in inhaling and sneezing So can I take this medicine. Is it good for me and how I should take it.

  91. Dear Dr. Hebbar,
    I have a milia kind of small boils under my eyes and eyebrows for the past 11 years. Have tried several medication, nothing helped.
    Will Gandhak Rasayan will help.
    Kindly advise.

  92. Urooj Arif says:

    Can haridra khand is a permanent cure for urticaria?

  93. Hello Doctor, can i use this for uterine fibroid?

  94. Hello doctor i am taking this medicine for allergy..does this increase weight??? And also i have cholestrol. Is it safe ??

  95. I am.having acne.problem.on face.i m under allopatheic treatment for.last three months.can i use haridra khand also with allopatheic medicine?

  96. Sir mujhe 2 saal se urticrea ki problem h aap mujhe bataiye ki mai haridrakhand ke sakti hu

  97. Hello doctor ..my son s 3.5 yr old ..we stay in Bangalore ..he is suffering from allergic rhinitis which they say will lead to wheezing if unattended..he was allopathic medicine called montair till February 1 ..after stopping montair this month he again got allergic problem ..he keeps sniffing as though he has got running nose but when he blows there is no phlegm coming ..he also has occasional cough..will Haridhrakand help him ?

    • Yes it could. Dose is 2 pinches (1 gram) 2 times a day after food for 2 weeks time.
      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  98. I have problem of hands and legs itching and sometime body itchibg when exposed to cold. Doctor advised me to take haridra khand before food with milk 2 times a day. But when I take this with milk in morning I feel full and I can’t eat breakfast. I feel like my stomach is full with gas. Is it because of milk or medicine? Should I continue the same?

  99. meri beti jab 6 months ki thi tab us e urticaria aaya…ab wo 5 saal ki hai…haridrakhand se us e bohot relief mila .ab kaafi kum hai..i want to know that ki yeh urticaria ki problem kitne saal mein chali jaygi

  100. Hi there is another capsule by himalaya as haridra. Is eating this or thise capsules beneficial in allergies.And are there any side effects of eating haridra based products in summer?is it advisable to eat these in summers as they have arrived in western india already where i belong.

  101. Hello Sir, I bought haridkhanda of baidynath which was manufactured in Dec 14 and expiry date is mentioned as Nov 17. Is it safe to have it now. Pls advice. Thanks. I am going to take this for urticaria.

  102. Jickmey says:

    Is haridrakhand useful for pigmentation (melasma)??

  103. Sir i have blemishes all over my cheeks. Would you recommend this or any other concotio to clear my skin.

    • This is good to use. half a teaspoon twice a day, with milk or water for a month time.
      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  104. I am suffering from urticaria since 1year. Will alleargin granuals help me to cure it permanently?

  105. Hi sir is it useful to improve the skin tone complexion!?how long should we take!?and how to take this medicine? Is it available in chennai?

    • Yes. half a teaspoon 2 times a day, after food with water or milk for 4 – 6 weeks time.
      Available in amazon website here –

      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  106. I’m suffering Frome dust allergies can I take this haridrakhand and in how much content

    • If you are not allergic to Iron and if you are not diabetic then you may take half a teaspoon 2 times a day, after food with water or milk for 15 days.

      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  107. My son is having skin problem called atopic dermatitis when he was 5moth old…he is now 2.5yr old. We r giving him haridra khand 2 to 3 times a day. I want to know how long we can give this ? And will there be any side effects of this?
    Plz reply…we need your support.

    • Hi, it can be given for a maximum of 2 – 3 months.

      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  108. Sir, can a cancer patient undergoing chemo therapy take haridra khanda.. ? As haridra is considered as anticancer drug so..

  109. Dear sir,I am 50 years old and am diabetic. Can I take haridrakhand for my itching skin ? What will be the dosage ?

    • Hi, Haridrakhand is not suitable for you due to sugar content in it.
      For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  110. ELDHOSE paul says:

    I’m suffering from urticaria last one year ,I’m consulting with so many doctors in allopathic,Ayurvedic and homeopathy but no relief.finaly I get haridrakand from Patanjali store now I’m 60% okay,but any heat like sunlight or some foods having caused larger.please help me what I do for permanent cure of urticaria!

    • For further personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  111. priyamvadha says:

    Am diabetic… Can i use this for hyperpigmentation..

  112. Dhiraj Chopra says:

    My son has skin disease.. Erythema annulare centrifugum by birth.. i am very helpless as i tried my best for my child.. but no result.. plz. help me and suggest some solution

    • For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

      • Dr. saab.. नमस्कार.. plz. advice.. will Haridrakhand be effective in my Son’s case.. Erythema annulare centrifugum.. i hv started giving Haridrakhand with Honey alongwith Arak Ushba.. plz. suggest me some local applications (oil or lotion etc.) to be applied on skin eruptions spread all over his body..
        Thanx and Regards
        Dhiraj Chopra

        • For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
          If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

          For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

  113. Baliram Nehete says:

    I have chronic dermatitis and urticaria;Ayurvedic dr advised me to take this medicine along with mangishtadi,khadiradi,kayakalp vati,etc and recently added haridrakhand. I have just started taking Haridrakand since last one week. I find urticaria and skin itching problem on rise.How long will it take to show action of reducing urticaria?

    • Hi, it is very unusual to have increase in urticaria. Please continue it for 10 days. Within 10 days the itching should go down. If not, consult your doctor again.

      • Baliram Nehete says:

        after about 10days I met dr complaining that itching and urticaria problem still persisted. He advised me to continue the same medicines further for a month and see him. Accordingly I am continuing taking the above treatment I had mentioned in my original message I want to ask you if ayurvedic treatment can cause temporary aggravation before relief. your reply will be appreciated.

  114. dilasha says:

    Hello doc

    I just want to know if thr is any ayurvedic aristas i can take everyday as a health suppliment (wch helps strengthen nervous system n benifits complexion 😉

    A bit about myself…

    Im 32 f, im anemic and have low energy level because of hypothyroidism and im taking electroxin 100mcg for over 5 years, now the levels are normal but still feel tired all day n have bad case of hyperpigmentation. And have slight nerve weakness due to malnutrition. otherwise im healthy.

  115. I am 26 years old girl,unmarried ,no hormonal issue,suffering from melasma since one year . I got engaged , should i try haridrakhand for glow ,and melasma .

    • Haridra khanda – 1 teaspoon 2 times a day after food with water. Available in amazon website here –
      Kumkumadi taila – This is an herbal oil. Take Kumkumadi taila – 5 drops in to your finger tips gently rub it on to your face for 5 minutes, wash off with warm water. Do this two times a day for 5 weeks – Available in amazon website here –

      Apply Papayablem cream – 2 times a day. Available in amazon website here –

      Wish you happy married life in advance 🙂

      • Thank you sir,I do exercise and paranayam 1 hr daily. Apply turmeric,aloe,neem,and potato paste on skin. All things work very well. But I dont find reason behind my melasma. I got it after my antibiotic malaria treatment. Is it a fungal infection? (candida). Should I avoid dairy product?…I did all allopathy treatment and medications. Now I go for ayurvedic,also apply onion and apple cide vinegar juice. Sir plz, tell me what should I eat and avoid. So that i get clear skin before marriage..

  116. I’m suffering from urticaria since 10 months the Ayurvedic Dr says it’s sheet pitta hence I’m told to take tripala choornam but the skin rash comes every second day . Taking karidakhand will decrease the allergy ? What should I do . The allergy is very disturbing. I’m getting married in December please advice.

    • Hi, You can take haridra Khand granules – 1 teaspoon 2 times aday after food for 2 months, along with Triphala churna.
      Available in amazon website here

      For personal health advice, please consult an Ayurveda doctor directly.
      If you want my help in finding a good Ayurveda doctor for you, then let me know your place.

      For email advice (not a reliable option, we do not promise any cure), please write to our health experts here (paid service) – http://easyayurveda.com/consult/

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